The World-Renowned Arts Of Barcelona That You Will Love

It’s not just all fun and a party in the city of Barcelona. While bars and clubs are common spots for tourists, there are places in the metropolis where visitors can enjoy a laid back yet worthwhile scene. These are considered repositories of Barcelona art and culture.

In Barcelona, you can find museums of various types and sizes. There are those hidden in back streets, those devoted to science or sports. You can also find those that are known for their architecture and design. The city also boasts of grand architecture, as well as scenic parks and gardens. And to heighten that art appreciation is the city’s exquisite fashion, music, opera, performing arts.

With the rich art in Barcelona, enthusiasts are sure to enjoy their tour of the city.

Here are some of the best places for art in Barcelona, Spain:

  • Esther Arias Galería de Arte y Taller (Address: Carrer Cotoners 14 / Phone: +34 93 268 2494 / Open: Tue–Sat 10:30am–2pm, 4:30pm-7:30pm)
  • Museu Frederic Marès (Address: Plaça Sant Iu 5 / Phone: 34 93 256 3500 / Open: Tue–Sat 10am–7pm, Sun and holidays 11am-8pm)
  • Galería Artevistas (Address: Passatge del Crèdit 4 / Phone: +34 93 513 0465 / Open:  Mon 2pm–9pm, Tue–Sun 11am–9pm)
  • Cosmo (Address: Carrer Enric Granados 3 / Phone: +34 93 453 7007 / Open: Mon–Thur 8.30am–10pm, Fri–Sat noon–10 pm, Sun 2 pm–10 pm)
  • àngels barcelona (Address: Carrer Pintor Fortuny 27 / Phone: +34 93 412 5400 / Open: Tue–Sat noon–2 pm, 5 pm– 8 pm)
  • Taller Creativo Bencini (Address: Carrer Semoleres 10 / Phone: +34 68 631 5053 / Open: daily 11 am–2 pm, 5 pm–8 pm)
  • Palau Dalmases (Address: Carrer Montcada 20 / Phone: +34 93 310 0673 / Open: Tue–Sat 8 pm–2 am, Sun 6 pm–10 pm)

Performing Arts

Considering the arts in Barcelona, it is not a surprise that the city well represents performing arts. A number of dance companies consider this city home and theater arts have always enjoyed great energy in the city. It also boasts of chamber music, opera, symphony, jazz, and flamenco productions. Barcelona performing arts is truly world class.


Sardana is a unique dance performance that you should not miss. This national dance of Catalonia involves participants linking hands in a huge circle and doing intricate steps. When you visit Barcelona, try to take informal Sardana sessions, which take place around noon every Sunday in front of the Cathedral and around 7 pm in Placa Sant Jaume. A traditional band known as cobla accompanies the dancers and you are very welcome to join in the circle.

Popular dance companies include Compania Mar GomezCompania MetrosErre Que ErreMai Pelo, and Marta Carrasco. All of them have irregular performance schedules.


Dagoll DagomLa CubanaEls Joglars and Tricycle are some of the more popular theater companies in Barcelona. They offer the sort of multidisciplinary and spellbinding spectacles that hurdle over language barriers. Like dance companies in the city, These companies have no regular theater venue or schedule. So check out the listings in the entertainment guides and newspapers.

In addition to the landmark theaters Palau de la Musica and Liceu, you can also enjoy live theater performances at the Teatre Lliure (Address: C/Montseny 47 | Gràcia, Barcelona, Spain / Phone: 93 218 92 51), the Mercat de Les Flors (Address: Carrer Lleida, 59  08004 Barcelona / Phone: +34 932 56 26 00), the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya (Address: Carrer l’Art, 1  08013 Barcelona / Phone: +34 933 06 57 00), the Teatre Poliorama (Address: La Rambla, 115, 08002 Barcelona / Phone:+34 933 17 75 99), or the Teatre Romea (Address: Carrer de l’Hospital, 51, 08001 Barcelona / Phone: +34 933 01 55 04).

There are also a lot of alternative theaters, like the Nou Tantarantana (Address: Carrer Flors, 22, 08001 Barcelona / Phone: Phone: +34 934 41 70 22), the L’Antic Teatre (Address: Carrer de Verdaguer i Callís, 12, 08003 Barcelona / Phone: +34 933 15 23 54), and the Sala Muntaner (Address: Carrer de Muntaner 4, 08011, Barcelona / Phone: +34 934 51 57 52).


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