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Things to do with Kids in Budapest

Traveling to Budapest with your parents? Although Budapest doesn’t seem as interesting as, say, Disneyland, you’ll nevertheless get more out of your experience. More knowledge about history at least, that’s for sure.

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, considered being the country’s commercial, cultural and industrial center is bound to be a happy, educational trip. Get there by bus, plane or train and get ready for a memorable experience of the city’s history and majesty.

First you should see are the museums! Ask mom and dad for a bit of money to go to them. They don’t need to worry about spending so much though, because there are discounts on the admission for children. You should not miss the Children’s Railway Museum, where you’re sure to have a great time!

Cruising through the River Danube should be a good experience too. Make you get a tourist map, so you get to see the city as a whole.  Wouldn’t it be cool if you had friends from Hungary? Don’t be scared to talk to the kids at Budapest, just as long as you’re with mom and dad.

Check out Hero’s Square with its Millennium Monument, with statues of the leaders of the seven tribes that founded Hungary and other outstanding figures of Hungarian history as its central site.

Get help from mom and dad as you go around, and don’t forget to take lots of photos! You’ll be sure to awe your History teacher when you tell him or her about what you’ve seen and learned on your trip to Budapest!


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