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Top Nightlife Destinations around the world

Nightlife is one defining factor in being a modern city. There are so many cities in the world that offer nightlife scenes, each competing with each other for the tourists’ attention. Here are some of the cities that come to mind when talking about nightlife:

Amsterdam has a gratifying nightlife. One of the best things about the city is that it knows how to party and that it has got the best when the sun goes down. The city’s squares and streets get very busy and vibrant at night. Large flocks of tourists always invade the entire area of the Red Light District. Around Leidseplein are the Stadsschouwburg and many other theatres, lots of restaurants and cafes, cinemas, the Lido theatre with live entertainment, and the casino. Rembrandtplein is also a busy area of bars and clubs, cinemas, and cafes.

Europe’s unrivalled clubbing capital, party-mad Ibiza is one of the world’s top 10 nightlife destinations. Come summer, the Balearic island heaves with revellers, lured by Café del Mar chill-out tunes in San Antonio, and clubbing temples like Space and Pacha.

Las Vegas
Take a stroll with lady luck through the neon-lit Sin City and you never know what you might find: your fortune in a glitzy hotel casino, the Eiffel Tower illuminated, dancing go-go girls or 1,001 living Elvises. This wild, super-sized theme park of a city entertains 365 nights a year.

Buenos Aires
If ever there was a place to kick up your heels, Buenos Aires is it. After dark, the sultry Argentinian capital puts on its glad rags and tangos across the dance floors in La Boca and San Telmo districts. Should your footwork not be up to scratch, check out the city’s pulsating café and club scenes.

Anything goes in the Thai capital after dark: from drag shows to massages between cocktails and passing elephants. After a pad thai at a street-side stall, head to the throbbing rooftop clubs, live music bars and shisha lounges on hedonistic Khao San Road.

Berliners live for the night, whether they spend it in 1920s-style cabarets, retro-chic bars in Friedrichshain or convivial beer gardens. Some of Europe’s top DJs play in mega clubs like industrial-chic Berghain. In summer, relaxed open-air bars by the River Spree keep the party going all day long.

London nightlife is only second to none. It is so full of life it is unbeatable. You will find everything you want here, near to your hotel or hostel. From top pubs, bars, and night clubs with all types of trendy music to theater to high culture (orchestra, ballet, opera) worthy of the royals, London is the best place to experience nightlife.

During the Summer

There are many reasons why nightlife is more satisfying when you are on travel: Nobody knows who you are; everyone looks exotic; and you do not have to report to work the next morning. But if you are traveling during summer, make sure not to waste your time sipping a bland local beer while making faces at badly dressed dudes dancing to foreign-language rap.

Below is a quick look at some of the sexiest summer nightlife destinations:

The Cuckoo Club
Location: London

The chic Cuckoo Club in Mayfair is basically a members-only club, but it is not always list-or-bust, unlike many other clubs in London. Gain entry and you will find creative food, pumping music, and perhaps the best-looking crowd in the city.

La Voile Rouge
Location: St. Tropez

St. Tropez is where French people leave their traditionally buttoned-up social mores behind, and the Riviera’s most famous beach club, La Voile Rouge, is designed for excess. Notorious Champagne wars, hot people dancing on tables, and fashion shows where in you buy the clothing off the models all take place right on the sand. The party does not stop day and night.

Anema e Core
Location: Capri

Close to the Hotel La Palma off La Piazzetta in Capri, a modest doorway leads guests to one of Italy’s jolliest taverns.
Consistently bumping up against its capacity of around 500 persons, Anema e Core is a spirited alternative to clubland.

Location: Hong Kong

Hong Kong’s nightlife is unfortunately underrated, but with the consistent stream of rich locals and expats looking for ways to shell out cash, it is consistently fun, stylish, and surprisingly friendly. Since its opening in 2004, the 5,000-square-foot Volar club has been attracting a good-looking mash-up of locals and tourists, all looking to have fun and link up.

Haoman 17
Location: Tel Aviv

When things get turbulent in the region, Israelis have that much more steam to blow off. Mandatory army service also guarantees a populace that’s young, fit, and with sexual energy to burn. Haoman 17 is the country’s largest club, with an outpost here and an original in Jerusalem.

Carpe Diem
Location: Croatia

The Dalmatian Islands bring hard-playing Croats, topless Italians atop yachts, and a very few in-the-know Yanks. Hvar is the island known for the most hedonistic nightlife, and this port-side party palace is filled with hammocks, giant cushions, and taut bodies.

On a Budget

Despite what many people think, there is no need for you to spend your entire life savings just to have a great nightlife experience in the city you are planning to visit. Here are some helpful tips for a cheap nightlife adventure.

If you are heading to a bar or a club, find out whether it has a happy hour and what time this happy hour is. Many nightlife establishments run happy hours during weekdays, the time when you will find discounts and great deals on most drinks and other services.

Students have mastered the art of thrift, so go to their hangouts and you are guaranteed to have a budget-friendly nightlife experience. Student union bars are amazingly cheap, although you will need a student card in order for you to get in. If you do not have one, try hanging out at the venues surrounding a university.

If you are a woman, check out ladies nights. Sorry guys, this one is for the girls only. Many bars and nightclubs run Ladies Nights once a week where girls, for being girls, get free entry.

Some bars and clubs charge entry fees at peak times, so your best bet to save money and avoid paying such fee is to go before the charge kicks in. Yes, the establishment might be empty at early hours, but it will soon fill up. One of the major advantages of getting early is that you will not have to queue forever for a drink.

Like their student counterparts, backpackers have also elevated living on a budget as a fine art. So here’s what you need to do: befriend a backpacker as her or she is your key to an inexpensive night out. You can also visit the bars and clubs attached to youth hostels where drinks are insanely cheap.

Many major cities around the world (such as London, Paris, New York, Tokyo) are 24-hour cities. So if you are peckish after your low-cost night out, go to a late-night eatery to pick up an inexpensive but delightful snack.

Best Bar Crawl

Below is a list of some our favorite bar crawls in the world, from dancing on the bar in Beirut to karaoke singing in Tokyo to Bollywood hangouts in Mumbai.

People of Athens love their bars and clubs, but the traditional music spots known as bouzoukia are where these gorgeous people let their hair down. The smoky, cramped venues of old have transformed into stylish cabarets where the biggest Greek pop stars perform. But some customs die hard: Most of the audience members dance on their chairs or onstage by the end of the performance.

Considering all of the conflicts in this city’s recent past, you would be forgiven for thinking it is not a good party city. Although Islam prohibits alcohol drinking, the notion of a stress-relieving cocktail is widely embraced in Gemmayzeh, an old neighborhood that is now filled with artsy, shoebox-size boîtes.

British Virgin Islands
The British Virgin Islands are a paradise of clear blue sea, white-sand beaches, and few roads. A pretty lousy place for a good bar crawl? Think again. Once you realize that the island has seven beach bars for its 200 residents, and that it is a national pastime to sail between watering holes, youwill get a different picture.

You are probably sick and tired of hearing about how the former gritty neighborhood of East London is now international scenester. But for each “Nathan Barley” (British slang for East london’s multitudes of casually employed and fashion-conscious youth), there is always a Bacchanalian dance club that is way ahead of the curve.

After spending hours studying the somber Velazquezes and Goyas at the Prado, stuff yourself with good food and exquisite drinks in La Latina, a working-class neighborhood that is now the refuge of immigrants and artists. Especially on the twisting street of Calle Cava Baja, small tapeos are cheek by jowl.

Whiskey flows freely in most bars and clubs in Mumbai, where Pilates- and yoga-toned women are at ease in tight jeans and hot tank tops. The balmy city lures starlets and wannabe stars from all over India. Mumbai has many posh bars and nightclubs, but the jeunesse dorée and movie stars stick to the more fashionable enclave of Bandra.

New York
America’s greatest melting pot has embraced the drinking traditions of many countries. A bar crawl through New York’s top Slavic bars weeds out the weak-of-liver and the pretentious; order an appletini here and you will find yourself banished to Siberia.

Oxford, England
Oxford is a stronghold of antiquated rituals, which include getting soused. Just imagining the stories contained within the city’s archaic drinking venues is enough to make your head spin.

Portland, Oregon
Trivia: Portland has more microbreweries per capita than any American city. What’s more brewpubs (bars that produce beer on-site) are vital to the way of life of the locals.

The pre-Communist Shanghai was an intoxicating cocktail of gangsters, showgirls, exiled aristocrats, and opium fiends. Surprisingly today, many historic buildings and structures in the former nightlife hub of old French Concession have been revived as watering holes that gives every visitor a chance to look at how Shanghai once partied.

Tokyo has many places where you can sing your heart out to classics while drunk. Important tip: Japanese know that this kind of entertainment is more enjoyable to perform than to listen to, so it is the norm to rent a private room. Also, the entrance fee usually includes one or more drinks.

World’s Sexiest Bars and Clubs

An authentic sexy bar is really hard to find and even to define. For starters, it helps if your fellow party animals are super-stylish, über gorgeous or at least scantily clad. The romantic aura of an exotic venue helps, too. And the fact that you are a stranger to be considered as exotic can pump up your hotness score tenfold.

Yes, music also helps, be it an ear drum shattering brilliant sound that keeps you grinding and bumping with a hot local all night long or a seductive accompaniment to the sweet things you are whispering to your date. To give you an idea what makes a sexy bar, we have tracked down some of the world’s sexiest bars. Here they are:

Bellini Bar
Location: Hôtel du Cap Eden-Roc, Antibes, France

It is at this swanky shrine for the super rich where you are likely to spot a glittering Paris Hilton and a drenched Brandon Davis in mega party mode, or a tipsy Sienna Miller doing thumb-wrestling with Bono. By day, Bellini Bar is a deluxe lounge that overlooks the magnificent Mediterranean, where you can munch on spiced nuts while skimming the beautiful horizon. At night, especially when the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival draw a huge international crowd, it transforms into the hottest spot in France.

Buzz Beach Bar
Location: Ölüdeniz, Turkey

Sometimes it takes a travel novice to circle the globe to fully know what makes a sexy bar. Sure, the clubs in Amsterdam and the raves in Goa are exciting, but they can be the night out equivalent to a one-night stand. The Buzz Beach Bar in Ölüdeniz is different. It has big and comfy booths that overlook the shimmering Aegean Sea and the far-off Babadağ Mountains, providing an ideal spot for beach bums to drink cocktails and see the sunset (hang gliders compete for attention).

Denis Simachëv
Location: Moscow, Russia

Moscow is home to the world’s largest grouping of gorgeous women. Not New York, not Brazil, but Moscow. On any given night, you can find a great sampling of these goddesses clad in skimpy jeans and spiked heels at Denis Simachëv, partying hard with their chums in paperboy caps and suits. Beyond these show-stoppers, though, it is a sultry hotspot in its own right.

Dino’s Beach Bar
Location: Tofo, Mozambique

In recent years, Mozambique has gained the character as a bush-meets-beach nirvana. As tourism grows, more and more wealthy South Africans, shirtless Aussies, and European weekenders, are heading to charming resort villages like Tofo. The fun begins at sundown, and when you are starting to feel the nightlife beat, a bar staff will break out the bongos and tempt all the boys and girls to make their moves on the dance floor.

Giardino d’Inverno
Location: Hotel Principe di Savoia, Milan, Italy

Milan gets invaded in September every year. This is the time when the city’s fashion shows kick in and suck in an international crunch of statuesque and stunning models and the fabulous people who run the entire flashy shebang. The best place to see and be seen? The Giardino d’Inverno at the Principe di Savoia hotel.

Le Ti St. Barth
Location: St. Barths

Nikki Beach may be more famous, but the megarich-club people always kick off the party at this veiled hilltop venue.  The tiki torch lighting and the dark wooden furniture give it a posh boudoir feeling – certainly, the on-site small boutique that sells rabbit-fur bathrobes is not out of place. The spell of European beats transforms the place into a party central at around 10 in the evening when everyone has finished off their Nymph Thighs dessert.

Moon Bar
Location: Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand

Thailand is well deserving of its “Land of a Thousand Smiles” moniker. And you will be smiling, too, once you get to experience nightlife at Moon Bar, 61 stories above the city’s frenzied streets. You will be treated with impressive 360-degree views over the Chao Phraya River, Emerald Buddha, and Grand Palace.

Location: New York City

You will probably have a hard time locating the unmarked, graffiti-filled door to the Nublu Bar on Avenue C in East Village in Manhattan. And once you find it, you might not want to enter this Brazilian bar. But take a risk and pay the $10 cover fee, and you will find yourself enthralled by the attractive people lost in samba on the hot dance floor.

Nuth Lounge
Location: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mix in together a horde of hot and tanned bodies, a potent caipirinha, and some sexy samba beats and you will find that Nuth Lounge is pretty much an epitome of a sexy bar. You will have to travel around 25 minutes west of Copacabana Beach and traverse the sprawling jungle of residential towers in order to reach this two-story hotspot. But boy, it is worth all your effort.

Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

To the inexperienced, a night visit to Shalvata seems in conflicts with what most think about the Holy Land. You will be surprised to see striking Israeli women doing sexy stuff on the seaside dance floor. Israeli women are not just insanely gorgeous, they are also tough and sophisticated at the same time – and that makes them really hot.

Great Nightclubs

The nightclubs featured below are only some of the many great nightclubs in the world:

Location: Ibiza, Spain

Space is not only the top nightclub in Ibiza, but it is also considered as the best of its kind in the world. Basically it all boils down to the atmosphere. Although the days are over when the DJs dragged the decks out onto the terrace for an outdoor party, Space’s atmosphere remains electric and enchanting. It is worth arriving early for you to watch the sunset from the dance floor – a special and a very memorable experience.

Pawn Shop Lounge
Location: Miami, Florida

Pawn Shop Lounge, despite its dodgy title, is an excellent dance club that attracts beautiful people and top DJs. Just recently, it has earned the title of being the new Space. It has some eccentric decorative features that are made to impress, including the DJ booth (housed inside an HGV truck cabin) and the VIP Room (made of an old reused 727 fuselage). You will love the chill out rooms made of old school buses.

Location: London, UK

Fabric has been the top UK nightclub for few years now. It has remarkable party aura that keeps it on the may lists of top nightclubs in the world. All the little details are taken care of here and the Fabric staff are well-known for being helpful and pleasant. Its body-sonic sound system is its major business, making clubbers feel the thump of the music clearly even when they are not dancing. Additionally, it houses first-class DJ’s such as master spinners Terry Francis and Craig Richards.

Panorama Bar
Location: Berlin, Germany

Housed in a converted power station, Panorama Bar is the sister club of another popular dance spot right next door, the Berghain club. Panorama is known for providing one the hedonistic and edgiest clubbing experiences in the world, and it hosts cutting edge music sessions. The power station is spacious, and there are plenty of crannies to relax and chill out in for a few moments.

Location: Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is home to some of the world’s most fantastic, wonderful, and weirdest nightclubs. Womb is arguably the best of the lot. It sports a strange and dark interior that beats with eerie lights, making an intimate and intense atmosphere. Womb’s main output is techo music, with world renowned ace DJs like Sven Vath playing regular slots.

Location: Montreal, Canada

Stereo is one of the top nightclubs in the world because of its amazing sound system, which produces atmospheric and unique sounds that will really blow even the most picky clubbers away. Montreal may not be the world’s clubbing capital, many famous DJs head to this nightclub just to experience its unique vibe.

Location: Singapore

Zouk is one of the most fantastic nightclubs in Southeast Asia. Its signature wall boasts the many famous DJs who have played here since its opening. It has a very stylish interior and the sound system is just perfect. What’s more, the prices are reasonable. The welcoming environment and the friendly crowd also make Zouk a top nightlife hotspot.

Beach Parties

We all love the beach. White sand, glass-like waters, warm weather, hot girls in bikinis, guys with washboard abs – there is nothing better than a time by the beach. This explains why beach parties are considered the most popular of all parties; it does not matter where you are. Here is a list of beach parties that draw a huge crowd.

Situated on the beautiful seaside sands of Mykonos in Greece is the Paradise Beach Bar. This spot is a favorite of local and international celebrities and well-off personalities. Mykonos is your perfect destination if you are a party goer who likes a little glitter while having a good time.

Nikki Beach
This is one beach party that requires you to have a fat wallet. Nikki Beach in Miami is well renowned for its many bars clubs and plush clientele. Of course, it is possible to get in without shelling out too much cash, but you better have the face and the body to get someone else to pay for you – caviar and champagne do not come cheap.

Koh Phangan
The beach parties on Thailand’s Haad Rin Beach are legendary. Sizeable local and international crowds show up each year for a beautiful beach lined with speakers that play crowd pleasing music. They flock to Koh Phangan to get available choicer consumables.

Cala Jondal
Cala Jondal hosts one of best Ibiza beach parties. Home to the fanciful Blue Marlin, this small gem features cheap drinks, master DJs, and hammocks scattered around the venue where you can cozy up with your special someone, or maybe the stranger you just met.

New York City
The PS1’s Warm Up beach parties in the City that Never Sleeps are a great time for party animals who love to dance to an urban beat. The parties run once every week during the summer season, so you are assured you can catch plenty vibes.

Watergate Bay
Watergate bay is home of one of the most diverse and largest music festivals in the world, so it is your surest bet if you dig good tunes. The Cornwall beach parties also offer good traditional cider, a drink the region is most famous for.

The clubs that line Puro Beach in mallorca are more balanced than most clubs elsewhere. With yoga classes in the morning, healthy food, and an excellent DJ who spins most of the night, it is a nice mellow spot to enjoy the beach as well as the company of others.

If you are into great music and dancing, then this beach party in Croatia is for you. The Rabac Dance Festival is held annually every August. It is a two-day festival of nonstop drinking and dancing – a very good thing for visitors who like to keep things active but simple.

Other parties
While the parties described above are only some of the well-known beach parties in the world, there are many others that can give you one hell of a time. Some of the locations of these parties may even surprise you: South Padre Island in Texas, Punta Del Este in Uruguay’s La Barra Beach, Copenhagen’s Copencabana Beach, and Myrtle Beach (South Carolina Beach Party).


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