Tour Prague, Czech R. Without Getting Lost

Haste makes waste they say. So there’s no better way to make your Prague holiday plan in tip-top shape than to prepare ahead of time. You’ll be spared of the hassle of having to carry your baggage around the city to look for a transient place, or of too much spending on transportation to and around Prague. You might also need to prepare your tour plans and your visa.

Prague is one of the few cities in the world that is blessed with characteristics that make a great tourist destination: rich history, fascinating culture, warm and friendly people, stunning landmarks, great gastronomic treats, and many attractions that every visitor should not miss. But many visitors make the mistake of heading to this gorgeous city without a sound travel plan.

There are so many things to experience in this Czech capital that you might be overwhelmed – not a good thing if you didn’t plan your travel well. For starters, there is an interesting mix of the old and the new in Prague. From artworks to music, theater to clubs, the city can provide you with a special treat that is truly unique from other European cities.

At first glance, Prague has that old-fashioned charm, but when the sun sets, the city reveals its wild side. Nightlife in Prague is vibrant, competing with many other party cities in the continent. Shoppers will also be delighted to know that Prague has lots of excellent shops and boutiques. People in the city love to eat, so it is not surprising to see eateries scattered across Prague.

Having a Prague travel plan will save you from all the hassles such as staying at the wrong hotel, waiting forever for public transport, getting at the wrong party, or getting lost in the middle of nowhere (which is really exciting, but not all the time). Planning your Prague travel will allow you to enjoy your stay in this beautiful capital.

We design this Planning Your Trip section to help you plan your travel to Prague and make the most of your vacation time. From getting a Czech visa to airports and metro stations to finding budget accommodation and staying safe, we would not want to leave out the details of Prague information.


Prague’s city transportation is one of the most efficient in all of Europe. Almost two-thirds of its people avail of these transport services. Dopravni podnik hlavního města Prahy or the Capital City of Prague Transport Company is the city’s major transport carrier.

Airport to downtown
If by any chance you opted to avail of a car rental service, it will take you approximately 25 – 30 minutes (40 minutes in heavy traffic) to get to Prague’s city proper. But public transport is also available and in this case, it takes 30 minutes by bus plus subway. It’s for sure the cheapest choice if you want to get to the city center, but it will require some walking and the crowd can be thick during peak hours. Having too many baggages will make you want to ride a cab or take a door-to-door transfer service

Taking a Taxi in Prague
Taxi rides are not quite recommended due to a scar in the reputation of most taxi drivers. Moreover, the traffic situation has also gone so badly that taxi fares can become too expensive. Among Prague transportation, the major advantages of taking a cab are when you have a lot to carry while traveling, when the weather is too cold, when you need to reach a distant area in the city, or when traveling at night where public transport has stopped running for the night. Plus, if you’re a foreigner, there is a great chance that you might get screwed by taxi drivers, but this happens everywhere and Prague is no exception.
To avoid these circumstances, we have provided a few helpful tips to save you the hassle and the expense.
• Avoid taxis parked in front of the train station or at a tourist site because these are known to charge higher than the usual taxi fare.
• You need to watch out for fake and unregistered taxis. Legitimate taxis have a yellow roof lamp intact and in good condition. They are marked with bold black TAXI on both sides and company name, license number, and rates are all reflected on the taxis two front doors.
• Know the cost of the taxi ride before getting in. If you’re getting a cab by phoning in a taxi company, ask the dispatcher for a fair estimate.
• Upon getting into the cab, check the taximeter if it reflects the same price list as posted. Call the driver’s attention if the price doesn’t match, politely ask him to stop and then get off the taxi.
• The driver’s refusal to issue you a printed receipt entitles you to refuse to pay the fare.
• It pays to phone in reliable taxi companies instead. Here’s some that you may try to reach:

Below are listed some taxi services in Prague:

  • AAA Radiotaxi tel. 140 14 or 222 333 222
  • City Taxi tel. 257 257 257
  • Profi Taxi tel. 140 35 or 2 61 31 41 51
  • Halotaxi tel. 244 114 411
  • Sedop tel. 777 666 333

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