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How to travel to Athens?

There are many reasons why tourists travel to Athens. It can be for business, for a honeymoon, a family getaway, or simply for a reward for oneself. But one thing’s for sure, getting to the capital of Greece is never too complicated that anybody can visit without any hassles or stress.

For tourists traveling from nearby cities, whether in Greece or around Europe, the trains in Athens is considered to be a cost-effective option. Athens does have a very good metro system. It is also affordable that it’s ideal for those traveling in a budget. Most metros in the city offer their services to passengers from 5:00 am to 12 at midnight – so be sure to be at the train station before this time.

Another effective way to get in and around Athens is through buses. There are plenty of buses in Athens that it will not be difficult to get a ride even in late evenings. A number of bus lines do provide routes from major neighboring towns to Athens, which makes it convenient for transportation if you want to make a day trip to Athens.

Being a world destination, many airlines also provide flights to Athens from several major cities of the world, which include, Rome, Istanbul, Dubai, Paris, and London.

Wherever you are, there’s just no reason not to get to Athens. so pack your bags and prepare for an adventure of your life in this magnificent city!


If you want affordable yet efficient transportation to travel to Athens, you can consider taking trains in Athens which are cheap and convenient.

Athens, Greece has two train stations; one for those traveling from Northern Greece, the other for those coming in the city from Peloponessos which is located on the street of Theodorou Diligiani. The latter may have been already closed permanently already, thus, if you need to get to the city from Peloponessos, you’d have to go to the Larissa Station and take the Proastiakos metro trains in Greece Proastiakos is a new high-speed train system of the city which provides passengers with access to Neratziotissa and Irakleio. The metro also enables passengers to reach the business of northern Athens, Kifissia; the urban residential area of Doukissis Plakentias, and the city’s center of industrial development, Koropi. The metro is also a good option to reach Kantza and Pallini. This suburban rail offers its service from 6:00 am to 12 midnight every day.

The Electric Railway Company, which is also called the Metro Line 1, runs between Kifissia and Piraeus. It also connects to Metro Lines 2 and 3 whilst providing access to the tram and bus routes in the city. It only takes less than an hour to reach the last stop of Line 1 from its first stop. It runs daily starting from 5:00 am to 12:15 am.

Trains in Athens are very accessible and comfortable to get to the city. It thus offers a good travel option.


Because of its long history, rich culture, and breathtaking attractions, many people from all over the world, including around Europe and Greece, travel to Athens. Being a famous tourist destination, traveling to the city has been made easier and more accessible to visitors. One of these means to reach the city is by bus.

The main bus line in Athens is Ethel. These thermal buses connect the cities of Athens and Piraeus to many surrounding municipalities. The city’s renovation of its bus system also yielded to hundreds of new buses ready to serve passengers from all over the city and the country. Many of these buses are run by natural gas which makes them environment friendly. Several bus routes in the city cater to passengers who travel to and from the Athens International Airport. They run from 5:00 am to 11:00 pm daily.

Aside from thermal buses, Athens also has what it calls as blue buses. It has over 320 lines that connect the central city to all the suburbs of Athens, including Piraeus. Blue buses run starting 5:00 am until 12:15 am.

For people traveling outside the city, the Intercity Bus Company also referred to as KTEL has a dense network serving all throughout Greece. There is a local KTEL that has routes to Athens and the main centers of the city in every village in the country. KTEL has two bus terminals: Kifissou 100 and Liossion 260.

For fast and affordable way to get to Athens, buses in Athens will be a convenient option.


Athens is a city easily accessible by any form of transportation. Whether you are to travel by land, by sea, or by air, anybody can reach this marvelous city without having too much stress. If you are traveling from in and outside Europe, flight to Athens should not worry you as the city can be reached from virtually any departure point!

Cities such as Berlin, Istanbul, Frankfurt, New York, Paris, London, Rome, Milan, Dubai, Zurich, and Lurnaca have daily and frequent flights to the capital of Greece.

The airport in GreeceMost tourists traveling to Athens will arrive at the Athens International Airport, which is a new and award-winning airport for its top-of-the-class facilities. Also referred to as Eleftherios Venizelos, the airport has quickly developed to be the largest and most important airport in Southeastern Europe. It has been voted by many travelers to be among the world’s safest airports. Athens International Airport is located 20 miles on the southeast side of the city. It can be accessed via Attiki Odos which is a major highway that constitutes Athens City Ring Road.

Upon arriving at Athens International Airport, six bus routes directly connect it to the great area of the city as well as in Piraeus. The Departures Level and the Arrivals Level is where one should wait for buses to take them to their hotels in Athens.

It is never too complicated to get to Athens! So plan your trips ahead and look forward to an exciting experience!


The public transportation of Athens provides tourists with a wide variety of routes, which features a combination of different means, which include buses, trolleybuses, trams, railway, and the metro. For a ticket worth 1,40€, you can already move from one public transportation to another in an hour or less.

Transport tickets in the city can be availed in all train and metro stations. Street kiosks also sell tickets to make getting in and around the city easier and more convenient. If you intend to stay long in the city, there are weekly passes that you can avail of in public transport offices at discounted rates. Buying weekly passes, aside from saving you a few Euros, is a convenient and quick way to get around the city as it eliminates the need to buy tickets every now and then.

Just a quick reminder for those exploring the city via public transport: validate your tickets after you’ve purchased them and before you board on the city metro, bus, tram, or railway. This is something you should not really forget because the city fines non-validated tickets up to 40 times its value! If you want to avoid the hassle and the sky-high fine, make sure to go to the validation machine in trolleybuses and buses (they’re those that come in ORANGE boxes). If you are taking the metro, a validation machine is located on the station lobby, while those taking trams can locate the machine which is in beige on the platform and some inside the car.

Enjoy exploring Athens by getting yourself familiar with its transport system.

Car Rental

Traveling to Athens using rented cars is suitable for those who want to explore the city at their own pace and time; it is also a suitable model for those who intend to visit outside areas of Athens.

Car rentals in Athens are available in numerous reliable car rental agencies. It is important that you get to know the reputation of the agency you are renting your car to ensure your total convenience. Fortunately, the Greek National Tourist Organization (GNTO) has made sure that only those licensed agencies can provide car rental services in the city for the protection and security of tourists.

Aside from doing a background check of the agency you are renting to, it will also be wise to check the vehicle you are planning to rent before driving them out of the rental agency’s office. Make sure to as if the car has enough insurance coverage in case of theft, accident, fire, and other incidents. Also, if you are to visit the capital of Greece in the summer, it would be important to book ahead of time as this time is expected to have more tourists and more customers renting cars.

Most car rental offices in the city are located around Syntagma Square and Syngrou. If you want to save a few Euros, try to book from your home country before you go to Athens – you can already rent a car for as cheap as EUR 45 per day.

When driving with your rented car, make sure to take extra precaution and read road signs to avoid any hassle – don’t worry the signs are in English so there’s no reason for you not to get it! Toll fee is about EUR 2.70, this is when you decide to drive on the privately-owned highway.

Happy driving!


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