Traveling Around Mykonos Without Getting Lost

With its unique offerings, Mykonos has been a favorite destination not just by many Hollywood celebrities but even by ordinary tourists as well. When planning to travel to Mykonos, your accommodation in the city, as well as your itinerary, should not just be the things you need to think about. More importantly, you need to learn about how to get there as well.

By reading about Mykonos’s information and learning about the island’s geography, you would understand the means to travel to it.

Unlike other parts in Europe, trains in Mykonos will not be your best option to reach the Greek island. Logically, because the place is surrounded by water, a metro station would not be practical to build (not necessarily impossible, just impractical). Buses in Mykonos are also plenty. However, they only provide services on places around the island – and not to get to the island.

For those traveling from outside Greece, a number of flights to Mykonos are offered by several airlines, especially during summer. Before you head to the island, it would be best to browse over the list of flights to the island and their schedule.

Basically, the best way to travel to Mykonos is by water and not by landFerries in Mykonos should be a convenient choice for all.


Mykonos, Greece is easy to explore. With enough knowledge about the island (you can read our Mykonos information or Mykonos City guide), you’ll easily learn the ins and outs of the island. There are various ways to get around Mykonos. You can take a taxi, bus, or boat.

  • Taxi
    Taxi is the island’s most convenient mode of transportation as it enables the passengers to visit several places on the island quickly and conveniently. The only disadvantage when taking a cab on the island is the expense because quite frankly, everything on the island does not come cheap. Every year, taxi rates in Mykonos change (which means it can go higher or very seldom go lower). Taxis in Mykonos do not have meters as the rates are standard according to its destination. Taxi square is the island’s main square, it lies next to the Man to Mavrogenenous statue.
  • Bus
    The cheapest means of transport (by Mykonos standard) on the island is the local bus service. There are two bus stations in Mykonos, one on the north, the other on the south. Bus fare is usually just 2 Euros, however, it can go about 3-4 Euros during the night time or during summer (where more and more people do come on the island). Bus tickets can be bought in kiosks or from the bus driver himself.
  • Boat
    Often called “kaiki” (caique), a boat is the best way to visit the beautiful beaches in Mykonos, especially those located on its west and south side. Among the beaches reached by kaiki are Paradise, Paranga, Super Paradise, Agrari, and Psarou. Get details of the boat’s schedules and ticket information at the travel agencies situated at the port.


Most people in Mykonos take a taxi to get to their destinations so do not be surprised if you’d have to wait longer just to get one. Before taking the cab, look at the rates carefully displayed at the taxi square. If they are not displayed, it would be wise to ask the driver instead.


  • Relatively cheaper than a taxi, more convenient and comfortable than a bus, car rental in Mykonos would be a good option for those who want to have a more personalized exploration in the Greek island. As the top attractions in Mykonos are not situated very close to one another, you would need to travel to a few minutes or so to visit them one by one. A rented car in the city will be a wise choice if you really intend to see all – if not most – of these attractions as it saves you time and, well in some ways, money.
  • The rental price of cars in Mykonos varies with the season. During summer, as tourism comes to its peak, do not be surprised to find out if prices go sky-high. Logically, the increase is reasonable given the rising demand from tourists, however, if you wish for some discounts, you can have it by booking for long periods. That means, if you rent the car longer, you’d be given a good amount of discount.
  • Cars, as well as motorcycles and scooters, can be rented for at least a day. On average, the price range from 40 to 50 Euros per day (on the average season). Pricey, yes, but it’s definitely worth it. And you don’t even have to think about where to rent cars as there are various companies all around the island ready to give you a wide array of rental car options! Below are some contacts that can help you:

Avis. At the port, Tel: 228 902 2960

Autorene, Maouna, Tel: 228 902 4552

Eurocar. At the port, Tel: 228 902 7111

Delos. In town, Tel: 228 902 3484

Hertz. Airport, Tel: 228 902 7346

Euroclub. Town, Tel: 228 902 3791

Sixt. Airport, Tel: 228 902 8862

Pier 1. Old port, Tel: 228 902 4004


Mykonos, with its many beautiful attractions, is frequented by thousands of tourists every year, especially during the summer. Being one of Greece’s top tourist spots, getting to Mykonos would definitely be not a problem for everyone as the island is considered to be a very well connected place. However, if you are thinking about getting on trains to get to Mykonos, then you should already scratch that idea by now. Logically, because Mykonos is part of the Cyclades group of islands, a metro station would not be a practical means to get to and around the island – that and the fact that the island does not have a metro station (yet).

Trains are not really popular in Greece. Although Athens recently just had one (yes, recently!). It took quite a long time for a metro to be constructed in Athens as a lot of antiquities were discovered in the process, which then required the attention of archaeologists. That said, Greek’s very rich history was taken in serious consideration for a metro to be built. In the case of Mykonos, not only was the history considered but also its geography. Additionally, most of the Greeks are used to traveling via ferry, if not bus or cab, so cab would be something they will have to get used to – in case more are constructed in the years to come.

So although it is part of Europe, and metros are famous on the continent, this might not work all too well in Greece, particularly in Mykonos. If you want to know which ones to take, read our pages on the buses in Mykonos and flights to Mykonos.


Buses in Mykonos are the cheapest transport to get around Mykonos. Its high-quality road networks enable tourists to explore the island with ease and convenience. Mykonos bus stations are both located in Chora or the Mykonos Town, each one lying on different sides of the place, the southern station, and the northern station.

  • The southern station is located in Fabrica square. Here, the buses are headed to Platys Gialos and Paradise both every 30 minutes, Paraga after an hour interval, Agios Ioannis, and Ornos. The station also has night buses that travel to Paradise and Platys Gialos which leave every hour.
  • The northern station, on the other hand, is situated behind the town’s archaeological museum, in proximity to the telephone company building. From this station, bus routes are around the north and east part of Mykonos – Tourlos, Agios Stefanos, Kalafati, Kalo Livadi, Ano Mera, and Elia.

Do not worry much about the departure times and end of the bus route as they are all clearly marked in both stations.

The not-so-good part about these two bus stations is that there isn’t a bus connection between them. That means, if you are from the northern part of the island and would want to go to the other, you’d need to go on foot for 20 minutes to reach it. You can buy your bus tickets directly from the bus driver or in a bus vending machine placed in mini-markets, tourist shops and kiosks on the island – you’d need euro coins for this. Bus tickets are priced at € 1.60 for day trips, at night, tickets cost € 2. Take note that buses are often full during the day as drivers try to squeeze in as many passengers as he can.


Mykonos is well-connected being a top tourist destination in Greece. If you are traveling from other parts of the world, you will have to take note of the flights that will get you to the island. There is one airport in Mykonos. Located 4km from the main town, Chora, this airport serves daily flights from the airport of Athens via Aegean Airlines and Olympic Air. During summer though both these airlines provide direct flights from Thessaloniki daily. It is also during this peak season that flights from Santorini, Rhodes, Volos, and Crete by Sky Express are provided. From May until October, many charter airlines from a number of European airports fly directly to the island. Among them are:

  • Vueling from Barcelona and Madrid
  • Travel Fly from Milan Orio al Serio
  • ThomasCook and Jetairfly from Brussels
  • German Wings from Bonn
  • Lauda Air from Vienna
  • Edelweiss Air from Zurich and Geneva
  • Borajet from Istanbul
  • Arkefly from Amsterdam
  • Air Berlin from Hamburg, Munich, Vienna, and Nuremberg

From the airport, you can take a cab to take you to the accommodation in Mykonos (hotels in Mykonos, hostels in Mykonos, or apartments in Mykonos) that you booked for. Taxis will not be hard to look for as there are plenty waiting at the airport – opposite to the terminal building. Taxi cost around € 8 and a few more for carrying your luggage. Many of the accommodations on the island though offer free transfer from the airport to them.

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