Try Valencia, Spain: The Reasons And When It’s Best To Visit

Holidays in Valencia or a long weekend would not be complete without immersing yourself in the city’s culture and entertainment. Thus, whether you only have a weekend or a long stay in Valencia, it’s always great to try everything that the city has to offer.

On Daytime…

Savor every moment of your stay in Valencia by starting your activity early. Explore Valencia and discover the city’s various architecture and work of arts that manifest its rich heritage and culture.  And when you’re done, splurge on souvenir items such as books and clothes that you will find in its huge malls and shopping centers. You can even catch a movie after you shop to experience a cinema.

If shopping isn’t your cup of tea – or if you’re on a tight budget – your alternative is to join the Valencianos celebrate their various festivals. This, of course, depends on the month and day you are in the city. Aside from being economical, this will also give you a bigger view of the vibrant and colorful life in Valencia.

The bullfights are something you should not miss when in the city, too. Happening during a celebration of festivals, this sport has already been cemented into the lives and culture of the Valencianos.

On Nighttime…

And if you think the adventure stops with your daytime activities, wait ‘til you hear the different nighttime activities you can enjoy in Valencia.

Up for some party? Nightlife has a wide range of disco pubs and bars that would allow you to pour your heart out dancing while enjoying its various wines and beer. This is a great time to meet new friends and mingle with the lively and vigorous Valencianos as well.

If dancing and partying isn’t your idea of nightlife, however, you can head off to some of the cultural centers for recitals, classical music concert, and operas among others or go to music bars to enjoy a night of pure entertainment.  You can even catch a concert by world-class artists in town with your family and friends.

There are indeed a lot of things to enjoy and experience in Valencia. Whether you come alone or with a group, there is always something to do and learn in the city, from sun up to sundown. With a little know-how on where to get a glimpse of Valencia’s culture and entertainment, your stay would be all worth it.

When to visit Valencia?

Valencia is a great city filled with wonderful architecture, cool beaches, an all-out tourist attraction and unlimited activity from dusk till dawn. You’ll always have an enjoyable time, never a dull moment when you get to visit one of the liveliest cities in Spain.

Going to Valencia on a Budget

If you want to keep your expenses on the low but still spend a fantastic time in Valencia, go when there’s an off-peak season; or simply spend a weekend. Usually, from November to February when the winter’s coming in, also there’s some rain and the temperature drops. Hotel and flight accommodations are at a lower rate. But it wouldn’t dampen the spirits of tourists for the city is still active round the clock and never wavers even on cold seasons.

If you don’t want to get jumbled with the hordes of other tourists flying in, then mark down April and October. With the heat of summer, Valencianos opt to go out of town or spend their time on beaches and resorts. Given these are the months where it’s early summer and most tourists’ just chill out and late autumn where it’s also a popular month.  These are the months where airlines and hotels offer discounts and are cheaper. However, all year round Valencia is still a booming display of history and various breathtaking sceneries; you will know this when you sign yourself up in one of the Valencia tours.

Experience one of a kind fiesta courtesy of Valencia, with its colorful and rich culture,  festivals will surely give you a good time.

One of the fiercest and extravagant fiestas of Valencia that you should experience yourself is the Las Fallas festival. It’s the grandest and most magnificent street festival in Valencia, held on the night of March 15. The city goes ablaze with noise, bonfires, and fireworks during this time of the month; the best fall festival in all of Spain is seen here. There is also music and bullfights for added entertainment, but overall, no one does the fallas better than the Valencianos.

During every last Wednesday of August, the people of Buñol go on a bizarre tomato hurling ramble. This is one sight you shouldn’t miss, the La Tomatina festival is also known as the world’s largest vegetable fight; the people get pelted with truckloads of tomato but still manage to laugh in the end no matter how funny they look.

Almost every month, the Valencianos celebrate a fiesta. Their festivities are all colorful and spectacular in nature, each with its own theme. Like the Filmoteca de Verano or the Festival of Films held on the Turia Garden where there’s a celebration of films and prices are cut almost in half, where else can you find a festival like this? Aside from the festivals, there are also special events such as classical and rock concerts, bullfights, theatrical events and firework displays usually held during the weeks of fiestas so there’s always something to do and make you busy during your stay in Valencia.

Top Attractions

When you say sight-seeing in Valencia, it means to be ready for a marvelous and enlightening tour around the third-largest city of Spain. You shouldn’t leave the city without witnessing yourself, a view of the greatest sites Valencia can offer.

The City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y)

You may have seen the past, great architectures from the renaissance, baroque classics and gothic revivals but now is the time to dwell in the future. Be mesmerized by the great modern edifices of Ciudad de las Artes y Ciencias. It is a vast and revolutionary educational complex designed by the famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava as a tribute for his home city. It is basically a city within Valencia itself- it raptures you to a new 22nd age of architecture which you can boast about. It is composed of five different elements: The Concert / Opera Hall (Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofia ), The Marine Park  (L’Oceanografic), The IMAX Cinema (L’Hemisferic), The Museum of Science (Museo de Ciencias Principe Felipe) and The Greenhouse (L’Umbracle), all of them hold a distinct and futuristic feel to it. Experience the rush of excitement as if you are being spirited away to another time and dimension.

The City Hall (Plaza de Ayuntamiento)

Being in the Centrepoint of Valencia, it is nearly impossible to miss the sight of the Plaza de Ayuntamiento. It is the Time Square of Valencia, the most impressive of all Valencian squares. Be stunned as lines of old and new architecture, incredible buildings and attractions meet your eyes. The Ayuntamiento itself is a masterpiece of architecture, the imperious structure of the square. It is both a mix of classic, traditional Spanish and Valencian elements but with a modern touch. You also get to see the central clock tower; the focal point to where the most important and special events are held.

Plaza de la Virgen

A contrast to the great City of Arts and Sciences, the Plaza de la Virgin poses as the definitive sense of the past centuries of Valencia. It is the preceding main square before the Plaza de Ayuntamiento came about. Until now, the plaza is still an active place for the locals and still an important tourist attraction. The enticing charisma of the plaza is the perfect location for afternoon tea or even just for chilling out. It is also hosted Valencias three important buildings, here you can explore the Plaza de la Virgin, the Basilica and Palau de Generalitat.

The Cathedral (La Catedral de Valencia)

The Cathedral is the religious center of Valencia, located in Plaza de la Reina is the refuge of the Holy Grail. It is a spectacular display of hybrid styles of architecture. It is composed of three portals: The classic Baroque front to the Westside all have a diverse feel to it, the sinister Gothic Portal of the Apostles on Plaza de la Reina and the pleasant narrow street passageways toward the Eastside. Here you can find the remarkable El Micalet, the octagonal bell tower, the landmark of Valencia. Once on top, you can take pleasure in the sight of Valencia’s old town. Take time to visit the interior, apart from the inner design, you get to see religious works of art and interesting craftsmanship. The phantasmal works of Goya are displayed along with the mummified hand of San Vicente Martyr (the patron Saint of Valencia) and of course, the Holy Grail itself!

Weekend in Valencia

If you only got the weekend to spend in Valencia, you better make sure that you make the most out of your short stay in one of Spain’s populous and largest cities.

A Mediterranean city, Valencia boasts of its sunny beaches, lively and charming plazas, and great food among others. Surely, a tourist will have a handful of activities, sights, and places to enjoy while in the city. But since your stay is limited, you better make sure that your itinerary will give you an experience that’s truly worth remembering.

Where to Stay

Because you only have three days to spend in Valencia, you have to see to it that you get an accommodation that’s close to the best attractions in the city. Barrio del Carmen, an old town, would be one of your best options as it has close proximity to some of the top attractions, restaurants and bars, plazas, and cathedrals.

The Places to Visit

One of the things you never should miss when in the city is paying a visit to the Holy Grail. A sacred object famous in Catholic scriptures and even in Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”, the Holy Grail is claimed to be lying in the Capilla del Santo Caliz, a cathedral towering Plaza de la Virgen. Your visit here would immerse you in the city’s strong Roman Catholic faith.

On the other hand, proving of Valencia’s balance of religion and science, the Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, designed by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect, showcases the city’s top of the class planetarium, botanical gardens, aquarium, and science museum. It also features concert spaces that have futuristic themes. For a weekend with the family, the place is a perfect Valencian destination.

For those with an inclination in the arts, the Museo de Bellas Artes is one good stop. It displays some of the works by El Greco, Goya, and Velasquez. – Among the country’s art masters. The cultural centers, as well as the architecture, are worth seeing as well even for just a weekend stay in the city.

What to Eat

If you didn’t know, Valencia is where paella was born. That said, the dish is something to experience in the city. Original Valencian paella may include rabbit, langoustines, chicken, seafood, and vegetables; it has yellow-orange color due to the simmered saffron with rice. To get a taste of this special delicacy, L’Alter is one of the restaurants to visit.

Valencia promises a lot of fun and excitement, with a little know-how of the city’s key destinations, there’s no way you will forget this magnificent city.

Long Weekend in Valencia

Have a long weekend up ahead? Want to go travel somewhere fun and relaxing? Then why not head on over to Valencia, Spain? Your long weekend is sure to be worth the travel with the great sites, accommodating people, and delicious food, your long weekend would be filled!

Day Trips for Long Weekend

In Valencia, there will never bound to be a boring moment.

During the day, tourists like yourself can head on out to the many unique, beautiful, and fun places that Valencia has to offer.

You can go to Oceanographic, Europe’s largest sea world center, and take pictures with the many sea creatures living there; there might be some that you haven’t seen before, so this trip could be fun as well as educational. Or,  you might also be interested in visiting old churches and chapels with their beautiful architectural faces,  a fitting tribute to the intricate Spanish architects that have made these standing buildings. The Valencia Cathedral is one church that you may want to check out they allow people to climb up to the bell tower and see Valencia in all its glory. You may also want to go to the Valencia City of Arts and Sciences, which showcases some of the most intricate, dramatic, and spectacular examples of modern architecture.

Night Trips for Long Weekend

Valencia’s nightlife is very active. There is a certain district in the city, which specifically caters to night clubs and bars. These are active because the Valencianos sure love to party and know how to have fun. For sure, tourists would love to mingle with the fun-loving Valencianos in clubs and bars. For students who are burned out with school work and are looking for a marvelous time, then don’t worry! Valencia has got you covered! There is also a night district specifically for students! These bars and night clubs, though they come with a certain curfew, don’t scrimp out on the fun and excitement! And for sure, the prices are good enough for students to afford.

Markets, Sales, Clothes

If you are one who always loves a good bargain, then the Valencia market is one of your best options. Valencia is big on the market scene. They have many street vendors and small boutiques and souvenir shops for the many tourists that frequent the city. They also have many shops filled with designer clothing that suits all ages and genders.

Holidays in Valencia

Surrounded by plains and mountains with relaxing beaches and fascinating architecture and culture, holidays in Valencia are bound to be exciting and memorable. Whether you come with your whole family or with your friends – you can even come alone! – the city promises a lot of things to explore, experience, and discover.

Valencia Beaches
Located at the heart of the Mediterranean coastline of the country Valencia, Spain boasts of its beautiful white sandy beaches that stretch 2.8 km long. These beaches, attracting many tourists, are also surrounded by different resorts and hotels offering various facilities and services to meet the specific holiday needs of visitors like you.

La Malvarossa and Las Arenas are two of Valencia’s top beaches and among the top attractions. Both can be reached not more than 20 minutes by bus. Here you can enjoy swimming on the clear seawater or walk hand-in-hand with your sweetheart on the white sands. Children will also find delight playing on the beach with ice creams sold and fun-fairs held for them to enjoy.

For a place to stay in, the Hotel Neptuno and Balneario de las Arenas Hotel are 4 and 5 stars hotels, respectively located near the beaches.

Valencia Exploration

Further to your Valencia holidays, you can go visit and enjoy the sights, structures, and architectures that manifest its rich history and culture. And because its streets are relatively compact, going from one attraction to another would be no sweat!

Get in touch with the city’s history through Plaza de la Virgen. Used to be the Roman Forum’s location, the plaza is Old Valencia’s heart. Here you will find several important structures in Valencia like the Cathedral, a Gothic-Cistercian design dating from 1262; the Basilica de la Virgen which is dedicated to the city’s patroness; and the Palacio de la Generalitat, a renovated building housing Valencian Autonomous Community’s executive branch.

The market district is another part of Valencia that is worth visiting. Here you will find the ancient building called Lonja. Described by many as Europe’s best Gothic civil buildings, it was built as a venue for product exchange. It enjoys the title as Valencia’s “Heritage of Humanity” as declared by UNESCO. The Central Market is also found in the district offering tourists with a wide range of fresh produce and souvenir items. With an 8,000 square meters surface area, it is one of Europe’s largest markets.

With the beautiful beaches and history-rich structures among others, there would never be a boring moment in Valencia. A holiday worth spending.

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