Valencia Travel Guide: Here’s Why Everyone Is Taking That Trip

For tourists, it takes more than one picturesque spot for a place to become an “ultimate” must-see. But what does it now take for a place to become a bona fide must-see tourist spot? well, though you may not be too sure of the answer, what IS sure is that Valencia can offer you all the things that you are looking for in a perfect vacation spot and more!

Whether you newlyweds excited for a great honeymoon, or a student or businessman just begging for a delightful break, Valencia has everything that you might need for you to enjoy your much-needed holiday. And what’s best is that this lovely sanctuary never has a dull moment; fun and excitement are around in every corner.

There is just no way that you will be bored in this great place. With the amazing festivals, great people, amazing tourist destinations, heavenly beaches and resorts, and so much more, there is no way that you won’t be able to enjoy your time-out.

Valencia, Spain

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, next to Madrid and Barcelona. But more than its size as a city, it also offers guests with a BIG experience – from its people, places to visit, festivals, food, and more! Get to know more about the city: facts and information, top attractions, people, religion, geography, and even the perfect time to visit it on this website!

Explore Valencia

A city of beauty and promises, Valencia will definitely take your breath away. Find out how you can walk through these amazing places conveniently and worry-free with our pages on accommodation options, tours, and rentals. We even have a suggested itinerary should you visit the city on a weekend, a long weekend or a holiday.

Things to do

There is definitely not a dull time in Valencia. Our Things to do pages offer you exciting ways to spend your trip to this Spanish city. We have a long list of must-see architectural structures in the city, festivals, nightspots, shopping venues, theaters, cinemas, and cultural centers among others. We’ve even provided the details (addresses and phone numbers) of these places to ensure you will never be lost visiting them.

So come and visit the beautiful city of Valencia. Let us be your guide to a worry-free and knowledge-filled trip.

Explore Valencia

Who wants their much-awaited holiday trip to come to waste? No one, of course! So if you are eyeing on a trip to Valencia, make sure that all is set and nothing is forgotten. Our Explore Valencia pages make sure that you get all the necessary information you need to explore the city without stress and worries.

Our accommodation page will lead you to some of the best accommodation choices in the city that will suit your requirements and budget. We even have a whole page dedicated to cheap hotels in the city so you won’t have to wonder where to stay in the city without spending too much.

Because Valencianaos mainly speak Spanish, we also have a page dedicated to those who’d like to get to know the language more – plus information on where to best study learning Spanish!

We also have a page for those interested in signing up for a guided tour in the city as well as those that discuss the best places to rent bikes, cars, and even scooters in the Spanish city.

To get around Valencia, we also have a page discussing the various transportation modes in the city. And if you need more help, we also have suggested itineraries to help you wisely spend your weekend, long weekend, or holidays in Valencia.

Should you need more information about the city, we also have links to books featuring Valencia.

Happy Trip!

Spain Visa

Do you want to stay in Valencia, or in any other wonderful city in the country of Spain? Wondering if you need to get a Spain Visa or not? If so, what are the requirements? Here is some quick information on Spain Visa that may help you out.

Who needs to get a Spain Visa?

Depending on your nationality, you may or may not be required to get a Spain Visa. For one thing, citizens from the European Union are not required to get a Spain Visa because they already have the right to residency in any country belonging to the European Union. However, for those who want to become a citizen of Spain, they need to go and apply for an NIE (Número de Identidad de Extranjero) and a residency card (Tarjeta de Residence Comunitario). For the rest of the world’s citizens who do not belong to the European Union, then they do need to get a Spain Visa. If you are one of those who don’t live in a European Union country, then you will need to get a visa to visit, work, and study in Spain. However, there are some countries that have special agreements with Spain.
The following countries, Andorra, Australia, Brunei, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Gibraltar, Grenada, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Malta, Monaco, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, and Switzerland, have special agreements with Spain, stating that the citizens belonging to these countries can enter Spain and stay up to ninety-days in any six-month period.

What are the requirements for getting a Spain Visa?

Any application for a visa to Spain would require several documents to present. Below are things to further enlighten you on what you must prepare to travel to Spain. Note though that these documents have to be submitted personally.

  • Passport is valid for a minimum of six months and three photocopies of the personal information and photo page.
  • Original copy of your medical insurance.
  • An original copy of the medical certificate signed by a medical professional proving that you are free from any mental illness or drug addiction. This should put in the Spanish language (a translation, at least).
  • Police clearance or a certification of good conduct which must also be translated in Spanish.
  • If married, you need to show the original certificate of marriage.
  • passport-size of your photo taken recently.

Whether you only have a weekend in Valencia or just planning to spend holidays in Valencia, learning about how to get a Spain visa will always be helpful for a hassle-free stay in the city.


Valencia, Spain is the Spanish gateway to the Mediterranean. It is a coastal city known for its charming views, historic sites, and scenic beaches. With a wide range to see and discover in the city, tourists may need to sign up for a Valencia tour to explore it with ease. There are several options to tour the city: via scooter tour, bus tour, bike tour, or simply the walking tour.

Bus tours 

Valencia Bus Turistic (Phone: +34-9-63-414-400 / Web:

Taking on a bus tour may be a faster-paced one compared to that of a scooter; however, it allows you to see more of the city. The usual bus tour lasts for two hours; the passengers are earphones and are given an informative audio guide in four languages: English, Spanish, German or French. For those who want a more customized bus tour in the city, they can try the hop-on, hop-off type of a bus tour.

Bike tours

Valencia Bikes (Address:  Paseo de la Pechina, 32 Valencia 46008 / Phone: +34-9-63- 851-740 / Web:

With its flat streets and lanes especially designated for bikes, taking a guided bike tour in the city is also a convenient way to get a peek of some of its top attractions. Most of the tours include an experienced tour guide who can speak English. This tour is usually made up of small groups or around 15 riders per tour.

Scooter tour

CoolTra (Address: Avenida del Puerto, 47 Valencia 46021 / Phone: +34-9-63-394-751 / Web:

A guided tourist tour in the city is ideal for those who want to explore Valencia with ease and control. Most guided scooter tours can take about four hours to many of the top attractions in the city. Covering the tour are scooter rental, insurance, road assistance, a multi-lingual guide, a bottle of water, a helmet, and a city map.

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