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Valencia’s Culture And Entertainment Trends

Are you looking for a family getaway that would give you an experience you will never forget? Looking for a place with carefree and vigorous people you just can’t help but adore? Want a sense of excitement from great spots and deep-rooted culture?

Then it must be Valencia, Spain.

A third of the country’s largest cities, Valencia promises no dull moment to its visitors.

Here, you will take a glimpse of what the city has to offer – from the beautiful attractions, magnificent structures, lively festivals, great food, and warm Valencia people.

All about Valencia

In Valencia, learning and adventure do not stop. If you read information, you’ll see that it does not matter if it is your first time or several times to be in the city.  It has a lot of things in store to cater to all your vacation needs. First-timers would enjoy unraveling the beauty and life there is in Valencia, but those who’ve been in the city several times would also find that there is more to that in the city. – It has a sense of vibrance that makes you want to come back again and again.
Come One, Come All

Wanting to do some soul searching or just want to enjoy your time alone? Valencia has sights and attractions that would help you do just that. Its beautiful beaches for one would offer you a relaxing place to be alone while its historical structures and architecture will take you to a day of learning and discovery.

But of course, if doing things ‘alone’ is not your kind of thing, then being with friends or family would be so much better in Valencia. Experience the rich culture and history of this city with your kin and pals and bring with you together hundreds of memories to share and enjoy.

Valencia is just the perfect destination to do a little self-discovery and a great spot to spend time with your family or friends as well.

And Don’t Forget!

… to bring your videos and cameras to document your stay in this beautiful city! And while you’re at it, don’t miss to bring your party and outdoor clothes, too as you may not know what awaits you in Valencia. A sightseeing trip all day and the all-night party would surely require a lot from your wardrobe.

And yes, never forget to bring with you your beautiful smile. Make new friends with the Valencianos and your stay would be truly unforgettable.


Being one of Spain’s historical sites, Valencia could boast of a proud legacy, colorful history and the greatest of all types of architectures. From the classic to modern architecture, Valencia is one of the cities strewn with beautiful and even some uncanny architectural works. From the renaissance, baroque, gothic and now modern eras, the different times of arts and anarchy have passed, but the streets, buildings, and walls of Valencia still holds the magnificence held by those long past histories. As you explore Valencia and its boulevards, every turn of the streets, the walls, and buildings, all of them have their own story to tell. Renaissance courtyard from the Vich palace at the Pio V museum in València

The Valencianos did a great job in preserving their city’s history and beauty, which is why when you are in their city, always look out and about. The city is a splendor of architecture and fine arts.

Getting a Local Tourist Guide

If you want to learn about the history and be at the best places to experience Valencia’s architecture, then you can hire a local tour guide or hop on one of those tourist buses that go around the highlights of the city. You can go out by yourself but you may not be able to truly indulge yourself and miss out on the historical sites and the best places that only the locals know too well. In a stunning city such as Valencia, it’s easy to find a guide who can tour you. Also, directories are a big aid to assist you in finding a guide that will take you to the finest locations.

If you want a more time-specific and planned tour, you can always try out the spot local day tours. The schedules are already laid out and you don’t have to bother yourself coming up with plans and programs. You just look at the schedules and relax while you take a tour around Valencia’s greatest sites.

Things to Remember When Touring

Always take time to read and do a little research before you venture off in a sight-seeing spree. Read on some of the stops in your itineraries, by doing some you wouldn’t feel so much of an alien when the guide addresses one architectural piece to the other. You should also bring your own travel booklet of the city, you can learn more about your destination that day and who knows what surprises may come your way. And lastly, always bring your camera and take lots of pictures. Your camera is your best buddy in your trip so take a lot of snapshots and make a memory of every stop. It’s one way to create memories and bring home great souvenirs from your architecture trip to Valencia.


Valencia’s theaters are always abuzz with lively performances. Always filled with energetic actors and avid viewers, awaiting each performance after the other. The Valencia performing arts will never cease to entertain you.

Insider Tips to Valencia Theater

You can view the schedules for the different shows and events that you want to attend. You can check it out for yourself, online or in the local publications and advertisements to look at show descriptions and the showing times.

Ticket prices vary in theaters, depending on your seat, the set, and the show; prices average from 8 € to 50 €. For instance, the independent Teatro Olympia, being the poshest and visited the theatre in Valencia, it is also the most costly. On the other hand, government theaters usually charge 16€ for prime seats and 8€ for the second rate, except for the big and luxurious ones.

If you can’t find time to get your tickets from the ticket box with so many things on your to-do list with your visit to Valencia, you can let the concierge of the hotel do it for you. They offer you the service of booking and getting your ticket but it comes with a markup charge.

Mainstream and Alternative Theaters

Aside from the traditional or the mainstream plays which present classical and contemporary styles, there are also theaters that showcase a traditional and experimental genre. Compared to the mainstream, the alternative theaters focus on productions that are avant-garde and cryptic, they are perfect for the younger generations who have a more modern taste.

For the little ones, you may head to Teatro de Marionetas La Estrella which features marionette or puppet shows for children.

English Language Theaters

You may have to polish up your Spanish, for almost all theater shows in the Valencia theaters are performed in Spanish or in the local Valenciano language, so you might want to learn Spanish in Valencia first.

However, there are theaters that both present English and Spanish dialogues. You can check the listings for any English-language plays that will be portrayed.

If you want to witness a first-class performance, then you would have to follow the “La Fura dels Baus”, they are one of Valencia’s ultramodern theatre groups that frequently proffer provoking, captivating, and entirely unique interpretation on the opera and theatre stage. You can browse through the theater catalogs or listings for any of their performances.

Here’s a list of other theaters in Valencia:

Teatro de Marionetas La Estrella (Address: Calle de Los Ángeles, 33, 46011 Valencia / Phone: +34 963 56 22 92)

Teatro Principal (Address: Carrer de Les Barques, 15 / Phone: +34 963 53 92 00)
This is Valencia’s main theater. It is known for its plush ambiance, thus it is also known for being a bit pricier than other theaters in the city.

Teatro Rialto (Address: Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 17 / Phone: +34 963 53 93 00)
Joined with the Sala Moratin auditorium and IVAC, Teatro Rialto is another government theater.

Teatro L’Altre Espai (Address: Carrer de Platero Suárez, 11, 46009 / Phone: +34 963 65 17 50)
If you want a smaller theater, this could be a good option.

Teatro Olympia (Address: Calle de San Vicente Mártir, 44, 46002 / Phone: +34 963 51 73 15)
One of the most visited theaters in Spain, Teatro Olympia is the biggest independent theatre, not just in Valencia City, but all throughout the Valencias Community.

Teatro Micalet (Address: Calle Maestro Palau, 3, 46008 / Phone: +34 963 92 14 82)
Most presentations in this theater have social themes. It could be very patriotic at times that some of its presentations are in Valenciano only.


Movie-lovers will definitely adore Valencia, Spain and its line of cinemas. Cinema theatres are all over the place and offer you a variety of shows from local and Indie films to big Hollywood productions.

The movie houses exude an air of classical ambiance from whence they have established works of traditional theatre architecture and were remodeled to become movie houses. Since modernization came, the majority of movie theaters now display large projection screens and with digital surround sound to give movie buffs the thrill of watching the big screen.

Among the cinemas in Valencia, Spain are:

(Address: Avinguda del Professor López Piñero, 3 / Phone: +34 902 10 00 31)

ABC Park
(Address: Calle Roger de Lauria, 21 / Phone: +34 963 53 1)

(Address: Calle de Vicente Sancho Tello, 10 / Phone: +34 963 62 67 95)

Movie Listings

If you want to be updated on the latest movie listings, you can keep yourself informed by looking over the local newspaper to see the schedules or any special screenings. You can also check online or in the movie houses themselves to see if there are any changes or updates in their schedules.

When you want to be the first in line for the new movie releases, you should go to the theaters on Fridays. You have to bear in mind too that their screenings usually last for only a week.

Valencia Cinema Schedules

Movie houses in Valencia usually start rolling their films at 4-5 pm. If you want to avail of the last full show then be there at 10-11 pm. There’s an exception on Fridays and Saturdays, for the Valencia nightlife is at its peak, time is extended for the movie houses and the last screening usually starts at 12 midnight to 1 am.

There are 4 movie screenings daily but on Saturdays and Sundays, the time extends till the first hour of the next day. You can still watch in the early hours of the morning and continue your Valencia experience after the show. However, whenever there are special events, festivals or any other occasion, the movie houses open and start early.

Ticket Prices

With a reasonable price of 6€, you can enter the movie house and enjoy watching the movies. Tickets can also nosedive during the viewer’s day and holidays. For example, the Festival of Films, it’s when ticket prices are slashed to almost 50% and so you can truly enjoy your viewing pleasure.

Where to Get Your Tickets

The simplest and probably most familiar way to take hold of your ticket is to buy it automated ticket machines at the movie houses. If you want a more convenient way, and if you don’t fancy waiting in line, you might as well obtain a virtual ticket, online or over the phone. Most of the movie houses are well into technology, they have a site on which you can buy your ticket, but it’s a bit more expensive compared to the usual.

To travel to Valencia, you need to get yourself ahead of the various activities there is in the city. Although there are several top Valencia attractions to enjoy, the city’s cinemas offer another interesting option.


The people, also called the Valencianos surely know how to have fun! Valencia is one city full of magic, color, and excitement, especially during one of the city’s many, many festivals. There are fireworks and parades, and of course, magic and passion, typical of Spanish cities.

For Valencianos, the festivals of Valencia are more than just colorful costumes and delicious food, they are a reflection of centuries-worth of culture and meaning, to the point that most festivals always have something to do with the religion as well as agricultural, or pagan meaning to them.

First Trimester Festivals

From January to April, Valencia is an explosion of colors and gaiety as they celebrate various festivals. First, on January 6, the Christmas festivities are officially closed with Epiphany, or Kings Day.

A few weeks after that, on the 22nd of the same month, is the celebration for the feast of San Vicente Martir, the patron saint of Valencia.

March sees the most exciting and the biggest festival in the city. Between March 15-19 is the Las Fallas de Valencia, which showcases an amazing pyrotechnics display and the burning of satirical figures called “fallas.” This festival is one of the most attended and most anticipated in the world. There are fireworks displays every night until the 19th and the anticipated burning of the fallas at midnight of the 18th.

April sees the celebration of the Semana Santa or Lent season. It is a more solemn festival, but colorful nonetheless.

Second Trimester Festivals

On May 3, the Festival of The Crosses of May covers Valencia’s streets with crosses made of flowers, and on the second Sunday of May, thePatron Saint of the City, Mare de Déu dels Desemparats is commemorated through the festival of Virgin lose Desamparados. On June 23, the festival of Saint Joan, or San Juan in Castillian, is celebrated not only in Valencia but all over Spain. July sees another flower-themed festival, the Feria de Julio or July Fair, which celebrates the hot summer days and nights in the city, mostly celebrated on the beaches with huge bonfires.

In the town of Buñol, just outside the edges of the metropolitan of Valencia, the weirdest, yet enjoyable festival happens in August. The yearly Battle of Tomatoes of the festival, La Tomatina, will make everyone wet and wild with tomatoes thrown at each other. No one is spared with this hilarity and gaiety.

Third Trimester Festivals

The National Day of the Region of Valencia, which happens on October 9, is one of the most romantic festivals in the city. The feast of San Dionis happens on this day, which is the Spanish equivalent to Valentine’s Day. It is a day of lovers both young and old.

November and December see Valencia, Spain taking part in the rest of the world’s commemoration of All Saints’ Day or Todos Los Santos, and Christmas and Spanish Natividad, respectively.


If you are done traveling to Valencia – enjoyed its fantastic sights already and savored its great food through dining restaurants and bars – and is now thinking about what more there is to do in this magnificent city, then why not consider a night of concert from top performers and renowned artists?

Concerts in Valencia are great for a night getaway with friends and family. Thus, knowing where to get your tickets and learning about some of the city’s top concert venues would help you make the most of your stay in Valencia.

Concert Venues

The Valencia Concert Hall also is known as the Palau de la Musica, is one of the city’s top concert venues. The multi-purpose auditorium has 5 halls and 1000 square meter foyer dedicated to large concerts and events. Opened in 1997, Valencia Concert Hall has become Valencia’s cultural center. Classical music and operas are among the top events held here.

Another place to go for concerts in Valencia is the Plaza de Toros. Translated as “bullring”, the place is also used to hold bullfights. With a capacity to accommodate 12,884 people, Plaza de Toros has been a venue for huge concerts.

Located in the City of Arts and Sciences, the Palau de Les Arts Reina Sofía (Queen Sofia Palace of the Arts) is both a cultural hub and opera house. Since its opening in October 2005, the building has then become a place to go for classical music, Valencian orchestra, opera, and ballet among others.

Other famous concert venues in the city are the IVAM (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno) also known translated as the Valencian Institute of Modern Art and the Antigua Universidad which are good stops for contemporary music concerts and classical music concerts, respectively.

Concert Tickets

Of course, knowing where to go for a Valencian concert experience would be useless without knowing where to get concert tickets. – These two are just must-know things in this context.

There are two ways to acquire various concert tickets in Valencia; one that is traditional, the other which is quite “modern”. The traditional way is of course by going straight to any ticket outlets or ticket distributors. The “modern” way is by purchasing the tickets online. The traditional way is good to really make sure you get hold of the tickets (you can even use it as a souvenir to remind you of your stay in Valencia); however, online means offer you the convenience and ease of getting your tickets.

Valencia is not just about sights, attractions, and food. The city is also a great place to find perfect entertainment.


Dining in Valencia is fabulous and scrumptious with food rich in flavor and texture. Surely, your taste buds would revel in this place and would love the delicacies it can taste and savor.

The city is popular for its simple yet tasty Spanish dishes and Mediterranean fare. The restaurants, eateries, bars, and other dining venues are popular with the locals, and of course the tourists.

Breakfast in Valencia

If you are planning to explore Valencia and enjoy top attractions and to partake in their appetizing cuisines, you must also be prepared to eat at the same time as the Valencianos, the Valencia locals. Desayuno or breakfast takes place early in the morning, so early that most Western tourists usually miss the serving of breakfast at 7 or 8 am. But Valencia dining places have got this covered as they serve late breakfast at 10 am. Usually, tourists stay in for this meal at the hotel restaurants or else go out to nearby coffee shops. Tasty pastries and flavorful coffee are always favorites.

Lunch in Valencia

As opposed to the early breakfast, Valencia usually serves la Comida or lunch, at between 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM. This time is Valencia’s siesta time, and of course, the dining places, restaurants, and eateries are most busy during this time. For tourists whose stomachs are already churning between 12:00 NN and 1:00 PM, the city’s restaurants are open for those hungry costumers. Pizzas and pasta are available in most restaurants, and what’s more, they serve them around that time. If one wants to wait for the tasty paella, then one would have to wait with the rest of the city until it gets served between 2:00-4:00 PM.

Dinner in Valencia

For those who are already a bit surprised at the lateness of lunchtime, then prepare yourself for cena or dinner time. Why? Because dinner in Valencia is usually served at 9:00 PM. Meaning that, while ordinarily, you would be hitting the hay at this time, the rest of the people are just sitting down to their dinners. Luckily, because of its vast tourist populations, Valencia is now open for early evening dinner, which starts at 6:00 PM and continues onwards. Many of the restaurants, bars, and other dining places are open until midnight and some, even though the wee hours of the morning, especially during party-time weekends, where people are going to be busy partying, and when they get hungry, then, of course, palate accommodations are also readily available.


Valencia, Spain does not just boast of its picturesque beaches and rich history; it also is home to great and sumptuous delicacies you can get a taste of in many of its restaurants. For an unforgettable dining experience, here’s a list of some of the famous restaurants in the city:

El Gourmet (Address: Calle Taquígrafo Martí 3 / Phone: 96-395-25-09)
Specialing in Spanish and International cuisines, this restaurant is known for its reasonably-priced dishes served by well-trained waiters. Scrambled eggs with eggplant and shrimp, fried filets of veal or pork, and the oxtail stew are just three of the famous dishes served here.

Ca’n Bermell (Address: Calle Santo Tomás 18 / Phone: 96-391-02-88)
Set in a lovely 1600 building, this restaurant is where one of the city’s best chefs, Emilio Bermell, works for. With dishes the chef carefully crafted, it is no wonder why this restaurant is a favorite among tourists. As such, you may need to book in advance to secure a table.

Eladio (Address: Calle Chiva 40 / Phone: 96-384-22-44)
Switzerland-educated Eladio Rodríguez is the chef of this restaurant; the secret of the establishment’s flavourful cuisines. Every day, the menu changes depending on the freshness and availability of the ingredients. Among the famous dishes here are octopus and ragout of shellfish and prawn tails with raspberry vinegar.

La Riuà (Address: Calle del Mar 27 / Phone: 96-391-45-71)
Located at the historic core in the city, this restaurant is just a short walk from Plaza de la Reina. It has since then become a favorite among locals and tourists alike after it opened in 1982. The menu of the restaurant includes traditional Valenciano dishes, which makes it ideal if you want to get a taste of the local delicacies.

LaLola (Address: Subida del Toledano 8 / Phone: 96-391-80-45)
LaLola is famous for its Mediterranean and International dishes. It is one of the most imaginative restaurants in Valencia with its fusion of minimalist and modern interiors. Serving dishes with sunny flavors, your palates are in for an experience.


Valencia, Spain is a fantastic place to go on a shopping frenzy! What’s best is that it suits all your needs and even your budget. Whether you’re hunting for elegant designer dresses, chic garments on boutiques, finding comfortable wear at the mall or strike a good bargain on the street shops.

Valencia Shopping for Fashion

The first stop for high shoppers is La Calle Colón (Christopher Columbus Street) where you can find shops featuring clothes from ultra elegant Spanish designers Emporio ArmaniPurificación García and Armand Basi to name some.

For famous brands like Dolce & Gabbana, Donna KaranArmani Jeans, Calvin KleinEvisu, and Chevignon, the place to go is La Plaza del Ayuntamiento, the famous town square.

Valencia Shopping for Books

Valencia takes pride in its great varieties of book shops; it accommodates the desires of any avid bookworm.

To start off you can try looking at KandaABooks, located close to Plaza de la Reina. They offer great selections of second-hand books, both fictional and non-fictional available in different languages. They also have a section for language books if you are interested to learn a new lingo.

If you want your tours to include a hunt for English titles, this bookshop is your destination. The Casa del Llibre has a large section for English books and also sells new books just with the right price, it is located on the boardwalk off Plaza de Ayuntamiento.

However, if you want to find out more about Valencia, the Libreria Patagonia is the place for you. They have guidebooks and maps all over their shop. It’s located near the public library.

Valencia Shopping for Arts and Antiques

Being a grand city, Valencia also holds a great history. Even with the rise of modernization, the city still preserves its culture and upholds its history.

Have a lively experience shopping for antiques at the enormous Mercado Central. Spend your time looking at arts, crafts, antiques, and collectibles while enjoying yourself and never have a dull moment.

The Mercado de Ruzafa, being diverse and centered on the Plaza Baron de Cortes is also a great place to shop for bargains and souvenirs. While every Monday, a flea market is held nearby.

Valencia Shopping Tips Worth to Remember

First things first, Valencia tends to get pretty hot. So hydrate yourself and drink lots of water before you venture outside.

Set your alarms and get an early start, shops at Valencia usually open at 10 a.m. To avoid the rush of the crowd, better hit the malls and big stores between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m., most of the people during these times are out on lunch or on a siesta. But also remember that some small stores also close at 5 p.m. so bear in mind these schedules when you plan you’re shopping day.

Here are some helpful Spanish words for shoppers: “liquidacion,” “traspaso,” and “rebajas”, simply means that they are on sale so watch out!

Be careful with your stuff and just bring sufficient cash for your shopping needs. You can control your expenses while keeping your pockets safe. Be aware that pickpockets are rampant especially in the crowded areas.

Remember these tips and you’re ready to go all out on your Valencia shopping spree.


Going out on a Valencia nightlife will always be an exhilarating experience. As the people are always so pumped up with energy during the day, and even so it still lasts throughout the night. In Valencia, having a good time is just like an everyday event.


You have to fill your stomach and renew your self first before prancing out on the bars. The cafeterias are more or less like small bars that cater to every customer’s famished appetites. They are less sophisticated than restaurants but serve appetizing mid-evening to late dinner meals. 10 p.m. is the usual time a Valenciano takes his dinner. Depending on the menu, you can order light meals to local delicacies. Better ask for carajillos, that’s coffee with a dash of brandy the perfect tonic to prep you up for your nightlife.


The bars are somewhat a café and snack bar at the same time. Most bars have a hot food counter filled with both Spanish and Valencian snacks and a beer tap if any.


Valencianos are known to be the Belgians of Spain; they are the connoisseurs when it comes to beer and drinks. Along with their wide-ranging beer menu, they also have imported beers and mixed brews that will surely perk you up. The Agua de Valencia is a mix of Spanish champagne with fresh orange juice; it is the local Valencian wine. Most of these pubs are open until 3 am in the morning, especially on the weekends.


Terrazas is a chill-out lounge, a lot more open air when you want to enjoy drinking your drinks with your friends. You also get to be entertained with the music and have fun till dawn.


If you’re hyped up for dancing while enjoying some drinks then you should visit some of the disco-pubs of Valencia. As with other bars and pubs, these establishments are open till late in the morning.


Discotecas are big clubs where you can party all out till the next day. However, discotecas charge an entrance fee and are very particular when it comes to the dress codes, but when you say fun- it’s unlimited. Some of the most famous are Cafe Carioca, El Loco, Havana Valencia, and Maruja Limon, most are open till the next morn and these clubs are always almost packed with partygoers and the cosmopolitan crowd.

Other Valencia Nightlife Hangouts

Your Valencia nightlife would be incomplete without going out on cultural centers or on concerts, theaters, and shows. Be ahead and check out the schedules ahead of time so you can fill in the good seats.

For the teenagers and minors who are with you, they can also have their share of the Valencian nightlife, there’s no need to leave them out of all the fun. It would amaze you even more that some pubs, bars, restaurant, and cafeteria also permit children. It’s a win-win escapade for all ages.


The beaches in Valencia, Spain aren’t the only place to enjoy the city. At night, the Spanish city’s bars are vigorous enough you’d feel like partying the whole night. Among the famous bars in the city are:

Johnny Maracas
(Address: Carrer dels Cavallers, 39 / Phone: +34 963 91 52 66)

The Westin Valencia
(Address: Calle de Amadeo de Saboya, 16 / Phone: +34 963 62 59 00)

Casa La Pepa
(Address: Calle de la Conquista, 8 / Phone: +34 963 92 54 47)

Finnegans of Dublin
(Address: Plaça de la Reina, 19 / Phone: +34 963 92 28 62)

Favela Bar Restaurant
(Address: Calle Pintor Ricardo Verde, 1, Chaflán con Calle Finlandia / Phone: +34 962 06 37 50)

Banyan Bar
(Address: C/ Comedias, 5 / Phone: +34 963 15 48 90)

Most of the bars listed here take pride in their wide array of drinks and liquor. They all have their own distinct offerings as a come-on to the customers. Bars in Valencia usually close between 1 AM and 2 AM giving you more time to party and enjoy your night!


Nightlife in Valencia is not without options. If you are someone who prefers a sip of good drink over a nice chat with friends, you have plenty of bars to choose from; however, if you are someone looking for some party, the clubs in Valencia will not disappoint. The most popular party area in the city is the neighborhood of Barrio del Carmen; located right in the oldest part of the town. Some of the famous clubs in Valencia are:

(Address: Avda del Profesor Dr. Lopez Piñero, 7 / Phone: +34 671 66 80 00 / Web: www.umbracleterraza.com/)
This cool and funky bar is great for young people looking for hot and wild parties. Treat yourself with great drinks and the view of good-looking Valencianos.

Sala Wah-wah
(Address: Calle de Ramón Campoamor, 52 / Web: www.wahwahclub.es/)
This live club is known for playing indie music. It is an ideal place for those who simply want to chill and listen to good music or watch performances from indie artists in the city. Performances are slated every week so everyone can expect varied performances every night.

Loco Club
(Address: Calle Erudito Orellana, 12 / Phone: +34 963 51 85 21 / Web: www.lococlub.org/)
Love music? This club should be a good stop. Listen to rock’n’roll, soul, alternative country, power pop, punk, punk, garage, and indie music all in one place!

Black Note Club
(Address: Calle Polo y Peyrolón, 15 / Web: blacknoteclub.com/ )
Black Note Club is another place for live music and performances. This two-decade-old club has a concert hall dedicated to rock’n’roll, R&B, soul, funk, groove, freestyle, and world music performances.

Las Ánimas
(Address: Carrer de Pizarro, 31 / Phone: +34 963 94 29 48 / Web: www.franquicialasanimas.com/)
This dance club is perfect for group night outs. It comes with a calendar of events for everyone to enjoy and party in.

Deseo 54
(Address: Calle de la Pepita, 13-15 / Phone: +34 963 27 54 45 / Web: www.deseo54.com/)
Proving that Spain is a gay-friendly country, this disco club is dedicated to gays. Enjoy the wild parties with the sight of good-looking, hot men.


If you’re a health buff and you don’t want to spoil your routine even when you’re out on tours, you don’t need to worry about being fit and healthy on your travel to Valencia. Valencianos are also conscious when it comes to health and fitness after all exercise is a universal endeavor; so even when you’re far from your home track, you can still keep that figure of yours. You can choose from different gyms, fitness centers and spas in Valencia.

So what are your options?

Fitness Gyms

There are lots of fitness gyms in Valencia that offer their services to both locals and tourists alike. If you want a premiere gym with lots of amenities to choose from, then you’d better go to the Body Factory, located in the Castello de la Plana quarters of Valencia. It’s preferred by both the exercise fanatics and health-conscious locals and the tourists reluctant to miss out on his fitness routine while on a tour to Valencia.

The fitness gyms in Valencia are not to be out-done when it comes to modern physical fitness machines, as the gyms are equipped with various machines that make sure that your body stays fit in the middle of your vacation. There are cardio-vascular fitness machines, aerobic classes, weight-training apparatus, personalized training programs, and then, of course, the relaxing sauna or Turkish bath after the day’s workout.

Tourists can check their programs out and then find out which one suits their needs. There are also some cheaper-rate gyms scattered across the city for those tourists who are only staying for a few days. Not to worry though, these gyms may be cheaper compared to the others, but still, their services and amenities remain to be top-notch.

Fitness Centers in Hotels

Most hotels now have their own fitness centers, which cater to their guests’ needs for some form of fitness regimen. This is a convenience to tourists who have just come in from very thorough tours and don’t have time to scout the city for fitness gyms. Most hotels also offer their very own health and beauty centers within their building for a relaxing sauna or massage after a hard day’s work for weary muscles.

Yoga Classes

If you are one of those yoga-buffs who are used to having yoga classes back home, not to worry. Valencia caters to yoga classes too, and what’s more, most of the yoga instructors are proficient in English, so there’s no need to worry about a single thing about it.


Of course, Valencia also has its share of sports. And if you haven’t heard about the Spanish leagues and traditional bullfights, then it’s either you have lived under a rock or are don’t watch any television. The city can be considered a great haven for sports fans. Four of its most famous sports are bullfighting, football, basketball, and golf. Valencia’s long history of sports excellence is one of the city’s sources of pride, and if you go there, you can experience why firsthand.


Valencia’s neoclassical style bullring is an impressive structure based on the ancient theater of Rome, the Coliseum. Actually, bullfighting isn’t as cemented into the people’s lives, as it is in other parts of the country of Spain. However, it still has a high degree of importance in the city. Most of the bullfights in Valencia happen between March and October. Bullfights in the city usually happen during festival celebrations. However, as mentioned earlier, because this sport isn’t as emphasized in Valencia as it is in other parts of Spain, the bullring in the city is usually more used as concert venues and circuses.


If you call football or soccer “merely a game” within earshot of a Valenciano, you would most likely be met with an incredulous look of shock and incredulity. For the people of Spain, including Valencia, football is more than a sport. Look at any plaza, or in any space large enough to kick a ball at, and you would see children and teens of various shapes, sizes, and ages practicing their football skills.


Basketball comes in as a close second to the slightly more popular football. In fact, the Liga ACB or Asociación de Clubs Baloncesto is the second most competitive leagues in the world, after the United States’ very own National Basketball Association or NBA. This sport is taken so seriously that the Spanish National Team brought back the gold in the 2006 FIBA Basketball World Championships in Japan, not very surprising since the players undergo intensive training before they are allowed to play. This sport is only a few more watches away to being equally favored as football.


If you know anyone besides Tiger Woods, then most likely, you must have also heard about José María Olazábal, Severiano Ballesteros and Sergio García. These Spanish players are now gaining fame in the PGA Tour, which gives ample evidence that Valencia, and Spain as a whole also are enthusiasts in this sport. In fact, if a tourist gets too tired of strolling through museums, galleries, and other places, then the vast golf courses of the city could be your sanctuary.


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