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Visiting Berlin? When to Go & the Reasons to Visit

Typical travelers who stick to an itinerary when sightseeing to a particular country usually plan their trip in advance. If you are planning to pay a visit to Germany’s capital and the largest city which is Berlin, it’s good to have an idea about when to go.

For example, if the weather during a particular time of the year is cold in your country while that same time of the month is the summer season in Berlin – then you can pack your bags and not suffer the cold anymore! Planning exactly when your trip to a particular city should be is the best way to maximize the time that you will spend there.

Nobody would want to sightsee during gloomy weather, so it’s best to visit when the climate is just right.

Now, when it comes to Berlin – there’s a myriad of reasons why people flock to this city.  The mere fact that the Berlin Wall and the city itself has bared witness to the dark history that Germany has is reason enough to soak in the remaining historical sights in Berlin.

The infamous Berlin Wall is one example of the rich history that the country has gone through – although you can barely see traces of it now. When you add to this the local culture, the food and drinks, the lively nightlife, and the quaint charm of the city, it’s no wonder why Berlin has remained to be the most vibrant cities in this part of Europe.

So when exactly is the best time to visit Berlin?  Generally, you can book for flights during the long summer months which are from the beginning of June to the last part of August.

Those who love fun and parades would have a blast visiting Berlin during the month of June when the Christopher Street Day gay and the lesbian parade is held.

Those who want to have listened to what the music industry has to offer can participate in the Berlin Jazz Festival which is held during November. Meanwhile, the Berlin Carnival Costume Parade attracts more than 3,000 participants and it is usually held during the first week of February. You can also celebrate with the locals during the German Unification Day, held on October 3rd of every year.
There’s practically a festival which is being held every month – and Berlin is large enough to accommodate the influx of tourists – so go ahead and book a trip to Berlin at any time of the year, and experience what this vibrant city has to offer!


If you are planning to spend a week in Berlin, then this very old and historic European city can offer great sites and sights that you will certainly enjoy.

You can easily get to Berlin by air through its three major international airports.  Berlin is also connected by railways and motorways to and from every major European city.  Within the city, you will be amazed at the efficiency of Berlin’s transport systems so you will not find it hard to go from one place to another.

Starting Your Day in Berlin

It is best if you can arrive in Berlin in the morning.  You can have a heavy breakfast at the Scheunenviertel located in Mitte, Berlin’s central historical district.

After enjoying your first German breakfast, you can stroll down the streets of Mitte and visit several important historical sites. You can find the Brandenburg GateReichstagCheckpoint Charlie, and Deutsches Historical Museum at the Berlin Mitte district.

You can also visit the Teirgarten Park and enjoy the cool atmosphere of the Berlin morning.  And while you are there, why not get a glimpse of Berlin’s Victory Column which is just a stone’s throw away from the park.

Night Life In Berlin

A week in Berlin will be incomplete if you will not experience its nightlife.  There are several great pubs and clubs at the Hackesche Höfe offering techno and European pop disco music.  You can enjoy the company of beer loving Germans in these clubs.

If you want to experience a bizarre evening in Berlin, why not try the Blind Restaurant which you can also find in the Hofe area.  This restaurant offers a one of a kind dining experience because you will eat in total darkness.

Visiting at the Old Wall

When you are in Berlin, a visit to the old Berlin Wall is a must.  Although some sections of the wall have disappeared already, there are still areas where you can still see parts of the infamous Wall.
There is a Berlin Wall Documentation Centre where you can find artifacts and objects tracing the history of the Wall.  Nearby is a Jewish Museum that traces the history and travails of German Jews.
There are other activities you can do while in Berlin.  You can try boating at Wannsee if the weather is nice.  There are also lots of fish restaurants in the area where you can try different fish delicacies.  Your week in Berlin would be incomplete if you will not try the great cooking and sumptuous food at the Wannsee restaurants.

Day Trips

There are lots of city attractions that you can find in Berlin. With this in mind, the best way you can enjoy these hot spots is by going on day trips. Berlin has lots of day time attractions, both noted for their natural beauty and historical background. The nightlife in Berlin is much more inclined to give you some cultural immersion.

But if you wanted to experience the history and the beauty of Berlin, then day tours will do just that for you.

Spotting the Right Berlin Day Tours

Because there are plenty of Berlin day tours that you can actually avail, you may feel overwhelmed with the choices. You can easily take care of this dilemma by doing some research beforehand. It is also important to note where you are actually staying for the duration of your trip before you sign up for day trips.

Check the attractions you wanted to see. Soon as you have your own list of personal choices, then that would be the best time for you to choose the right Berlin day tours which you should avail. Get as many quotations as you can so you can compare them against each other. Note things like inclusions of the trips such as fees and the actual tip itinerary itself. It would also be good to consider Berlin day trips that already come inclusive with the transportation fees.

Reasons for Taking Berlin Day Trips

Most of those who facilitate these day trips are German locals. They have been doing this particular service for such a long time that most of them are also considered to be local historians. Therefore, you would surely learn a lot from them. You would not just get to know some usual educational stuff from them but you will also get the chance to get some first-hand information from them based on their local experience. They may even suggest some great Berlin places you should also consider to check out.

Of course, those day trips are also a great way to meet some new people and acquaintances. You would be surprised that Berlin day trips get a good mix of foreign tourists and German natives as well and it would be nice to meet all these people coming from different cultural backgrounds through Berlin day trips.


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