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Visiting Brussels? When to Go & the Reasons to Visit

Today, the world is very fast. We have no time for our families, neighbors, children, and relatives because of the stress of work. One always thinks that he or she can go home after a tiring day and sleeps on a couch and rest, and since then it continues the daily routine. So, if you want to spend a short trip, therefore, Brussels is perfectly the one for you to have a break.

Brussels has continued flow of tourists and short breakers because of the city has its own charm in it.

In order to sample this unique culture holiday home rentals in Brussels, make a great starting point for a grand tour. With its diversity of cultures and landscapes, a catering apartment in Brussels can offer a vacation of great variety and contrast. For those people on vacation in Brussels wanting something more lively, you can rent self catering apartments or in any hotels.

Add a mixture of French and Flemish culture, and you will be in a very sophisticated city with excellent hotels, nightlife, shopping and fast growing reputation for good food which is Brussels.

To get started visit the cafe in the Grand Place, a World Heritage Site, which boasts the most beautiful square in Europe. They also look for the changing of guards in the royal palace.

If you like music, the music of Brussels cannot wait at concert halls – which can be heard everywhere. There are bands and celebrations that regularly take place in parks and on sidewalks, especially those exploring the syncopated rhythms of jazz.

Many had enjoyed visiting the Museum of Natural Sciences to see the awesome T. Rex and Triceratops or discover the importance of biodiversity, learn how to protect it and save life on our planet.

Alternatively you can visit the Atomium or enjoy the miniature replica “Mini Europe”, where you can have a whirlwind tour of Europe in a few hours.

A truly unique journey that you will enjoy a walk, that take you in the atmosphere of the most beautiful cities of the Old Continent, the incomparable chimes of Big Ben welcome you to the heart of London, Gondolas and Mandolins that will invites you to discover the charms of Venice, and you can keep the high speed TGV train between Paris and the other end of France. Brussels is the perfect choice for a short break that have a plenty and very easy to do.


Brussels is an ideal destination for British tourists. With its location at the crossroads of different cultures, and as the headquarters of many European institutions, fits the archetype of a melting pot city, yet manages to maintain its own flavor. Known for its monuments, chocolate, waffles and beer, just a short ride on the Eurostar, perfect for relaxing and fulfilling weekend.

Brussels has enough to keep anyone fascinated, entertained and well fed. What follows are suggestions for what could be done in a weekend covering a wide range of activities.

Museums, Sightseeing and Culture
Discover the heart of Brussels, the beautiful medieval Grand Place, Market Square with its world famous, and learn the history of the Guild Houses picturesque. The City is a masterpiece of Gothic civil architecture, and the Museum of the City of Brussels has been recorded along the Grand Place as a World Heritage site by UNESCO.

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts has Bruegel, Van Dyck, Rembrandt, Rubens and Hieronymus Bosch. Designed by Victor Horta, the Palace of Fine Arts (BOZAR) contemporary art museum and concert place features graceful curves and a wonderful art and design shop.

See the beautiful Cathedral of St. Michael, the Royal Residence, the Palace of Justice, the Royal Palace and the Houses of Parliament. Visit the center of the European Union and the imposing buildings of the EU to the European Commission, European Parliament and the Council of Ministers.

Shopping, Parks and Attractions
Dansaert design center is the center of Brussels and the Boulevard de Waterloo and Louise are the high-end luxury shopping severe. Buy the freshest Belgian and International designers along Rue Antoine Dansaert, along with great vintage finds. Pass through the renovated center of Cultural Beursschouwburg, and drink in style on the Bourse. Place du Sablon, has a fantastic antiques market on weekends, with a stores spectacularly decadent chocolate, manufactured by Pierre Marcolini, Neuhaus and Wittamer.

Discover the Botanical Garden with magnificent Greenhouses and a fabulous Terrace Café, or stroll through the Parc de Bruxelles, the green lung in the heart of the city.

The Atomium is a monument of worship built for the International Exhibition of 1958 – that you should go. You can also visit the Planetarium, experience the kitsch wonder of the Park of Mini-Europe theme, Chinese Pavilion and Japanese Tower built in 1905 that has wonderful collections of China.

Day Trips from Brussels
Discover the two of the jewels of Flanders especially in a full day trip to Ghent and Bruges. Spend an afternoon in Antwerp, the second largest city of Belgium and the largest port in Europe. Discover the world of Sir Peter Paul Rubens and see the shiny stones in the world diamond center.

Long Weekend

The city of Brussels offers a more compact alternative, ideal for a long weekend. The timing and choice of city breaks in Brussels can make or break your long weekend holidays abroad. It has an interesting mix of classic elegance that recognized in its architecture which is full of modernist surreal images everywhere. The city is easily explored on foot and a long weekend away in Brussels will discover a wealth of art and architecture to compete with its neighbors in the big city, classy entertainment and restaurants and eclectic shops.  Brussels is a great place to visit for a long weekend, which has plenty to see and do.

Where to Stay in Brussels
If you want to visit Brussels for a long weekend, there are plenty of hotels, hostels, and apartments to stay in. Brussels hotels offer a variety of choices from luxury five-star accommodation to more affordable two-star options.

What to See during your Long Weekend in Brussels
Soak up the vibrant atmosphere of the spectacular Grand Place. This is the focal point of the city and one the world’s attractive city. It has the vast Gothic splendor of the City Hall and is flanked by many houses of the 17th-century guild houses that are very well preserved. The square is surrounded by impressive buildings and small local restaurants.

There is no better place than the testimony of contemporary city life in one of the charming cafes with a refreshing Belgian beer. It offers an incredibly vibrant atmosphere.

If you walk down a side streets of the square leads to another popular tourist attraction, the fountain of Manneken Pis. This is just a small statue of a boy who dresses up, depending on the season occasion, if it was a holiday or special.

If you just walk the streets of Brussels you will see a lot of works of cartoon artworks in some of the buildings, this is because Brussels is the headquarters of Tin Tin and the Smurfs. If you are interested in cartoons and comics then the Belgian Comic Strip Center is a must visit. The museum is open Tuesday to Sunday and admission costs about 7 euros per person.

This tour will probably end up making you a little hungry, so if you are looking for a snack, then what a better place is to try a Belgian waffle. There are plenty of shops that sell these and offer a variety of fruit ingredients to ice cream, which are so delicious.

There are also a variety of restaurants in Brussels, but don’t go to the first one you see, because if you walk around you can find better deals elsewhere.

Night Out in Brussels
From the quirky to classic, Brussels offers all when it comes to entertaining, though far more relaxed than many other major European cities. Just walk along the brightly lit streets and discover Bohemian basement bars, exuberant cabaret clubs, jazz and rock concerts, trendy restaurants and gourmet coffees. A bar in the particular, Delirium, is a definitely worth a visit. It currently has over 2004 beers to choose from, there are books of points around the bar with the details of most beers. From its super strength premium beers to its infusion of styles of Flemish and French cooking, eating and drinking in Brussels is certainly never bland.

The beauty of a long weekend away in Brussels is in its accessibility and ease of travel.


Planning a week in Brussels is a great experience because the city never sleeps, the people are wonderful and the sights are too numerous to list. Plan at least a week to enjoy your vacation in Brussels, otherwise you’ll be disappointed.

Having an itinerary of Brussels is very useful when you are here on vacation. It will give you a little about the structure of the city that has so many sights to see and places to visit. Brussels is a fun and exciting place to visit. The center has buildings dating from medieval times to the expansion of the city that consists of modern architecture. Your best bet for transportation out of your own vehicle is to get a card to travel by bus from the city without limits.

The Flanders Festival has hundreds of exciting events. Brussels is a gastronomic delight of fine cuisine to suit every imaginable taste, cafes and superb restaurants that fit for royalty.

7 Days in Brussels

Day 1 Town Square Walk
Journey to the center of the city and you witness what is considered one square of the most impressive in Europe. The Grand Place is where all the Unions have been based for centuries. The city is a most splendid building with its Gothic style and the hands thrust skyward. Many small businesses are out of the corners selling cookies with dulce de leche.

Day 2  Museum Trip
On your 2nd day venture around the city, try to stop or you must see the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels. The Art Nouveau building of the museum is very attractive and is sure to please any age group.  There are around 1,200 instruments on display. A special attraction is that you are able to hear what the instruments sound like listening to a set of headphones set right for each instrument.

Day 3  Visiting the Atomium
Your trip would not be complete without visiting the Atomium. It is a representation of the symbol of Iron. You will love the unique configuration, which resembles an atom. There are 9 capsule or atoms and it is 103 meters high. Elevators to take in different capsules that have a restaurant and shops, or you can go to the top where you get a fantastic view of the city.

Day 4  Guided Tour of the City
A guided tour of the city will give you a quick view, several of the many royal palaces and religious buildings in Belgium. On this tour you will get to see the imposing St. Michael’s Cathedral, the Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower. You will understand the importance of Brussels from many cultures that are represented by their residence here, as part of the EU. Continue to stroll through the local government buildings like the Palace of Justice and the Parliament House and then to the EU buildings.

Day 5  Art Museum Visit
Located in an impressive museum called the ‘Musées Royaux des Beaux-Arts “are fabulous artwork in a series of Belgian Grand Masters. People come from all over the world to see the beautiful works of Breughel from the Baroque era with works of art almost to the 20th century.

Day 6  Exploring the Science Museum
Down the street from the headquarters of the European Parliament is the Museum of Natural Sciences, a building with displays of mammals and animals in the world. What makes this impressive buildings even more attractive is its collection of dinosaurs, there is none finer in the world. A section of the museum has a display area of ​​Antarctica and the Arctic.

Day 7  Comic Museum and Cafe Trip
Go to the Belgian Comic Strip Center is the main point of your itinerary today. Here you will get to have a barrel of laughs as you get to see all the comic characters of Belgium. Included in the casts are the well known Smurfs and the little less known world comics, but fun anyway. While you are waiting for the bus to pick you up, take some time to get into a local cafe and see why Brussels is known for its beer.


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