Stop worrying about the potholes in the road and celebrate the journey.” – Fitzhugh Mullan

Clean, peaceful, and beautiful. These are just three words to describe Copenhagen; three reasons why thousands of people from all over the world come to the city to spend a weekend or a week of vacation. Because the Danish capital has steadily grown its visitors each year, traveling to it has been made to become more convenient to its visitors.

As a European destination, travelling to Copenhagen via train would be a practical option. Not only are trains cheap, they are fast and very comfortable mode to get to the Danish capital. There are several train companies that cater going to Copenhagen, which makes choosing you preferred trip easier. There are also many buses that travel to and around the city; they are relatively cheaper and comfortable. For those travelling from places quite far from the city, it will be delightful to know that the city’s main airport caters to plenty of domestic and international flights every day.

With these options to reach the city, tourists planning to make their vacation – for a short stay or not – will not find it challenging to decide how to get to Copenhagen. So check your calendar now, look up in the internet thebest times to be in Copenhagen, book your accommodation, plan your itinerary, pack your bags, and voila!

Day Trip

Although there are a lot of things to do inside Copenhagen, it sure is still surrounded by equally interesting attractions – from sandy beaches to a modern art museum of world-class collection – that are just a few hours away from train. Surely, combining a side trip in your Copenhagen visit would make your vacation even more interesting. Below are a few suggestions for a day trip in Copenhagen:

Danish Riviera

The Danish Riviera stretches 13km around the quaint town of Hornbaek, it boasts of deep-pink wild roses and soft white dunes. On the coast’s further west is an active fishing port called Gilleleje. Back in the days, when the Germans invaded the country, this place is where the Jews from Copenhagen fled. Today, it is the country’s regional center for antique trade.

Louisiana Museum of Modern Art

Situated about 40km north of Copenhagen, this stunning modern art museum is housed in a villa from the 19th century. Its name was given by Alexander Brun, its first owner who had three wives and all named Louise (!).

This museum features gardens that were all beautifully landscaped and sculptures intricately made. Among the favorite pieces here are the contemporary art of Bacon, Warhol, Giacometti, Baselitz, and Picasso dating post 1945.

Dragsholm Castle

Dating back in the 13th century, this castle is just an hour away from Copenhagen. It is known for its delightful gastronomic treat, thanks to its head chef who knows exactly the best way to a visitor’s stomach! If you are looking for a food adventure outside Copenhagen, then this is the best place to be. Try their local Havguscheese which is a favorite among many diners.

Kronborg Castle

This castle is situated about 12km north of Humblebaek, in a town called Helsingør (the setting of Shakespeare’s Hamlet). Touring around this castle will give you spooky feeling with its creepy dungeons, where some claim to have heard of moaning foghorn voices, making “each particular hair to stand an end, like quills upon the fretful porpentine.” This is the best place for those who want to put on a brave face or those who want some fright.


Copenhagen literally means “merchant’s harbor”, a name borne of its maritime character and its location by the coast of the Baltic Ocean. Although it reeks of its Old World charm, Copenhagen is still very modern in many ways. If you are visiting the Danish capital for just a weekend, the best way for you to make the most of your short stay in the city is to carefully plan your itinerary. Here’s one suggestion of an organized itinerary in Copenhagen a weekend:

The First Day

On your first day, you should already be arriving at the Copenhagen Airport located about 8 kilometers the south of the city center. From the airport, you can catch a train to take you to the central station or take a cab to take you straight to the heart of the city. At the central part of the city, you can begin finding for a hotel to check in on. There are many Copenhagen accommodation options, so this should not be hard. There are a number of hostelsapartments, and hotels in the city that you could choose from. If you have made prior arrangements, then it would be easier to find your way around your chosen accommodation.

After check in, go straight to the Round Tower. This popular attraction is also known as Rundetårn. It is both a “historical monument and a public astronomical observatory”. This structure dates back in the 17th century and has a Dutch Baroque style. From this site, you can head to the Tivoli Gardens, a pleasure garden and amusement park. Around Europe, it is third of the most visited theme parks. After touring around these top attractions, go have a dinner in one of Copenhagen restaurants. Again, there are a number of choices in the city, so go try and experiment.

The Last Day

Your next 24 hours in the city can be spent discovering more of its top attractions. The Little Mermaid Statue should be something you should not miss being one of the city’s most popular symbols. Another attraction for you to visit is the National Museum of Denmark which will allow you to explore the history not just of the city but the country in general as well.

As this is your last day in Copenhagen, do experience its vibrant nightlife. Go visit one of its bars and clubs and get a taste of its unique offerings.

Have a blast of your Copenhagen weekend!

Long Weekend

Characterized by its bold architecture and cutting-edge cuisine, a long weekend in Copenhagen will give you more time (though a short stay still) to explore and see more in the Danish capital. There are a lot of things to do in the city during this time, but if you want a more specific advice, then this may help you:

Day 1:

Upon your arrival to the airport, head to your hotel or whereverCopenhagen accommodation you booked. There are a number of Copenhagen hostelsapartments, and hotels, so this will not be a challenge. Once checked in, start exploring Copenhagen’s top attractions. You can kick off your tour with a visit to the Tivoli Gardens, which is both an amusement park and a garden, or head to the Round Tower to get a glimpse at one of the city’s most famous landmarks. In the afternoon (granting you arrive in the city in the morning), go sign up for a boat ride to take you to a tour around the city’s canal. This activity will also give allow you to see the bronze statue of the Little Mermaid.

Day 2:

Ride a bike around Copenhagen the next morning. As there are 9 out of 10 adult Danish owning a bike, experiencing this will be something that will give you a better appreciation to Dane’s “think green” lifestyle. After your ride, try to visit the Statens Museum for Kunst, which is also the country’s national museum. This place will be a paradise for Danish modern art enthusiasts.

Day 3:

As mentioned above, the Danish capital boasts of its edgy cuisines, so why not consider your last day in the city to be a day of food tasting? From traditional cuisines to Nordic dishes, a food-tasting day in Copenhagen will be such a delight! There is of course no better way to end your stay in Copenhagen that to be filled with its sumptuous food offerings.

Short as it is, a well-planned itinerary in Copenhagen will give you a meaningful and enjoyable long weekend in the city.


Most people would think that a week in Copenhagen is enough to get a glimpse of the best in the Danish capital, but with plenty of things to see and do in the city – especially during the summer, seven days to be in the city may not be enough. If this is the only time you have in Copenhagen though, you just have to be sure to spend it wisely and plan it carefully.

On your first three days, spend it exploring the top attractions in Copenhagen. The city is known for being a laid-back capital, thus, making yourself comfortable will be easy. Start exploring the Tivoli Gardens. This part old-time amusement park and part social hub is also famous for its concerts and fireworks displays. There are 38 restaurants that you can choose from in the garden, but if you want to save some cash, grab some food before and after your visit.

At daytime, do not miss the chance to do outdoor activities in the city; including riding a bike too experience the “green” lifestyle of the Danes. At night, make yourself busy by visiting the clubs and bars in Copenhagen. If museums give you a glimpse of the city’s past, bars and clubs will provide you a gist of the capital’s present.

Spend your next three days in day trips. For one, you can head to the cool town of Roskilde. Famous for its annual musical festival, this town is just a short ride via train from Copenhagen. You’ll get to see here the Viking Ship Museum which will give you a pretty good idea about the Vikings. In fact, you can play dress-up here with their collection of Viking outfits. After touring Roskilde, spend the next day in Frederiksborg. This castle was built mostly in the 1600s and is now known as the National History Museum. Here, you will find a fortress, stained glass along with its amazing decors, breathtaking gardens, and a line of armour suits and weaponry. Before going back to Copenhagen, do take time to drop by the Kirkegaard cemetery. The cemetery’s name means “Church Garden” – something that will already intrigue you.

On your last day in Copenhagen, relax. Don’t stress yourself too much thinking about where to go anymore. Go shop for souvenirs or enjoy a food trip in its many food establishments.

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