Visiting Cracow? When to Go and the Reasons to Visit

The best time to visit Cracow has to be the spring and fall. The only town which survived the damages of World War I and II and has still preserved its medieval architecture, which is best, viewed in the summer season. It is an ideal city for history fans and people interested in art, theater, and culture.

Tourists arrive in great numbers all year-round; the peak season to visit Cracow is between June and September. In terms of weather, May and September are probably the most pleasant months to visit the city, but Cracow has something to offer for each season.

Spring and autumn may be a bit more windy season, spring is usually more sunny than autumn. However, the end of September and October is called “golden autumn” which means this is the period when the leaves begin to change their color before falling down, which makes beautiful scenery in the parks, green areas and forest around the city.

The peak season for tourists in Cracow is in the middle of the summer season. It could get humid at this time. This also means you would end paying high prices for accommodation and airfares. However, the best time to visit Cracow is spring and autumn as you can expect lower prices and pleasant temperatures. Just as winter is a good time to go if you want to go skiing as the Tatra Mountain peaks that are covered with snow. Cultural events are held all through the year in Cracow.

Cracovians love any chance for a celebration and no matter when you come to the city, you are almost sure to fall upon some kind of cultural festival of music, theater, film, or dance. There is no place for dullness in Cracow. It is an extraordinary, magical place, and definitely to enchant everyone.

Short Stay

short stay in Cracow is definitely not a burden to one’s fun and excitement. Even just for a day or two, you can still manage to have a decent fun-filled time with your family or your friends. The main key here is to win against the time and maximize the time you have in the city to enjoy the vacation of a lifetime.

For years now Cracow has been one of the most popular destinations to visit for a short stay. One reason so many tourists head to Cracow each year is that it has one of the best-preserved medieval city centers in Europe. Dozens of churches that span almost every architectural period are scattered throughout the city streets and surrounded by monasteries and abbeys.

With a variety of things to do and places to see, Cracow city is popular all year round and hardly a month passes in Cracow without some occasion for common festivals or colorful celebration. If you decide to go on your short stay in winter, then you cannot miss one of the most popular Christmas Markets in Europe, with its 100 Santa Clauses parade and carol procession. With the magical scenery of Cracow covered in snow, traditional Polish food and drinks and Christmas atmosphere, you will never forget your stay in Cracow.

Summer in Cracow

Most cities in the world vibrate with energy and zeal every summer. Cracow is no different as it showcases a wide range of activities during this season that will surely appeal to locals and travelers alike. As the days in the city come with beautiful sunshine and clear blue sky, Cracow becomes an excellent place for great photographic opportunities. You can take a wonderful snap of the city’s old town, including its municipal landmarks, residential buildings, and religious structures. Although visiting the city during summer would mean having to deal with larger crowds, this is something that you can add to your Cracow summer experience.

Summers in Cracow happens from June through August. During this time, you are free to pack comfortable clothes (although it would still be good to pack some sweaters and jackets for the mornings) as well as shoes.


There is a wide range of events and festivals to look forward to every summer in Cracow. Every June, the famous events that take place in the city are the Bread Festival and the International Festival of Jewish Culture. Aside from the two, the Krakow City Festival and the Wianki, which is a famous summer festival in the country, also take place.

July is equally exciting in Cracow because, during this month, the Summer Jazz Festival happens. The International Street Theater Festival and the Crossroads Festival of Folk Music also take place during this month too. In August, tourists can also look forward to participating in the Pierogi Festival and the Folk Art Fair. For history buffs, the Music of Old Krakow Festival, which reminisces the cultural history of the city, also happens during this month.

Summer in Cracow will sure be a perfect time to keep yourself busy with activities in this beautiful Polish city.


Take a weekend in Cracow, the charming ex-capital of Poland. This charming city has one of the largest medieval town squares in Europe and plenty of hidden gems to discover too. Cracow attractions are really great.  So, take your time in this wonderful city as great as it’s possible.

A weekend in Cracow combines the best of everything – for the serious tour in the Wieliczka salt mine is a must-see (also a UNESCO protected site and absolutely stunning). If you have the time Cracow is just an hour from the Holocaust and Martyrdom museum of Auschwitz – a very moving but extremely worthwhile experience.

The ancient Polish city of Cracow, founded over a thousand years ago, is considered the jewel of Poland. It’s a beautiful city, considered one of the best-preserved medieval centers in all Europe, and symbolizes Poland’s rich history and glorious past.

The City of Cracow is also loads of historic buildings, beautiful churches, and monuments, from Wawel Castle to the Basilica of the Virgin Mary. Archaeological findings provide evidence that Wawel Hill was settled as far back as the early Stone Age. The current complex of majestic Renaissance castle and cathedral sitting on top of Wawel Hill stands for one of the most important and most beautiful places in Poland. On the other hand, you can view the dragon’s bones in the dungeons of the castle and sit by the river watching the fire breathing dragon sculpture for a while.

If even that seems too energetic for you the wonderful Grand Square is a great place to relax with a beer and a plate of Pierogi and watch the people pass by.

One of your days in Cracow, you can visit the Kazimierz, the centuries Old Jewish Quarter of Cracow. Kaziemierz is a very lively area of Cracow, full of art galleries, kosher restaurants and regular cultural events, such as Klezmer music concerts and the famous Jewish Summer Festival.

Cracow is a perfect combination of a fun, friendly city and a lowcost destination. Everywhere is within easy walking distance or accessible through regular trams and buses. Unlike many Eastern European destinations, Cracow is a pleasure for vegetarians and the food is cheap, generously portioned and very good.

Other places you can visit include the Barbakan defensive fort, the Mariacki Church, St. Florian’s Gate and the beautiful Planty Park that surrounds the Old Town of Cracow.

Long Weekend

If you are looking for an interesting long weekend away, then a long weekend in Cracow could be the best option. A Long weekend in Cracow is more popular than ever before, enabling you to visit and enjoy the city – yet keep your costs lower than on a weeklong break.

This picturesque and historical city is situated on the Vistula River and is home to some of Poland’s most important culture, and housed within the many galleries and museums. The architecture is breathtaking, and there are many buildings that sympathetically combine the old with the new, and they are a sight to behold.

Steeped in legend and heritage, Cracow is a city where old lives happily alongside new, and ancient churches, modern bars, and clubs. A place of great restaurants, splendid open-air coffee houses, and outdoor terraces, cafe culture is alive and very well indeed. Nightlife is buzzing with pubs and clubs littering every narrow artery in the city. To make your long weekend even more cultured, Cracow is home to renowned theaters like the Slowacki where many acclaimed companies perform.

The oldest university in Poland is located in Cracow, the Jagiellonian University, and due to the 10,000 students, which study here, it is a very lively city with impressive nightlife. The main market square in the heart of the city is Rynek Glowny and offers fantastic shopping opportunities for tourists who feel the need for some shopping therapy.

The Planty is a particularly popular green parking space that completely surrounds the city and replaced the old city wall. This greenery adds an air of peace and tranquility to Cracow and is just one of the components that go into making this a great long weekend destination. And with snowy winters and mild weather the rest of the year, Cracow breaks are the perfect escape whatever the time of year.

When you visit Cracow, you will feel the energy, the atmosphere and the flavor of this medieval yet thoroughly modern city. It is ideal for a long weekend break, without the tourist hoards and high prices. Bedazzled by its art and architecture, from Baroque to Art Nouveau, Renaissance to Gothic, and by the sheer spectacle of the city.


If you are planning to spend a week in Cracow, then these architectural gems of central Europe can offer great sights that you will certainly enjoy.

After your accommodation in the hotel, stroll on the best medieval Market Square in Cracow. The square is dominated by the Sukiennice, the former Cloth Hall. During the Renaissance, Cracow was Poland’s capital and traders came from around the country to sell their wares in this stunning building. Now it’s a Mecca for tourists looking to buy affordable amber jewelry and other souvenirs.

Take a walk along the Royal Route. Royal Route leads from Barbican, trough the Main Square, to the Wawel castle. This is the most representative and popular part of the city. It shows the real atmosphere of Cracow. Every object that you will see on the way has a long history and unique character.

Also, visit one of the most beautiful districts of Cracow; the Kazimierz. This is the place, where two great cultures, Christian and Jewish mix each other. A rich history of this area left here many magnificent historical monuments, especially connected with religion. This is the only place in Poland, where you can see the church and synagogue on the same street. It makes a very interesting impression.

Also discover the legendary Wieliczka Salt Mine, one of the oldest salt mines in Europe. Along with the mine’s historical importance, its carvings of fabulous figures, monuments, and altarpieces have earned the Wieliczka Salt Mine a place on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list.

If you are a nature lover, you should visit the Cracow Botanical Garden. Unbelievable plants from all over the world will surely admire you. If you prefer to do something more relaxing you necessarily should visit Dharmata the biggest and most famous massage salon in Cracow.

To start you’re another day in Cracow visit the UNESCO-listed Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum. This sobering half-day trip will have a lasting impact, commemorating the lives of those who died in the extermination camps during the Holocaust of World War II.

Auschwitz-Birkenau is the best-known cemetery and place of genocide in the world. Started in 1940 as a concentration camp for Polish political prisoners, in 1942 the camp became a center for the extermination of European Jews.

Proceed to Birkenau, where the view from the watchtower above the entrance gate shows the forbidding expanse of the biggest Nazi concentration camp built during the Holocaust. A Martyrdom Museum was set up here in 1947, and in 1979 Auschwitz-Birkenau was added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage sites.

Day Trip

Cracow in a day trip is an unforgettable sightseeing tour around all major historic city sights, in which you will be able to admire the various historic architecture and feel the unique charm of this beautiful ancient city.

A day trip in Cracow, you will explore the enchanting streets and see monumental buildings of Cracow’s Old Town, you also will have the opportunity to visit most beautiful places of the Jewish quarter like Szeroka street, Wolnica square, and 7 synagogues and many others. Moreover, during your day trip, you can visit the former Cracow Ghetto along with visiting an Oskar Schindler’s factory where is one of the most modern in Europe multimedia exhibition titled “The occupation time – 1939-1945”.

There are various places to be seen near Cracow, suitable for one-day trips. These include the site of the notorious death camp Auschwitz of the Nazi regime. This place is just one hour drive from Cracow.

Another place for a day trip to Cracow is the town of Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. Zakopane is the biggest mountain resort on the continent north of the Alps. Every year it welcomes more than three million tourists, as it has a central location. The place features many hotels and a great choice of restaurants, pubs, and cafes, as well as night clubs.

Also ideal for a one day trip in Cracow is the Calvary Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska, which is pronounced a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The complex is more than four centuries old and it features 42 churches and chapels that come in different sizes and shapes.

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