Warsaw’s Most Recommended Places To Stay According To The Experts

A historic area with many excellent hotels Warsaw includes the most picturesque areas of the city. These hotels in Warsaw are recommended for tourists and other visitors who want to give your room a touch of charm that went from Warsaw. A very good choice as well as apartments in the old Warsaw.

New Town
In this nice, quiet neighborhood near the old town, there are several good hotels in Warsaw.

Old Town
A small, charming district of Old Town of Warsaw was a center for many centuries. There are not many hotels, but you can be sure that this apartment in Warsaw is one of the best in town. The best museums, galleries, restaurants, and pubs to be near your hotel in Warsaw, Old Town.

Royal Route
The long boulevard Royal Route links the Old Town with the former summer royal residence. Flanked by several monuments and plenty of cafes, galleries, and shops can be a very good location of your hotel in Warsaw. The hotel in this area is well connected with other districts of Warsaw.

The center of Warsaw is a live business area with many tall buildings and a wide range of hotels. Warsaw hotels offer many different accommodation options.

Northern Downtown
North Downtown is the center of the city, extending north of the Palace of Culture. There are several hotels in Warsaw exceptional in the area and new ones are being built. It can be an excellent location for your hotel in Warsaw, in the heart of the business center and near the most attractive places.

Palace of Culture
Some of the best hotels in Warsaw is in “the center of downtown, which is showed by the Palace of Culture. From each of these hotels are easy to reach any point in Warsaw, including the airport. We strongly recommend this location of the hotels in Warsaw.

Southern Downtown
South Central is the area around the impressive Palace of Culture, the main railway station, and nearby places. There are few good Warsaw hotels that offer convenient accommodation in central Warsaw, close to the communication centers and mall.

Western Downtown

The districts near the center of supply usually the quietest and lower prices of hotels in Warsaw. All hotels in Warsaw, located near the center not far away, so getting to downtown hotels in Warsaw would be very simple.

East, South, West

If you are looking for a budget hotel in Warsaw hotels considering it is outside downtown. You are likely to have a deal price at your hotel on Warsaw outskirts, but you will spend a lot of time commuting to the center. There are several special upper range hotels outside the Warsaw center.

East, West, North, South

Fryderyk Chopin Airport Okecie district is 8 miles south of the city. There are several hotels near Warsaw and a good connection and fast at the center. A hotel in Warsaw near the airport may be an option if you travel farther.

17 Stycznia
At Terminal
Zwirkl i Wigury

Warsaw agglomeration is composed of many smaller towns, located near Warsaw. Hotels in this area are very popular, although the journey to the center would take a long time.

East Hotels

In recent years, Warsaw has seen a boom in the hotel industry. Several new hotels have been built in Warsaw. Hotels in Warsaw focus on business customers, so you can save a lot by staying in a hotel in Warsaw on weekends or during tourist season (mid-June-August). Warsaw high-class hotels often give discounts and there are several very good mid-range hotel.


  • if you want to rent a room from an old woman ask if: she wants you to help her in small home works (usually old people expect help), be back home before the specific hour (before 10 pm), visits are allowed, what are hours of using kitchen and bathroom
  • if you want to live with polish students look for a flat at advertising board at the University of Warsaw and SWPS (mieszkanie studenckie means students flat)
  • if you want to live in students dormitory (akademic) as for contact at student office (be aware that sharing room with one or two people is usual; sometimes people who don’t have permission to live is dormitory live there, illegal, without paying in polish it’s called waletowanie)
  • if you want to rent a flat ask to help polish people (while renting a flat contract is not needed, don’t be afraid, usually you live without a contract – it’s cheaper).

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