What Expats Will Love About Cracow

Poland has never been a popular Expat destination, and when the country officially joined the European Union (EU) in 2004, immigration statistics skyrocketed, and the population decreased as hundreds of thousands of Poles left their homeland for greener pastures. However, Cracow has a sense of community of Expatriates.

For Expatriates and relocating employees, Cracow is an exciting Central European country. One of the 10 largest and most populous members of the European Union, Cracow offers Expats access to a historic European capital without excessive rental prices and a high cost of living. It is not difficult to meet people in Cracow, and it is easy for expatriates to connect.

Job opportunities for an Expats look to be on the constant, but those looking to relocate will still face a number of realities that can quickly move from “a challenge” to “a hardship”.

Expats will also need to prepare themselves for a relatively conservative environment; strong family values and a powerful Catholic undercurrent still dominate the social milieu.

Furthermore, with the exception of a new, vibrant youth movement, very few of the Polish residents speak English. It is possible to live in Poland without learning the language, but people over a certain age do not generally speak English. Younger Poles in the larger cities speak English. This, in particular, can complicate everything, from assimilation into the working environment to solidifying meaningful social connections.

Moreover, Cracow is trying its best to clamber onto the international stage, with a growing café culture, clubs that never close, and an increasingly cutting-edge cuisine scene. And Cracow offers a good variety and availability of housing for expatriates at reasonable prices.

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