What To Expect About Oaxaca? The Beginner’s Travel Guide

We are happy to be your Oaxaca travel guide. We will give you useful information about the state, including up-to-date content you will not find anywhere else on the Internet. The following is a brief overview of Oaxaca:

Founded in 1529 by the Spanish conquistadors, Oaxaca is the historic home of the Mixtec and Zapotec people. The state of Oaxaca is located in the southern region of Mexico, bordering Puebla and Veracruz to the north, the Pacific Ocean in the south, Chiapas to the east, and Guerrero to the west. Oaxaca city is the capital of the Oaxaca state, with a population of 800 thousand.

You will find the major attractions in the area 15 blocks around the Zocalo. It is well-known its unique colonial architectural style marked by the green stone in the large walls. You will be able to wander through the streets of the city’s historic center without any problems.

Oaxaca is one of the excellent tourist destinations in Mexico. You will find breathtaking mountains, pristine beaches, lush forest and valleys in this vast area (over 9 thousand square kilometers). It also offers colonial architecture, precolombian archeological sites, endless folklore, and century-old traditions. The serenity of distant places and the lovely subtropical climate attract most visitors to the Oaxaca Valley.

As your Oaxaca travel guide, we will help you plan your travel to this beautiful destination – from the best time to travel, getting to Oaxaca, to finding the right accommodation that suits your needs. We will also give you information about how to get around the city as well as exciting sightseeing tours. We also have listings on the most popular restaurants, bars, clubs, and markets in the city.

As your Oaxaca travel guide, we will give you everything you need to know about this cultural and historical city. Just visit our pages and we will transport you to one of the most interesting cities in the world.

If you cannot find enough information in our Oaxaca travel guide, we dought it. Feel free to visit our internet guide with many Oaxaca websites where we have made a large selection.

City Guide

Oaxaca is a Mexican state capital declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Center. If you are planning to visit the city anytime soon, here are a few more things you’d need to know about the city for a smooth-sailing trip:


To get your Visa or immigration papers for Oaxaca, the best place to go is the Mexican Consulate nearest you. The office, after you’ve completed all the documents needed to enter the country, will be the one to issue the Visa or Immigration papers.

Important Numbers

In case of emergency or any other important situations, you need to remember that the area code of the city is 951. If you are traveling outside Oaxaca, this is something you’d need to press first before the number you need to dial. The Canadian Consulate can be reached through 951/513-3777 (weekdays from 11 AM to 2 PM), while the US Consular Agency is through 951/514-3054 (daily 10 AM-3 PM).


When in Oaxaca, it is a general understanding to give tip to people giving you their service, particularly in gas stations and hotels. Cab drivers need not be given tips anymore though.

Things to Pack

As the city boasts of a moderate climate, light clothing would be appropriate to bring for most occasions. However, it would be wise to know that there are certain places in the city that may require a particular dress code. For instance, the beach and pool areas will surely require you to wear appropriate swimming attire, while small towns in the city would not appreciate people wearing suggestive clothing; in churches, Bermudas and shorts are not allowed.

Here’s a list of the things you should include in your suitcase:

  • Travel documents
  • Pocket size English/Spanish dictionary
  • Dollar bills
  • First aid kit
  • Sunblock
  • Sunglasses
  • Walking shoes/slippers
  • A good map of the city

With this list along with an adventurous spirit, you can make yourself ready for an exciting adventure to this Mexican city!

Explore Oaxaca

We design the Planning Your Trip section to help you plan your travel to Oaxaca and make the most of your vacation time. From airports, taxis, and buses to finding budget accommodation, sightseeing, and staying safe, Simply Oaxaca would not want to leave out the details of important travel information.


Oaxaca is one of the most interesting and charming holiday places in the Americas. From archeological ruins, colonial architecture, and numerous artisan villages, to world-renowned gastronomy, Oaxaca is a unique and magical place to have an unforgettable holiday experience. Here are some Oaxaca tours you may want to try.

Gastronomic tours

Your Oaxaca tours will not be complete without having a gastronomic tour. There are many organized food tours in the city, but we suggest you go for the one that offers excursions to the Abastos market. This tour will offer you the opportunity to get to know the colors and flavors of Oaxacan cuisine. The tours are often good for 4 hours and cost between $35 to $40 per person.

Half day tours

Monte Albán

Everyday, 10am – 2pm, 3pm – 6pm
$18 per person

El Tule – Teotitlán del Valle – Mitla
Everyday, 10am – 2:30pm
$18 per person

Cuilapan de Guerrero-Arrazola-Zaachila
Every Thursday, 10 am – 2:30 pm
$18 per person

Coyotepec-Santo Tomás Jalieza-Ocotlán
Every Friday, 10 am – 2:30 pm
$18 per person

El Tule-Tlacolula-Mitla
Every Sunday, 10 am – 2:30 pm
$18 per person

Full-day tours

Hierve el Agua – Mitla – Teotitlán del Valle – El Tule – Mezcal Factory
Every day, 10 am – 6 pm
$30.00 per person

Monte Albán – Arrazola – Cuilapan – Zaachila– Coyotepec
Every day, 10 am – 6 pm
$30.00 per person

The Oaxaca tours above include air-conditioned vehicles with professional and licensed sightseeing tour guides. All organized tours have a guide both in Spanish and English. Admission fees and meals are not included.

Day Tours

Aside from the top attractions and architecture sights in Oaxaca, there are also a number of interesting villages and archaeological sites around the city’s countryside. The best thing about these attractions is that most of them are easily accessible. For instance, the landmark ruins in Monte Albán and Mitla are just 30 minutes and an hour away from Oaxaca, respectively.

Visits to these places can include mini stops to some interesting villages along the way, especially if you are heading to Mitla. Many of these villages also feature small municipal museums, making your visit more enriching. The village of San José El Mogote, which is the site of the “earliest pre-Hispanic village-dweller groups” for instance, displays statues and carvings found around the town. The municipal museum of Teotitlán del Valle, on the other hand, features a display showcasing the weaving process

Going to Monte Albán, on the other hand, will be a whole new experience for you as the place offers various sights and attractions that will take your breath away. This old Zapoteca capital which sits on a hill 9km away from Oaxaca is admired for its archaeological structures, which include the Tomb 7, the ball courtaltarspyramids, and cemetery among others.

If you are staying in Oaxaca for more than a week, plotting a day tour in the city will make your itinerary even more exciting and interesting. This will not just take you to countless breathtaking attractions, but will also give you a deeper understanding of the city’s geography as well as an opportunity to get to know more locales.

Mexico Visa

Oaxaca is one of the best travel destinations in Mexico. What are the requirements when entering the country? You will need your original birth certificate or a valid passport along with a valid photo ID like a driver’s license to enter Mexico. If you are not an American or Canadian citizen, you may have other requirements like a visa. Contact a Mexican embassy or consulate near you.

You are required to have a Tourist Card if you are coming to the country by any means other than cruise ships or airlines. You will also need it if you are staying for more than 72 hours of traveling over 20 miles beyond the border.

If you are entering Mexico by cruise or plane, you will need to present your identification at the cruise/airline check-in. Once on the ship/plane, you will have to fill out two forms – one for Customs (Customs Declaration Form) and another for Immigration (Tourist Card).

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