What Travelers Loves About The Culture And Entertainment Of Rome

In our “Culture & Entertainment” section, you will have a glimpse of what the past, present, and future of Rome is all about. The architecture of the city itself is living proof of its colorful past – so having a tour of the city will already give you a feel of the Roman culture.

Now, when it comes to culture and entertainment, you can take your pick from visiting the Roman forum or having a tour of the museums. Have an unforgettable night at the opera when you go to the Teatro dell’ Opera. Or, you can soak in a bit of the local culture by mingling with the people at night – sample drinks from different bars or dance the night away from the disco or bar of your choice.


Your tour of Rome will be incomplete without visiting its magnificent museums.  You will be overwhelmed by the antiquity and majesty of the artifacts and artworks that you can find in any Rome museum.

That is why you have to make it a point to set specific schedules for your museum visits while in Rome.   In this way, you will be able to bring back a piece of history with you at the end of your Roman adventure.

The Rome Museum System

To make your museum tour more pleasant, you have to understand the basic museum system of Rome.  Because there are lots of museums you can visit in Rome, it would be best for you to understand its different museum categories.

Rome’s museum system will also enable you to choose which museum matches your interest.  Basically, the museums in Rome are organized into the following categories or groups:

1.  The Archeologico Group – You will be able to see the archeological heritage of Rome and the world in these museums.  There are numerous ancient artifacts to see in these museums.

You can also see the architectural grandeur of ancient Rome when you visit its archeological museums.  If you fancy the ancients and breathtaking architecture, then a visit to these museums is a must.

2.  Contemporaneo and Moderno Group – If you are fond of contemporary and modern art, then these museums are perfect for you.  You will be able to view the masterpieces of the most famous Italian artists as well as world masters in these museums.

3.  Scientifico Museums – If you are a science and natural history buff, you will surely enjoy the science museums of Rome.  You will be enthralled by the excellent digital technology employed in the Roman Planetarium.
The science museums of Rome will also walk you through the different species of life on earth.  Preserved animals and plant life are available for you to see.

You will surely have a grand time taking a walk through history.  The museums of Rome offer variety so you can choose which one would be best for you.

Of course, if you have more time to spare, it is advisable that you visit all museums of Rome to really enjoy your stay in this majestic city.

Things You Need to Know When Visiting Museums

There are standard policies you have to follow when you are inside one of Rome’s museums.  Some museums have special rules so you have to know these before your visit.

The following guidelines are generally applied in every Rome museum:

  1. You cannot use cameras with flash and tripods especially when you are in the antiquity art sections.
  2. You will not be allowed to use camcorders or video equipment inside the museums.  This is also applicable to any special exhibitions that might be taking place.
  3. You cannot eat or drink inside a Rome museum.  This rule seeks to protect the valuable items displayed in a Roman museum.
  4.  You cannot bring umbrellas, pets, big bags and backpacks in any museum in Rome.  Smoking inside museums is also prohibited.

Visiting any Rome museum is a rewarding experience.  If you visit Rome, you should place a museum tour on top of your vacation priorities.


No other city in the world can you see a comprehensive mix of different architectural styles.  Ancient Rome architecture, medieval, neo-classical, and contemporary building designs are regular features of Rome cityscape.

That is why if you visit Rome, you will get a complete course on western architecture simply by visiting different places in the city.  It is also best if you join several guided tours of the city to understand Rome Architecture.

Innovations of Rome Architecture

The ancients Romans borrowed considerably from Greek architecture.  You can easily notice the Greek influences on ancient temples and buildings in Rome.

If you notice the imposing arches and the unique designs of Roman columns, then you are viewing the innovations made by the ancient Romans.

These arches, which you can still see at the Colosseum, aqueducts, and fortifications, are the unique characteristics of Rome architecture.

Impressive Architecture of Rome

You can see some of the world’s most outstanding and enduring buildings in Rome.  These buildings will never fail to impress you.  That’s because Rome architecture always combines an extraordinary feat of engineering as well as elegance.  There is no building in Rome that will not take your breath away.

1.  The Pantheon

This is the most complete ancient architecture of Rome.  This is a massive temple dedicated to the Olympian gods.

When you enter the Pantheon, you can instantly see the perfect symmetry of its spherical interior.  There is also no light source from the inside aside from the opening at the center of its massive dome.

2.  The Roman Forum

You will only see parts of the Roman Forum today.  However, you can easily notice the excellent designs of its massive columns which are similar to the Pantheon.

3.  The Aqueducts

You can still see some sections of the Roman aqueducts today.  If you will look closely, the arches dominate the structure of the Roman aqueducts.  You can see this design style in modern bridges and in some modern public buildings.

4.  Roman Amphitheaters

The most massive amphitheater you can see in Rome is the Colosseum.  This is a great testament on the architectural feat of the Romans.

Classical and Contemporary Rome Architecture

If you visit the many piazzas in Rome, you will see several classical and contemporary architectural designs.

Each piazza or public square in Rome always has a dominating building surrounded by other majestic structures.  If you stand in the middle of a Roman piazza, you will be literally surrounded by beautiful buildings.

The architectural layout of the public squares of Rome will always have a massive public fountain.  If you visit the Trevi Fountain, you can witness the perfect mix of baroque architecture and neo-classical designs.

When you visit Rome, you will not only enjoy the sights and the lively atmosphere in the city.  You can also learn a lot about ancient Rome architecture as well as contemporary architectural designs.

The monuments, temples, and public structures inside the city are living treasures that highlight the greatness of Rome’s architecture.


Do you want to experience how Romans celebrate their festivals?  Attending a Rome festival will surely be an unforgettable experience for you.  So, if you are planning to visit Rome, make sure that you schedule it to coincide with one of the many Rome festivals celebrated annually.

During a Rome festival, you will be able to feel its deep religious heritage.  On the other hand, there are also secular festivals where you can have fun all day long.

The Romans organize their festivals all year round.  Whether you visit during summer, winter, or spring, there is surely a festival waiting for you.

Here are some of the most famous Rome festivals you should not miss.  Participating in these events will definitely complete your Roman vacation.

The Summer Festivals of Rome

1.  Estate Romana – You can enjoy an entire summer of fun and merry-making during the Estate Romana Festival.  You will be able to participate in outdoor street dancing and watch street performances of different dance troupes from around the world.

You can also catch world-class theater presentations and outdoor theatrical acts during the Estate Romana festival.  If you go to Rome during the months of June to September, you will surely enjoy this cultural and artistic festival.

During the Estate Romana, you can also visit new expositions and traveling museum exhibitions.  Artists from around the world converge in Rome during the Estate Romana.

2.  The Noantri Festival – You can easily feel the mixture of religious and secular merrymaking during this Rome festival.  The Noantri has deep religious roots and you can participate in the procession in honor of Vergine del Carmine.

You can also partake in daily food and drink expositions that usually punctuate street merrymaking.  You can participate in this festival towards the end of July.

Rome Autumn Festivals

1.  Roma Europa – You can enjoy this Rome festival for an entire month.  The festival usually starts in September.  So, after you enjoy the summer festival, another seasonal festival is waiting for you.

Roma Europa festival is primarily a cultural celebration.  You can enjoy excellent theater presentations and concerto during the entire month of September.  You will be able to see the greatest European performers on stage.  You can also watch a performance of a world theater organization during the Roma Europa Festival.

2.  Roman Antique Festival – If you are an antique lover, then you will surely enjoy a bonanza of antique items during this Festival.   Almost all antique shops and dealers in Rome will participate in this festival.  You can surely find a good bargain for antique items for the entire duration of the festival.

Winter and Spring Festival

You can participate in New Year merry making during the Capodanno Festival.  You can also take part in the procession along the catacombs of Rome before the clock signals the New Year fireworks display.

During spring, you will be able to enter all Rome museums for free when the Cultural Festival starts.  This is a secular festival where you can marvel at the work of arts inside Rome museums.

You will certainly enjoy your stay in Rome if you can participate in its festivals.  A Rome festival is known for its grand merrymaking and deep religious tones.

Music in Rome

The Roman music scene is extremely vibrant and intensely active. You will be able to catch one or two musical extravaganza while you are in Rome. That’s because the city hosts numerous concertos and music festivals throughout the year.

You will be able to enjoy almost all music genres in Rome. If you love the classics, there is always a concerto going on in the city. Pop and rock music are also alive in Rome. In fact, some of the biggest international concerts, world tours, and music gatherings always find a venue in Rome.

Here are some of the most dazzling events and festivals where you can fully enjoy the Rome music scene.

1. May Day Musical

Local Roman citizens always anticipate this extraordinary May Day musical extravaganza. You can watch the annual May Day Musical every first of May.

You will be able to see local Italian artists and international musicians perform live under the warm Roman night. Go to the Piazza San Giovanni where the musicians will perform.

2. Dolce Vita Jazz Festival

Are you a Jazz fanatic? Then you will surely have your fill of all-night Jazz music during the Dolce Vita Jazz Festival. This is also a May event but festival organizers sometimes schedule the show in early June.

You will be able to watch and enjoy the music of more than 60 Jazz artists and bands on the festival day. You can watch the concert at Rome’s Auditorium Music Park.

3. Festival of Latin American Music

If you visit Rome in summer, you will surely enjoy this music festival. The Latin American Music Festival runs from June to August. Famous Latin American artists and Italian Latin bands perform nightly near Rome’s Hippodrome. You can also enjoy the abundant drinks and food available during the concerts.

4. Rome Hip-Hop Parade

This is the newest addition to the Roman music scene. If you love hip-hop and funky music, then this festival is the best for you.

You can enjoy the Hip-Hop Parade for an entire week in June. Street dancing, hip-hop music, and merrymaking are regular features of this Festival. You can also watch the Hip-Hop dance competition at the Rome Olympic Theater.

5. When Rome Meets the World

This is one of the most important musical events in the city of Rome. This is a prestigious international gathering of musicians performing at the Villa Ada, one of Rome’s most beautiful parks.

You can watch this international concert in the summer. Several presentations will be available for the public from the months of June until August. This is a must-see event in Rome. You should not miss this musical event when you visit Rome during the summer.

6. Opera Festival of Rome

If you love to hear the powerful voices of Italian tenors and sopranos, then you should not miss this Festival. You can watch concertos of different classical orchestras as well as vocalists at the Colosseum.

Rome’s music scene is alive and very active throughout the year. You will be able to watch stunning performances of world musicians in several beautiful concert houses, parks, and piazzas of Rome.

Performing Arts

Cinema, theatre, opera, classical music – aside from the age-old architecture and the living, breathing museum that is Rome – the Eternal City is also a premier spot for the  Rome performing arts.

How Alive is the Performing Arts Scene in Rome?

A lot of people consider Italy to be a melting pot of all types of ancient and modern art. You’d think that a nation who is in love with the game of football would have no time anymore to appreciate the finer aspects of the art world – but this is not the case at all.

More than any other culture in the world, Romans are the type of people who still enjoy traditional cultural events, art events, the performing art in general.  The good thing about this passion of Romans when it comes to art is that they get to touch base with Italy’s artistic heritage.

Your visit to Rome will never be complete without witnessing for yourself how a real, live Italian opera goes.  Fortunately for the tourists who visit Rome, there’s no excuse for them to not have a taste of Rome’s performing arts because there are events that they can attend no matter what time of the year it is.

Rome Performing Arts: Numerous Presentations to Enjoy throughout the Year!

Here’s a sampling of the musical and visual delights that the Rome performing arts industry has to offer:

– Get a dose of classical music by visiting Rome’s many churches.  There’s a host of choral, organ and chamber recitals that you can witness – most of them you do not even have to pay for.

– Another venue for the true blue classical music is at the Auditorium of Rome, specifically the Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia.

– If you’re pumping to hear some jazz and blues while enjoying a night under the Roman skies, visit the Villa Celimontana which plays hosts to budding musicians.

– Local concerts also abound at the Via Dei Greci 18 and at the Piazza del Campidoglio.

– The Janiculum Hall is where the Teatro di Pulcinella Puppets are showcased.

– If you want to have a taste of the opera, visit the Teatro dell’ Opera. During the winter, the shows are held at the Via Firenze and during the summer, they’re held at the Villa Borghese Park.

– You can get to enjoy the local theatre at Miracle Players.

– During the month of July, there are a lot of music festivals that you can participate in.  There’s independent music, opera, jazz and almost every other type of music that you can ask for.

– Finally, if you are looking forward to watching English movies, look for the “VO” or version originale before the title of the film. The Metropolitan and Warner Village Moderno are the cinema venues in Rome.

As you can see, the Roman performing arts are pleasantly alive.  Again, your visit to the Eternal City will never be complete unless you’ve had a taste of what the local performing arts scene has to offer – so make sure to catch a performance during one of your visits to Rome!

Rome for Kids

Would you like to give your children the learning experience of a lifetime?  If you do, going on a tour of Rome with your kids is one of the best options that you have.

Sure, the Eternal City may not be considered to be a very kid-friendly alternative, but if you do your research – you are bound to come up with fun activities that the entire family will enjoy.

There may not be a lot of high-tech attractions that will grab the attention of children – but lots of pizza, pasta dishes and gelato should be enough to get them to come along!

Explore Rome with Kids:  The Top Kid-friendly Tourist Spots in Rome

So what are the top tourist spots in Rome that you can explore with a bunch of kids in tow? Prepare for the ultimate challenge of discovering Rome as you explore the following places which are kid-friendly:

– The Trevi Fountain
Legend has it that dropping a coin at the Trevi Fountain will ensure that you will come back to Rome.  You can visit this top tourist spot, which is also kid-friendly, before or after dinner.

If you will go to the Trevi Fountain after dinner, make sure to give them a treat of the excellent gelato which is sold across from the fountain.  What kid could resist the lure of throwing coins in the fountain, with a sweet treat to boot?

– Ancient Rome
Go into an all-day excursion of ancient Rome, where your kids can learn a bit of history by touring the Roman and Imperial Forums.  Other good places to stop by include the Colesseum, the Roman Forum and the ruins of ancient Rome.

– Vatican City
Watch your kids’ eyes grow wide with delight – especially the slightly older ones – at the sight of Michaelangelo’s famous ceiling frescoes when you visit the Vatican.  It doesn’t matter what your religious background is, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican Museums are great sights to explore on their own.

– Catacombs
Both young and old kids will have a blast exploring the ‘cool’ underground catacombs which are similar to burial mazes.  Also, the good thing about exploring the catacombs is that they’re close to the central park in Rome – giving them a nice break from all the historical sightseeing.

– The Piazzas
No visit to Rome will ever be complete without stopping by one of the many piazzas scattered across the length and breadth of the city.  At the Piazza Navona, for example, there are sketch artists, fountains, sculptures and sidewalk cafes for those who need a break.

– Explora
This is a children’s museum in Rome which is suitable for kids 12 and below.

– Bocca Della Verità
This is the legendary “Mouth of Truth”. Legend has it that when you stick your hands in the mouth of the stone face and you’re a liar, your hand will be gobbled up.  Kids will have a good time checking whether the legend is true or not.

When exploring Rome with kids, make sure to know in advance which sights are suitable for families with kids.

Despite its reputation for being a romantic honeymoon spot, there’s still a lot going for families who want to explore Rome in all its kid-friendly glory.


Rome dining places are known for their excellent cuisines.  When you are in Rome, you should not worry about food.  Your gastronomic juices will surely flow because the place is literally overwhelmed by every type of restaurant.

Here is a simple guide which you can use if you want to discover what Rome has to offer for your stomach:

Learn the Basics

When dining in Rome, you need not worry about language barriers.  All waiters and food attendants in this city can converse in English.  Typically, you may see a German or Swiss customer conversing in English with an Italian waiter.

English is generally used in Rome as a second language. However, it is better if you can learn some basic restaurant phrases for ordering food and asking for your bill.

When you dine out in Rome, a table will typically have a small basket of bread.  This will be included in your final bill which usually costs 2 Euros.  Tipping is also customary in Rome.  You should not forget to provide a tip for the waiter.

Rome Dining Choices:  Selecting the Ambiance

The entire city of Rome is replete with diners and restaurants.  You can choose different places where you can enjoy different dining ambiance.

Beers and Pizzas

If you want to enjoy a night of youthful merrymaking, you can dine out in the area of Campo de Fiori.  You can find inexpensive diners and pubs here serving cold beers and hot pizzas.

This is a pretty crowded area but you can surely enjoy the company of young Romans, students, and young tourists.  As the night deepens, you can hang out on the street and join the multitude of young people watch other people pass by.

Dine with Performers

If you want to eat and watch street performances, then the Piazza Navona area should be your top destination.  Here you can find inexpensive bars and pubs with outdoor tables.  You can order pasta, beer, or wine and watch different performance art happening on the street.

Ethnic Cuisines

If you want to taste other food varieties, then you can go to the Esquilino area south of the Termini.  You can find different kinds of bakeries and diners here serving international ethnic foods.  The prices are also reasonable.

You can taste Asian, African and Indian cuisines in this area while enjoying the company of local Romans and immigrants.

Budget Foods

If you are short in cash already, then the area around the Termini station has lots of inexpensive diners and pubs.  Even regular restaurants here can provide you with excellent food at very affordable prices.

Traditional Roman Foods

You have to try going to Trastevere to taste the mouth-watering dishes prepared by family-run restaurants.  In this area outside of Rome central, you can partake in sumptuous dinner consisting of traditional Roman foods.

There are also small bars and inns in this area where you can enjoy cool music and the perfect wine.

Rome dining should not concern you at all because there are literally hundreds of Roman pubs and restaurants within and outside the city center.  You can surely enjoy inexpensive but delicious food in several Rome dining places.


Travelers who get weary after a long day of touring a vibrant city like Rome has one thing to look forward to at the end of the day: Rome nightlife.

The “Eternal City” has a lot to offer when it comes to nightlife.  There are a lot of local hangouts, bars, and pubs that you can visit if you would like to unwind at the end of the day.

Why Not Spend a Relaxing Evening after a Day of Touring Rome?

First-time visitors to Rome may find themselves drained of energy after an entire day of sightseeing.  But instead of locking yourself up in your hotel room to rest, why not spend a relaxing evening visiting one of the many local spots in Rome?

You should have plenty of time to rest because the nightlife in Rome starts at about half-past nine – sometimes even ten in the evening.  After having your dinner in a cozy Italian restaurant, you can start thinking about where you want to go next.  Your choice extends to the different bars, clubs, pubs, and discos spread across the city.

What are the Best Rome Nightlife Spots to Visit?

First up, let us take a look at some of the hotspots for a buzzing night spent in Rome:

1. Nightlife at the Piazza Navona and Via Della Pace
The area surrounding these two famous Italian spots come alive at night.  Here is where you can get to enjoy some fine wine and be amazed at the labyrinth of alleys at Italy’s famous cobblestone streets.

2. San Lorenzo
This is the place in Rome where the young generation hang out since it is located at Italy’s main university. There are a lot of pubs in the San Lorenzo area.

3.  Campo De Fiori
If you’re looking for somewhere that’s loud, fun and where you can get to meet a bunch of other tourists, the Campo De Fiori is the place for you.

4. Freni E. Frizioni
This is where you will get to meet a lot of young Romans, the bar is always browded and the food is sumptuous.

5.  Societe Lucete
Want to sip a mojito while gorging on a small plate-sized pizza?  The Societe Lucete serves this – and more.  If you’re still feeling restless late into the night, you can proceed to the Piazza Montvecchio.

6. Piazza delle Coppelle
If you’re looking forward to partying till the break of dawn, the Piazza delle Coppelle is the place to see and be seen.

7. Other Rome Nightlife Hot Spots

The Supper ClubCrudo, Enoteca FerrazzaGilda, Goa, and Trastevere are some of the other hot spots in Rome which are worth a visit.

To cap the night off, you can stop for a cornetto and drink a cup of hot cappuccino on the way to your hotel.  There are a lot of coffee bars that are open until dawn that serve coffee and mouthwatering, sweet treats.

As you can see, you will not be lacking for things to do when visiting this capital of Italy, so enjoy Rome nightlife to the fullest – no matter how long or short your stay is!


There are many sights to see in Roman Capital, but there is also some great shopping to do. Rome shopping cannot be beaten especially if you want to score some great bargains. Whether you want a market type of luxury boutique, Rome shopping certainly has something for everyone.

High-end fashion is always a good choice when in Rome. If you want big labels, you should go around the area of Piazza di Spagna before the others. Here, you will see the great designers such as GucciPradaValentinoFendi and Costume Nacional.

These stores are of course quite pricey, but if you want the costly side of Rome this is where you should head. Even if you simply window shop, you will have a great time. You will be able to see the latest collections of these labels before any other person from where you came from.

A Luxury Alternative

Of course, paying for full price is not as tempting as getting the luxury brands for half off. If you want to get the pricey goods at less than half at the retail, head on to TAD outlet. This outlet is located in Via San Giacomo. It may be a bit of travel from the city, but the goods that you will find there will be worth the trek and worth the savings.

If uniqueness in Rome shopping is what you crave, there are plenty of cute boutiques to look at. For the originality of style, you should go and visit Piazza Navona. This area has an interesting mix of budding designers, and one of the kind boutique collections.

Aside from Piazza Navona, have your fill of Roman fashion originality at Campo de Fiori and also the place called Trastevere. Here, immerse yourself in one of a kind jewelry as well as housewares that are to die for. The collection of shoes and women’s accessories is also quite worth the peek.

For vintage good and charming second-hand clothes, head on to Via del Governo in Piazza Navona and also the Monti district. Someone of a kind vintage good can be found here and you can pick up some funky items as tokens for when you get home.

If high fashion is not in your budget, do check out the high street section. Rome shopping will not be complete without a visit to Via del Corso, a place that has enough stores to suit everyone’s budget. You will come face to face with the best of the trends and the most amazing prices as well.

In Via del Corso, you can browse through the wide selection of the Spanish import Zara as well as Benetton and Etam and even the popular Sport staff. More midrange labels will be discovered by you if you go to the Termini Shopping Forum. This place has a lot of reasonable prices and even beauty products abound.

Via del Corso is in fact frequented by the young locals themselves. This is where they get the best of Italian fashion without sacrificing their allowances. If you want to copy their look and channel it back home, this is the place to go.


As an ancient civilization, the Romans definitely have gone neck on neck with the Greeks when it comes to sports. But even after several thousands of years, it can be said that the Romans are as buff as ever. Rome sports are alive and as varied today as they were in the past.

The Many Faces of Roman Sports – Diversity in Physical Action

Top on the list of sports played by the Romans includes Rugby. Since male Romans are descendants of a brave, noble and fearless people, Rugby is an ideal Rome sport to engage in because of the testosterone-laden nature of the sport. Rugby is great because for a lot of Romans it shows their masculinity.

Rugby is an exciting Rome sport to watch, especially since all the players are truly into the game. If you want to play rugby with a Roman, you would best practice long and hard. After all, they are fiercely competitive by nature.


Yet another thrilling sport played by the Romans is Tennis. These people can hold their own in the faces of individuals such as Andre Agassi or Steffi Graf. Tennis is a sport favored by both men and women in Rome.

Rome sports would never be complete without tennis. It comes as no surprise then why most schools have it in the curriculum and why provisions for tennis can be seen in most towns. It is a sport that fosters competitive friendships that are strengthened with every smack of the racket.

Football Frenzy

And with the Italian Football League up and about, Romans are all about football. Virtually every Roman, at some point in his life, would think about how it would be to play professional football. Romans are very passionate about this Rome sport because it is deeply ingrained in their culture for such a long time now.

Football season or not, a kick on the soccer ball or two will be seen in every street. Almost all Roman children have some form of football training because it is a very popular Rome sport. Indeed, it comes as no surprise why the Italian team is strong in international competitions.

Sports from The Past

And just like their rivals the Greeks, Rome sports are made richer by the marathon. Adept at running and are able to sustain winds for many distances, the marathon is the ideal sport for the Roman who wants to display his endurance.

The marathon is an important component of Rome sports because of the rich culture and history behind it. As such, it is quite an honor for the family if one member turns out to be a good marathoner. Even better, the marathoner who brings home a medal or two is heralded as a champion.

Sports truly are in the heart of every Roman. It goes to show how committed these people are to staying healthy and staying fit while having fun doing so.
Sports in Rome are quite varied that one might have a hard time choosing which one to play. The important thing is to try them all out and see for yourself which one could be the best. Indeed, the fun really is in trying out the different sports in case you feel you would not be able to choose one and call it your own.


When staying in a lovely city like Rome, do you usually bother sticking to your usual fitness routine, just like what you are doing while at home? If the answer is yes,  do not worry because you are not alone. Most travelers find a suitable excuse to get out of their typical workout routine while they are on the road.

But what if you are out on the road for the most part of the year?  In this case, it is not advisable to ditch your regular workout routine.  Staying fit in spite of your busy schedule on the road is the key if you want to remain lean, healthy and happy.

Rome Fitness: Ways to Stay Fit While Traveling to the Eternal City

After basking in the sights, eating tons of pizza, pasta, and gelato and sampling a bit of the local culture in Rome, you should not forget to still go about your fitness routine.

The good thing about sticking to your fitness routine when in Rome is that when you use walking as a means to work out, the living and breathing museum which is the Eternal City can serve as a very big fitness center, with the bonus of having an amazing view!

Aside from walking, what are the other things that you can do to stay fit while traveling to the Eternal City? The first thing that you need to remember is that you do not need to stick to your regular workout routine while traveling.

If back home, you are doing big exercises to work out a particular muscle group – you can go lighter on the exercises while traveling.   If you do not feel like roaming around the city for your regular workout routine, you can just stay in your hotel room and do some exercises. Use the DVD player provided by the hotel and put on a workout disk, or just put on some music and dance it away!

What’s important is that you are squeezing in some workout time and you are not totally sedentary while traveling to a lovely city like Rome.

Rome Fitness: Hotels with Fitness Centers in Rome

Now, if having a pretty good fitness center facility is important for you, remember that there are a lot of hotels in Rome which offer the use of fitness centers.

To make booking easy for you, here is a list of some of the hotels which offer guests the use of their fitness centers and gyms:

  • Ars Hotel
  •  Black Hotel
  •  Boscolo Hotel Exedra
  •  Four Points Sheraton Roma
  •  Grand Hotel de la Minerve
  •  Grand Hotel Parco Dei Principi
  •  Grand Hotel Tiberio
  •  Hotel Aldrovandi Palace
  •  Hotel Eden
  •  Hotel de Russie
  •  Hotel Raphael
  •  Hotel Raganelli
  •  Hassler Villa Medici
  • Leon’s Place Hotel
  •  Marriott Grand Hotel Flora
  •  Mancini Park Hotel
  •  Maison Giulia
  •  Rome Cavalieri
  •  St. Regis Grand Hotel
  •  Trilussa Palace Hotel Congress & Spa

With these Rome fitness centers located right inside the hotels and the many other workout alternatives that you can perform while visiting the Eternal City – there’s no excuse for you to not stick with your exercise routine anymore!

Rome for Free

You can fully enjoy Rome for free.  The eternal city offers numerous attractions that you can see without spending a cent.  In fact, you can simply wander along the historical streets of Rome and you can still enjoy the sights and sounds of the City.

At a glance, here are the sites in Rome you can see for free:

1.  Trevi Fountain
2.  Spanish Steps
3.  Mouth of Truth
4.  Capitoline Hill
5.  Colosseum
6.  Piazza Navona
7.  Pantheon
8.  Castel Sant’Angelo
9.  St. Peter’s Basilica

If you want to enjoy free viewing of intricately designed mosaics, sculptures, old paintings, and religious relics, just visit any church in Rome.  All church in this magnificent city is free for the public.

Rome for Free during Cultural Week

If you are on a budget while traveling to Rome, it is best if you can schedule your trip during the Cultural Week.  This celebration usually happens in the first week of April.

Almost all museums, monuments, and buildings in the entire city will be available for you for free during the Cultural Week.  You can also catch free theater shows, fashion shows, and performance art on the streets of Rome.

Top Free Attractions and Activities in Rome

1.  Vatican Museum

If you want to gain free access to the Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel, you must visit these sites during the last Sundays of every month.

You can also get free access under the Vatican and see the excavations there once the Vatican takes a vacation.  You need to place a reservation though to be included in the free trip.

2. Appia Antica

You may also get a free guided tour of the Appia Antica.  This is the old road outside of Rome and during Sundays, cars and public vehicles are banned on this street.

You will be able to see antique artifacts and carvings along the way as well as ancient landmarks and ruins.  A Sunday walk at the Appia Antica is a good time to enjoy a lazy stroll.

3.  Largo Argentina

If you want to go to the place where Julius Caesar was assassinated, you have to visit the ruins at Largo Argentina.  The place is populated by cats now but you will also see the old columns of ancient temples.

You can also see the ruins of the Pompey Theater here as well as the old bathhouses.  You have to take several bus rides to get to the place.

Citizens of the European Union below 18 years old or over 65 years old have the privilege of accessing most Roman museums and monuments for free.  So, if you belong to this demographic, you will definitely enjoy the full magnificence of Rome for free.

You do not have to worry if you travel to Rome on a budget.  There are many attractions, events, festivities, and places in Rome that you can enjoy for free.  So it is perfectly okay to simply bring your backpack and explore the wonders of Rome for free.  Simply walking along its historical districts will make your travel really meaningful.


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