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Oslo: Reasons and When To Visit

Here is a helpful travel guide to what you should know when you are planning to visit the capital and largest city of Norway, Oslo.

Why visit Oslo?

In 2003, Oslo received The European Sustainable City Award and in 2007, Reader’s Digest ranked Oslo as the second city in the world with the greenest, most livable city. And for several years now, Oslo has been listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world. Aside from its breathtaking scenery, Oslo’s cityscape is a mixture of modern architecture, financial district, extensive metro-system, shipping ports, and cultural city. It also houses a large number of parks and green areas great for outdoor activities. It’s like living in the best of both worlds – – a modern and at the same time a nature-friendly world.

When is the best time to come?

Although Oslo’s into northern latitude, the city’s climate is relatively mild thanks to warm air being blown across the Atlantic from the Gulf Stream. Summer weather in Oslo is mild and pleasant, best for recreational activities in the park, strolling on museums and galleries, hikes in the forest and swimming in the fjord. Biologists, environmentalists, and nature lovers can also use these long sunny days to visit the various flora and fauna in the mountains and forests that surround the city. Winter in Oslo is cold and snowy. In this season, people in the city usually enjoy skiing and other winter sports. And they don’t need to go far to do this because they can ski literally in the cultural center in the metro, the Holmenkollen. Rainfall, on the other hand, is spread across the year, with the rainiest month in August.

Who should visit Oslo?

Everybody is encouraged to visit Oslo. Given that family, values are taken seriously here, and Norway’s social programs are mainly woman- and family-friendly. They can visit a lot of museums and galleries that range from cheap to free entrance fee. Many of these museums and galleries are also walking distance from each other which makes them time-efficient to visit. In addition to that are castles and other Viking artifacts that are preserved within the city. Aside from its breathtaking scenery and historical artifacts, Oslo offers several parks and recreational activities that anyone can participate in.

Although Oslo is a modern city, the surrounding is clean and favorable for outdoor activities. What could best attest that Oslo is a good place to visit is a large number of business people and tourists visiting this city every year.


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