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When to Go and the Reasons to Visit Dublin Based On Travel Experts

In recent years, Dublin has become a popular holiday hotspot. Why not? Almost everything a tourist could ask for is here: stunning scenery, rich history, warm locals, and great beer. And too often, the difficult part of the travel is coming up with a Dublin itinerary. Below are suggested Dublin itineraries, depending on the length of your stay:

1-3 days


Spend the weekend in Dublin and you will see, even for a short time, what the fuss is all about. The city is just crazily fantastic, with its fun-loving people, beautiful architecture, the energetic party life, and other wonderful attractions. Here are some activities we suggest you do:

Watch the sunset at River Liffey

Dublin’s compact center is found right at the mouth of the River Liffey. This area is a magnet that attracts young people from all over the world, imbuing it with an international and modern finish. Watch the sunset over the Ha’penny Bridge and you will find yourself brimming with emotions.

Long Weekend

If you are looking for an atmospheric and charming city with a curious history, spend your long weekend in Dublin, Ireland. This is the perfect city to experience the quintessential Irish charm. Explore Ireland’s capital for a long weekend and see how life is along the Liffey River.

Begin your Dublin sightseeing tours after breakfast. Headfirst to Upper O’Connell Street, and this will take you to more than 10 Dublin sights for about an hour. You can also hop on and off on an open-top bus at any point in your tour. This is perfect if you prefer to explore the city at your own time and pace.

Scare yourself in Dublin. The Ghost bus Tour is great if you want to experience some gruesome storytelling. Want to learn some body-snatching techniques? Go to O’Connell Street in St Kevin’s Graveyard. Also head to St. Audoen’s and the 40 Steps. You will be surprised that Dracula was a Dublin homeboy.

Visit the South Coast for a grand introduction to the city’s stunning southern coast. See the Dun Laoghaire promenade, James Joyce’s Sandycove tower, Wicklow Mountains, the amazing Powerscourt Estate, and the picturesque Enniskerry Village.

Do not fail to visit major Dublin museums. See the Caravaggio and Picasso collections at the famed National Gallery and be blown away by the National Museum’s Celtic Gold collection. Do not miss out on the Museum of Modern Art and the Natural History Museum. Also, Look around the Old Jameson and Guinness Storehouse.

Visit Dublin Zoo, go for a Liffey River cruise, and do not forget to visit Kilmainham Goal. O’Connell Street is a great place if you want to learn about the momentous Easter Uprising. We suggest that you spend your Sunday morning with a visit to Trinity College, Dublin Castle, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Christ Church Cathedral.

Dublin Zoo Elephants


If you are looking for a European city to spend a week, Dublin is THE city. It is fun. It sparkles with numerous attractions. And best of all, beer is flowing. Here are some tips to have a great week in Dublin, Ireland:

The must-sees might include the following: Dublin Castle, Christ Church Cathedral, Grafton Street, Dublinia (medieval Dublin), Irish Film Centre, and St. Stephen’s Green. Other top Dublin attractions include the following: the National Museum, the Museum of Natural History, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, and the Kilmainham Jail.

Also, do not miss the world-renowned Guinness Brewery, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Phoenix Park. Visit the Abbey Theater, the Temple Bar Area, and Brazen Head (the oldest pub in the city). Of course, your Dublin itinerary should include Trinity College, where you can see the ancient Book of Kells. These sights are near the city center, so it is like hitting many birds with one stone.


Summer is the best time to go to Dublin. Although the city is wet and cold most of the year, the summer months are very pleasant. Your Dublin summer vacation would be a memorable one as the city offers the most beautiful sights you will ever see and the greatest experience you will ever have.

Walking Dublin’s streets is a great way to feel out the city and the fun-loving Dubliners. Wander into the stores, dodge the traffic, stroll down alleys, strike up conversations with people at a nice pub, and speak with old gentlemen on the bridge overlooking the River Liffey. Feel the heartbeat of the city. It has its own body and blood, a unique personality.

Consider these possibilities in spending your Dublin summer: a survey of historical sites, brisk walks in parks and gardens for health buffs, appreciation of literary Dublin, awesome views of the coast and hills, and a leisurely walk that lets you look at the daily life in the ‘burbs.

Also, trek around Dublin castles and down waterways. When your feet give up, you can always hail a cab or hop on and off rapid transportation. Some tourists prefer to take a bus tour on their first day to get their bearing.


Those who spend Dublin winter are keen to raise a glass of Guinness and toast this millennium-old city synonymous with the joviality of the Irish tradition and culture. Dublin may be a bit down-at-the-heels in some areas, but the city remains the embodiment of the quintessential Irish spirit.

Most of the foreign tourists flock to Dublin from the month of May to August, a shameless testimonial to the bliss in Dublin during the damp and dark winter. The winter season is very unpopular for most travelers. It rains, it is cold, and it is raw. What’s more, there are only around 8 hours of light every day. But Dublin in winter is a good time to go to the city.

From an economic perspective, winter is your best bet to enjoy Dublin. From January to February, and sometimes from March to April, airfares hit rock bottom. You will be surprised at the much cheaper winter hotel rates. In addition, booking the best room, always a nightmare in summer, is fast and easy. Also, Dublin clubs and restaurants are not crowded with tourists.

Your Dublin winter vacation will definitely give you a memorable experience. The notoriously short days and the terrible weather give you all the reasons to visit the museums, bookstores, theaters, and pubs best of all. There is no better place to be in Dublin, particularly during the winter season, than a pub.

Have a good drink to experience Dublin pub life. But you can still enjoy it even if you are not into drinking beer. The Dubliners value great conversation so much that very few pubs in the city have TVs. Yes, locals and tourists go to Dublin pubs to drink, but more so to engage in a fun talk. Dublin pubs radiate a character that their European and American counterparts lack.

Never fear if you suddenly see a leprechaun after having a few pints of beer in a pub as it is part of the Dublin winter magic.

When to Visit Dublin

Visit Dublin to see for yourself its beautiful museums and churches, its striking castles, and the magnificent Georgian architecture, Dublin definitely will not disappoint. Enjoy the city’s colorful shops and lively nightlife and you will yourself having the time of your life. Dublin vacations can be very exciting and vibrant. But you will enjoy the city more if you know when to go to Dublin.


Weather is one of the most important factors tourists consider when they go to Dublin. For one, the city has unpredictable weather. Locals carry umbrellas even if the weather is sunny as rain showers come at unexpected times.

The driest time of year is February from July, with an average of around 2 in/5 cm of rain each month. The month of December is often the wettest. The good month to go to the city in August, where the sun shines most of the time. But you have to share the good weather with flocks of tourists.

Dublin has few extremes of cold or hot weather. July is often the warmest month, with an average temperature of about 15 C/60 F. The months of January and February are the coldest, with an average temperature of around 4 C/40 F.

There are also snowfalls but this weather phenomenon only occurs only a few days every at most. But remember, you do not travel to this happy city for the weather, but to experience what it has to offer. Whatever the weather is, be it Dublin winter, find time to enjoy your stay in Dublin.


Although you can visit Dublin at any time of year, the period from Easter to autumn is the most popular time. The city gets dark quite early during winter. Because of this, numerous Dublin attractions, including museums and shops close early.

Dublin is not known for its sunny weather, but when the sun shines, people flock to the beer gardens and the ale flows. The summer season will obviously provide you with the best weather, but a Dublin vacation during the spring season can also be nice.


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