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Where Do I Start? The Simply Travel Guide To Copenhagen

Copenhagen is Northern Europe’s premier capital. It is the most fantastic city in Scandinavia and the center of Europe’s most dynamic region, Øresund. Its monarchy is the oldest in the world; which adds a royal touch to its magnificence and beauty.

In brief…

The city has a long history that was well-integrated to today’s modern life. The immigration in the past and the present has made the city a melting pot of culture – something that gives the city an international atmosphere. And because the Royal Family resides at the Amalienborg Royal Palace, which is at the heart of Copenhagen, do not be surprised if you happen to run into any of the royalties.

The Øresund Bridge

After opening for public in July 2000, Øresund Bridge has since then become an important part of the country – as it links Denmark and Sweden. For more than a century, these countries have long planned create a bridge that will link Malmø and Copenhagen, however, several obstacles hindered the fulfillment of the plan, until now.

Øresund Bridge is a combination of a bridge and a tunnel. It is one of Europe’s largest constructions as it stretches 8 kilometers of bridge, 4 kilometers of man-made island (Pepparholmen), and 4 kilometers of a long tunnel.

This bridge has also become a symbol for Copenhagen.

Busy Hub

As one of Northern Europe’s largest cities, Copenhagen has a location that makes it easily accessible whether by land, by sea, or by air. Its airport, Katrup, is also considered the air hub of Northern Europe with its direct flights to plenty of European cities and other destinations.


The greater Copenhagen area has more than 1.1 million people that is already representing one-third of the entire population of Denmark. This area too has a mix of industries for its labour force, however, more than half of this population is from the service sector; the rest are in manufacturing, fisheries, and agriculture. There are also quite a number of the city’s population who are in the academe and research, proving of the city’s well-educated people.

There is more that you are about to learn and discover in Copenhagen as you browse over out pages.


While it’s good to discover Copenhagen by yourself, it’s still ideal to unravel it’s beauty with the help of a guide. With a local guide, you’ll get to enjoy your Copenhagen tour in several ways:

Copenhagen by foot

There are several attractions in the city that are located in proxomity with each other, which makes touring the Danish capital on foot possible. On average, a guided walking tour in Copenhagen will take 4 hours; this can start at a hotel located downtown to a shore excursion from a cruise ship. The shore excursion can also include a walk around the Royal Residences to the famous Round Tower via “piers, parks, squares, and cobblestone streets”. From here you can extend exploring the city waterfront or take a walk around the city’s modern architecture or discover its history thru a walk in its museums. Some walking tours can include a walk into the maze of Copenhagen’s medieval streets or venturing into its charming hidden corners.

Copenhagen by bike

Most people in Copenhagen prefer bike over cars and public transport. If you want to experience this kind of adventure, you can choose to sign up for a Copenhagen cycling tour. Copenhagen’s harbor city is one of the best bicycle cities in the world, which thus makes this tour a perfect way to get to know the capital. The bicycles are rented, and the pace for the tour is set according to your preference. Bike around some of the top attractions in the city, like the Little Mermaid, the Citadel, Nyhavn Canal, Opera House, and more!

Copenhagen by kayaking or sailing tours

If you are not into walking or bicycling, you can also prefer for a more comfortable tour via a kayak or a sailing boat. This type of tour will give you a time to enjoy the sights of Copenhagen while relaxing at the same time. While you learn how to paddle, you will also get to know Copenhagen more, especially its maritime history. This type of tour usually takes 7 hours or almost half a day.

Signing up for a Copenhagen tour allows you to see even the city’s lesser-known attractions and those places special to the locals.


Before taking yourself to sign for a guided tour, it would be good to know what your tour guide can offer. In Denmark, anybody can be a guide. However, for a more meaningful experience for the tourists, the country has a well-developed training system for their official or authorized guides, also called as Turistførerforeningen. These guides wear a badge of ‘three towers’. If you see someone wearing this badge, this tells you that the holder has enough knowledge through training to provide relevant information of the country and the city’s history, geography, art, architecture, and lifestyle among others. It will be nice to get a tour guide of this kind.


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