Where Should You Stay When Exploring Moscow, Russia? Here Are Some Recos For You

When planning to spend a vacation or holiday in Moscow, your accommodation should be the first thing to consider. Choosing the perfect place to stay that would suit your budget and comfort is essential in making your trip in the city a worthwhile experience.

Here are some suggested places to sleep in, from the cheapest options to the luxurious ones:


If you are on a tight budget, Suharevka, Host Families Association (HOFA), and Napoleon Hostel are your best choices.

Suharevka is a mini-hotel located at the heart of the city. Price starts at around €60 which is already very cheap considering Moscow’s high standard of living. Host Families Association (HOFA) on the other hand has been serving many tourists since 1990. Night rates start at €22 (probably the cheapest you can get in the city). Napoleon Hostel is another inexpensive accommodation option in Moscow with 800RUB as its starting price per night.


For those with an average budget, Moscow has a number of hotels or accommodation places just for you. Among these are Soyuz (€88.98 per night) which is in proximity to the international airport and city center, Hotel Izmailovo Gamma-Delta (RUB 2,300) located near the metro stations, and Petrovka Loft (RUB 3,000) which is just at walking distance from the Red Square.


Willing to splurge for your Moscow accommodation? You can opt for Korston Hotel Moscow, The Ritz-Carlton, and Le Royal Meridien National. All three for sure do not come cheap but its facilities, amenities, and some features will surely be worth the spend.

Your perfect Moscow getaway is just as good as your accommodation, so do your research and pick the best place for you.

Cheap Moscow Hotels

Cheap hotels in Moscow are easy to find and offer visitors nice lodgings and easy access to some of the world’s most famous sites in Russia.

Here is a list of cheap hotels in Moscow, by area:

A trip to Moscow will undoubtedly include transportation on the Metro subway. The Orekhovo Hotel is a short walking distance to the Orekhovo Metro station for easy access around the whole city. This newly-remodeled apartment building complex offers inexpensive single or double flats. Some are even available with kitchens. The Orekhovo offers fine restaurants and bars, and it close to Tsaritsyn Park and the ruins of Katherine the Great’s winter palace, Tsarisino.

Enjoy art and music? Then make reservations at the Vanilla Bed and Breakfast, located in Pushkin Square. This cozy, clean bed and breakfast offer free towels and linens, Internet access, twenty-four-hour reception, free breakfast, twenty-four-hour hot showers, and guest washing machines. The Vanilla is a ten-minute walk from Red Square and is close to the famous Bolshoi Theater as well as museums, upscale restaurants, and places of interest on Arbat Street.

For an economical stay right across the street from Moscow’s famous Red Square and the Kremlin, the Artel Artistic Hotel is the place to be. This newly-built hotel is three stories high, with the rooms on the third floor. They offer a twenty-four-hour reception area and a tour desk that is able to help the visitor with visas and other travel information. There is high-speed Internet access, free towels and linens, and twenty-four-hour hot showers. The lower two floors host a night club and exclusive bar. Visitors are within walking distance of Red Square, the Kremlin, St. Basil’s Basilica, and Lenin’s tomb.

Savor the pleasure of one of Moscow’s largest three-star hotel, the Maxima Zarya. Located in the heart of Moscow, Maxima offers its guests customary European amenities such as comfortable rooms and suites, twenty-four-hour hot showers, Internet access, free breakfast, and free towels and linens. It has its own bar and restaurant as well as a currency exchange and a travel information desk.

See some of the internationally-celebrated sites that have made Moscow famous. With its historic architecture and a multitude of contributions to art, literature, and music, Moscow is a metropolitan wonder that offers budget-friendly hotels for its millions of annual tourists.

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