Where To Book Your Stay In Paris, France

Are you planning a trip to Paris, France? Then, you must have read that it is the most famous tourist destination in the world. This is the reason why visiting Paris without a lodging reservation is not a good idea. Paris is an expensive city and going there without a proper reservation would certainly be a burden to your budget. However, you need not worry so much when you follow some tips to make your accommodation more reasonably priced.

How to get the best deals for Paris accommodation?

  1. Perfectly timing your visit to Paris can be the key to getting the best deals. The time of year will have an important impact on the cost of your Paris lodging. Many people want to flock to Paris in the spring, therefore this is the time when Paris lodging is quite expensive. If you can choose another time to visit Paris, then better not come during the spring. The months of July and August and the winter season are slow seasons, which make them the perfect months for visiting.
  2. Paris accommodation is also expensive when there are special events in fine arts, fashion, and food. Better check online if there are big events that make Paris lodging expensive and difficult to find.
  3. Be cautious if you find a Paris lodging that seems to be a good rate for you. Before making your reservations, compare the rates from different Paris lodgings and read as many reviews and comments from people who have stayed there.
  4. Would you prefer Paris accommodation that offers breakfast or not? If you are in a budget, it is better to avail of lodgings with non-breakfast because you can save money from eating outside. Moreover, Paris lodgings are generally small but make sure that you are getting a room that is sufficient for you and your company.
  5. Where in Paris would you want to stay? If you want to be near a tourist attraction, Paris lodgings can be extremely high. However, if you would want to save money, then you don’t have to book a Paris lodging near Eiffel Tower. There are several places in Paris where lodgings are less costly.
  6. Lastly, you will have to decide which kind of Paris accommodation would you need. If you need all the amenities of air conditioning, mini-bar, and room service, then you might avail of the luxury hotels. However, if you are in a tight budget, then you can still choose a simple bedroom with a bathroom and shower.


You will not find it difficult to find a hotel in Paris. That’s because the entire city is literally dotted with all types of hotels. You can certainly find hotels Paris can offer that will be suitable for your budget.

Here are the types of hotels you can find in the City of Lights:

  1. European-type hotel chains – These types of hotels offer standard accommodations at a reasonable price, some with more amenities and services than others. A good example is the chain Meliá Hotels International.
  2. American-type hotel chains and franchise – If you are comfortable with American style hotel service and features, then these hotels would be best for you.
  3. 5-Star Luxury French hotels – If you want posh accommodations, then these types are for you. These hotels are very expensive though.
  4. Family-owned and small hotels – These hotels can be very friendly to your budget. You will be able to feel the unique Parisian personality if you stay in small, family-owned hotels.

Finding the Right Hotel Paris Can Offer

If you want to taste the local flavor and experience the warm personality of every Parisian, then you have to book a stay in a small family-run hotel. You will usually find these hotels in Paris, France at the center of the city.

Cheap hotels in Paris, France may not offer state of the art features but you can find them homey. You will get all the essentials such as showers, bathtubs, towels and linens, and maid services. The big plus is some of these hotels have courtyards and gardens where you can spend a lazy afternoon enjoying the serene atmosphere.

Peak and Off-Peak Season

If you are planning to visit Paris in springtime, then you should make an advance reservation, especially for small hotels. Tourists come in droves to Paris during spring so book early to avoid inconvenience.

Hotel peak season in Paris starts from early spring until early autumn. Prices would be higher at these times. During off-peak season, prices of hotel accommodations would be cheaper and you can easily find a good promotion.

It is easy to find the best hotels in Paris as there are a lot of choices that would be appropriate for your budget and for your basic needs.


You can save a lot if you stay in Paris France apartments for rent. This is ideal if you are going to stay in Paris for several months.

There are three ways how to find Paris France apartments. First, your travel agent can give you a list of agencies that provide housing rentals in Paris.

Second, you can find an apartment in online listings. Lastly, you can dig deeper and find for-rent-by-owner (FRBO) Paris apartments.

The last option may be a bit difficult but most rewarding because you will be able to find the ideal apartment suitable for your budget and preference. At a glance, here are the advantages of staying in neighborhood Paris apartments:

  1. The price would be surprisingly cheap. Weekly rental starts from 250 Euros.
  2. It is fun to live with the people of Paris.
  3. You will have a kitchen to cook your own food, which is also a great money saver.

Finding the Right Apartment

The location determines the prices of Paris apartments. Those apartments you can find at the Left Bank or Marais would be more expensive.

This is also true for rentals you can find at the heart of the city or those near major public conveyances. Surprisingly, these apartment rentals in Paris France are still cheaper than those you will find in London or New York.

You also have to decide if you want a large apartment or a studio type accommodation. The real estate space in Paris is valuable. If you are traveling alone, then the studio type apartments would be your best option.

Understanding the Arrondissements of Paris

The city of Paris is divided into 20 Arrondissements. You may wonder what these are but they are just geographical subdivisions or neighborhoods.

Finding suitable accommodation within the first 9 Arrondissements would be good. That is because you will be nearer to the great sites that Paris can offer.

The 20th Arrondissement is mostly residential and the price of apartments here would be cheaper. You can also find Arrondissement 11 to be quite interesting. This is a very low profile neighborhood but the nightlife here is quite famous and exciting.

It is not really difficult to find good apartments in Paris. If you know someone in the city, then it would be best to ask for recommendations. This would be most convenient for you.

No need to worry though because some for-rent-by-owner Paris apartments are already listed on the Internet. Simply choose what suits your budget and make a reservation before you travel.

Real Estate

Real estate in Paris France will cost you a fortune. Not surprising. After all, the French capital is home to great culture, stylish people, beautiful attractions, excellent entertainment, good food, not to mention the romantic environment. Despite the high cost of property in Paris, the city remains one of the top destinations for ex-pats.

If you are planning to buy a property in the City of Lights, you will need a property finder. A real estate agent is your key to investing in the city, especially if you live outside France. A property finder will help you find what exactly you need for rentals, investment, Pied à Terre, or a flat to share with friends. Also, a real estate finder will advise you about the price market.

Check out the following real estate agents in Paris:

Bluegrass Real Estate
729 Main St, Paris, KY, 40361
Phone: (859) 987-9119

Farm Brokers of Kentucky
2008 Cypress St, Paris, KY, 40361
Phone: (859) 987-7307

Kentucky Classic Homes of The Bluegrass
2001 Alverson Dr, Paris, KY, 40361
Phone: (859) 987-8800

Lehmann Realtors LLC
1620 Main St, Paris, KY, 40361
Phone: (859) 987-4142

Mcconnell Bill T /RL EST
2005 Sunset Dr, Paris, KY, 40361
Phone: (859) 987-0778

Rector Hayden Realtors
806 Main St, Paris, KY, 40361
Phone: (859) 987-8800

Living in Paris

Paris, France is the dream city for many people. Some dreams of having a holiday in the city, but many fall in love with Paris so much that they want to move to the French capital. The problem is, they do not even know where to begin.

Paris is a beautiful city rich in culture and history and characterized by divine cuisine, impeccable fashion, amazing art is an amazing, and sexy language. But the cost of living in the city is very high compared to the other French and European cities. In fact, the city is one of the 15 most costly cities in the world.

This skyrocketing cost of living, however, is compensated by comfortable and easy living, All you have to do is be familiar with the language, education system, health care facilities, banking facilities, tax information, emergency numbers, and Paris shopping areas. Below are some aspects that you must know before living in Paris.


Paris offers many jobs in sectors such as education, medicine, travel and tourism, insurance, sales and marketing and many more. The unemployment rate in Paris is high, but headhunters foresee increasing employment demands in the coming years.

Renting an apartment

Renting an apartment or a flat in Paris is quite expensive. You will have to pay your rent monthly. Many landlords will debit your rent directly from your renter’s account. Rents sometimes increase on a yearly basis.

In addition to the rent, you will have to pay deposit costs and other additional charges such as community tax, solicitor fees, and estate agent fees. Apartment rent is somewhere between 500 euros and 1900 euros, while the rent of a one-bedroom flat is somewhere between 500 euros and 1000 euros.


Metro, taxis, and buses are the city’s most common modes of transport. Metro ticket rates depending on travel distance. You can save money by getting the ticket booklet of ten, also known as carnet. This will save you from 8 euros to 12 euros.

Banking facilities

You will need to open a bank account in a reputed bank in Paris. This will ensure your stability and security while living a Parisian.


Paris is divided into different sections in the city. We have made a list of all the Paris Neighbohoods for you to learn about them:

Paris neighborhoods in alphabetical order:

CatacombsIle de la Cité & Ile St-LouisInvalides & Eiffel TowerMontmartre & Pigalle
Pere Lachaise CemeteryBeaubourg & Les HallesChateau de VersaillesLe Chatelet and Les Halles
Notre Dame CathedralMarais & The BastilleSt. Germain-des-Prés and Latin & LuxembourgVersailles
Monet’s Garden at GivernyTuileries & OperaJardin des PlantesVaux-le-Vicomte
Centre PompidouChamps-ElyséesChaillot

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