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Where to Learn French in Bussels

The French language has spread worldwide. The French language is spoken on five continents. This is mainly due to the colonization of the world by the French as many African countries. There are 54 countries who speak many French, many citizens who speak french fluently. Because of this, the French language is the second most spoken language and taught in the world.

Why Learn French in Brussels?
Brussels is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium and of the European Commission and the Council of the European Union called the capital of Europe.

1 in 10 people in Brussels is not a native of Belgian, which is reflected in a variety of interesting neighborhoods, great restaurants, numerous cultural festivals, and in several languages. Explore a variety of bars, clubs, places of historical and cultural interest, museums, and parks while attending French language courses in Brussels.

While French is the dominant language, English and Dutch (Flemish), are also widely spoken, so if you are a beginner in French, which will surely be able to find your way with English. Although I must say its even easier to find your way in the rest of the Flemish region of Belgium.

To Communicate
One obvious reason for learning french is to be able to communicate with people who speak it. This includes both the people you meet when your traveling, as well as people in their own community. Your trip to Brussels will be enhanced, both in the ease of communication and friendship if you speak their language. Speaking french shows respect for the culture, and people in Brussels prefer when tourist make an effort to speak the local language, even if all you can say is “hello” and “please.”

What’s The Best Way to Learn French?
The best way to learn French is to be immersed in it, it means to live for an extended period of time (a year is good) in Brussels. Immersion is particularly useful in combination with the French study – or after spending some time studying French (that is, once you have some knowledge of French and are willing to immerse) or take classes for the first time.

Basic French Word
Hello/Good morning/afternoon – Bonjour, (madame/monsieur)
Hello/Good evening – Bonsoir (madame/monsieur)
How are you? – Comment allez-vous?
Thank you – Merci (madame/monsieur)
Please – S’il vous plaît
Goodbye – Au revoir
Sorry – Désolé(e)
OK/Agreed – Ça va/d’accord
Do you speak English? – Est-ce que vous parlez anglais?
Can you help me? – Est-ce que vous pouvez m’aider?
Where? – Où?
When? – Quand?
How? – Comment?
Why? – Pourquoi?
Who? – Qui?
Which? – Lequel?/Laquelle?
How much? – Combien?


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