Why Not Playa del Carmen, Mexico: Travel Guide

Playa del Carmen is a Mexican city located on the coast of the Caribbean, in the northeast of the Quintana Roo state. It is the state’s third-largest city, next to Cancun and Chetumal. According to the 2005 census, Playa del Carmen had a population of approximately 100,400 people.

Named after Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the first recorded visitors of Playa del Carmen came during AD 300-600, or the Early Classic Period of the Mayan civilization. The city was originally called Xaman-Ha (waters of the north).

The lowlands and coastal areas of the peninsula remained heavily populated by Mayan descendants when the Spanish colonizers arrived. The colonizers focused much of their attention around Mérida, where conditions were great for growing henequén, a fiber used in making rope. During the 1600s and 1700s, the Caribbean coast was considered a savage place with not much to offer for potential settlers.

This little beach town has developed greatly in popularity during the past years. There is a very good reason for that – Playa del Carmen has become a beautiful place to live or spend a vacation. It has developed along the beach, so you will feel the closeness and familiarity with the sea wherever you go.

Mexico Visa

You will need your original birth certificate or a valid passport along with a valid photo ID like a driver’s license to enter Mexico. If you are not an American or Canadian citizen, you may have other requirements like a visa. Contact a Mexican embassy or consulate near you.

You are required to have a Tourist Card if you are coming to the country by any means other than cruise ships or airlines. You will also need it if you are staying for more than 72 hours of traveling over 20 miles beyond the border.

If you are entering Mexico by cruise or plane, you will need to present your identification at the cruise/airline check-in. Once on the ship/plane, you will have to fill out two forms – one for Customs (Customs Declaration Form) and another for Immigration (Tourist Card).

Playa del Carmen Travel

Playa del Carmen is a lovely, medium-sized Mexican city in the northern part of the state of Quintana Roo. It is strategically located right in the heart of the “Riviera Maya” region, a long swath of pristine beaches that stretch from Tulum to Cancun. The city is situated about 32 kilometers south of Cancun.

Playa del Carmen is one of the fastest-growing cities in Latin America, boasting an eclectic, cosmopolitan tourist destination. It is not surprising that this ever-changing popular place attracts visitors from many countries around the world. The city is way cooler and much more upscale than ever before. Gorgeous people, nice restaurants, and excellent hotels are scattered in the city.

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