Why Shops In Seville Are The Best

Markets in Sevilla provide the ideal place to purchase some of the freshest food and produce in the city, which is usually very reasonably priced. The markets offer a wonderful opportunity to try local specialties in the city. They tend to sell a little of everything, although Sevilla does have a few specialist markets.

Mercadillo de Los Jueves

Mercadillo de Los Jueves is an open-air market that dates back to many years. Stalls include paintings, photographs, postcards, used books, general bric-a-brac, and many collectibles. The market can be found in the center of Sevilla, in the Calle Feria area. Address: Feria, Alameda de Hércules, Sevilla, 41002. Open: Thursday – 07:00 to 15:00.

Mercadillo de la Alameda

This large, open-air Sevilla market is full of wide-range interesting objects, including Spanish dolls, flowers, fruit and vegetables, clothing and even some antiques. The Mercadillo de la Alameda is a popular market in Sevilla every Sunday morning and is situated in the historic city center. Address: Plaza Alameda de Hércules, Sevilla, 41002. Open: Sunday – 07:30 to 15:00.

Mercadillo del Duque la Magdalena

This Sevilla craft market is full of stalls selling jewelry, fashion accessories, sunglasses, perfumes and a wide variety of other items. At Christmas, it expands and is a great place to find gift ideas. There are also many interesting shops near to the market. Address: Plaza del Duque / Plaza de la Magdalena, Sevilla, 41001. Open: Thursday to Sunday – 10:00 to 21:00.

Mercadillo Filatélico

Mercadillo Filatélico is a bustling place on Sunday mornings, where collectors gather to search for bargains. With antique coins, stamps, postcards and many other collectible items on sale, this exciting market is held in the city center. Address: Plaza del Cabildo, Sevilla, 41001. Open: Sunday – 08:00 to 15:00.

Mercadillo de la Alfalfa

The Mercadillo de la Alfalfa is an atmospheric street market, selling a very wide range of animals, such as tropical birds, cats, dogs and much more besides. There are also cages, pet food, and accessories for sale at this market in the heart of historic Sevilla. Address: Plaza de la Alfalfa, Sevilla, 41004. Open: Sunday – 07:00 to 15:00.

Overall, the bustling markets in Sevilla provide a fun way to shop, for both experienced and novice bargain hunters alike.

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