Why You’ve Got All The Reasons To Take That Trip To New York

Being one of U.S.’ and the world’s most important cities, exploring New York would give anybody an unforgettable experience. But like any travels, visiting New York requires a lot of planning and preparation.

Your accommodation in the city, for instance, should be one of your primary concerns. Where will you stay in New York? Do you have enough cash to experience the city’s best luxurious hotels? Will you settle for average accommodation in the Big Apple’s mid-range hotels? Or would you stick on a budget and go for cheap alternatives? These are some questions you need to answer even before you book that flight heading to the city.

Another thing to consider before you explore New York would be your visa – do you need to bring it with you or not? What are the requirements for you to enter the city? Answers to these questions are important especially for those who are traveling from outside the country.

It will also be good to learn about the various means to get in and around the city. This way, you will do away with the trouble of asking around what transportation to take to bring you to your destination.

For many tourists, it is also wise to find out if driving a car in the city is recommended. Although car rental in New York is plenty, tourists would have to also take note of if this will really bring convenience to them while in the city.

There are a number of tourists too who would want a more organized visit to the Big Apple. Thus, learning about New York tours will help them get better options on how to explore the city.

Finally, because this is New York, non-English speaking people may need details on learning English in the city.

These are only a few of the things to consider when visiting New York. But having these things considered will already give a significant contribution to your convenience and enjoyment in the city.

New York City, USA

Iconic, trendsetting, hip and ever-changing. For years, New York City lives up to many superlatives. The heart of the New York Metropolitan Area and the most inhabited city in the United States, New York City also is also considered to be a global shaker and mover in terms of finance, commerce, art, media, fashion, entertainment, education, research, and technology.

Deemed to be the world’s cultural capital, New York City is also where the United Nations Headquarters is situated, making it an important point for various international affairs. The city is often referred to as the City of New York or simply New York City to distinguish it from the state of the same name, and of which it is also a part.

The city is known to many monikers. Among these are, The Big Apple, the City that Never Sleeps, Gotham, The Capital of the World, and the Center of the Universe. Of these nicknames though, the first and the second are the most used reference for the city.

The Big Apple

There are several accounts that point to the “when and how” the term, Big Apple was tagged to New York. One of these has traced “the Big Apple” as an expression referring to the sidewalk apple vendors during the Depression Era, some point to a Harlem night club, while others tell the moniker came from a popular dance in 1930 entitled the “Big Apple”.

However, a believable account of the city’s “Big Apple” nickname was that from etymologists Gerald Cohen and Barry Popik saying that it was columnist, John J. Fitz Gerald who first coined the title to New York in his articles on horse-racing for the New York Morning Telegraph during the 1920s.

Between the 1930s and 1940s, the term went out from the context of horses when jazz musicians started using it to refer to their gigs in Manhattan. From then on, the moniker has already been used in films, music, and writings among others, all pointing to New York City.

The City that Never Sleeps

Although Frank Sinatra, in his song “New York, New York”, talked about wanting to wake up the “city that never sleeps,” the phrase referring to New York City is much older than the song.

In September 1912, the moniker was born from the news about the greatest gas plant to be erected in the city. As the gas plant can surpass even the needs of London, New York City will never grow dark, thus the tag of the “City that Never Sleeps”.

As a major city, there is a lot in store for tourists in New York City. This site will help you get to know the city more to make the most of your stay in the Big Apple.

Top Attractions

With the five boroughs of New York City, it is unsurprising to know that the city is home to a number of landmarks and attractions recognized throughout the world. From the iconic Statue of Liberty which was a gift to the country from the French to the towering 102-storey Empire State Building, New York will definitely not disappoint its tourists in terms of beauty, wonder, and magnificence.

Do not miss to visit the famous Brooklyn Bridge that connects two of the city’s most populous boroughs, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Take a relaxing tour at Central Park which many consider as one of the world’s most beautiful parks. Explore and experience the bustling life at the Time Square, New York’s busiest square, and find out why the city was named “The City that Never Sleeps.”

One page is never enough to bring you in details the many attractions that await tourists in New York City. Thus, if you give you a clearer picture of the city’s interesting places, check out our separate list of the city’s landmarks, museums and galleries, science and technology-related attractions, arts and culture sites, parks, and culture spots. Each of these pages will give you more information about the many and varied attractions found in New York City.

Short Stay

There is so much to see and do in New York City that visiting it would really need some planning – and of course an itinerary of activities. For tourists who can only spend a short while in the city, coming up with an itinerary is important that it will define how much you can make the most in the Big Apple.

A weekend in the city is surely not enough to visit all of its beautiful and breathtaking landmarks. However, if this is the only time you have, you just make sure to plan your flow of activities well. For instance, you can do away from visiting attractions that are located far from each other. Instead, you can opt to be in a place in the city where the interesting sites are condensed. In Manhattan, you will find a number of tourist spots situated in proximity to one another. Not only will this save you time from traveling from one place to another, but it will also give you a chance to enjoy these interesting spots without having a hurry much.

Of course, a long weekend in New York is better than spending the mere weekend. One more day in the Big Apple means getting to visit more of its famous landmarks and attractions. But to really enjoy the city, one week is relatively enough – although not enough if you are meaning to really visit most of New York’s best attractions.

The secret to an unforgettable New York experience, therefore, is proper planning. And to plan well, you just have to decide what New York attractions you would like to visit.

When to Visit New York?

There is no exact answer about when to best visit the city of New York. With a wide range of places to see and activities to do, anyone can explore the Big Apple any time of the year! However, those with specific things to do in mind would want to know when to be in the city.

Culture fanatics would want to be in New York from fall to early spring, for this is the time of the year when the city’s performing arts season is at its peak. The Lincoln Center, as well as some of the city’s top cultural groups, offers alfresco entertainment for free. Broadway tickets, on the other hand, are more affordable around January and February.

Food aficionados are advised to be in the city between July and August when New York lays its best tables from its best chefs and top restaurants. For those however who are simply looking forward to taking a stroll in the Big Apple’s fabulous parks, spring and fall would be the best times for its mild and pleasant weather.

During the months of December and January, the party does not seem to stop in New York. Thus, if you are one of those who want to experience non-stop fun, music, and merry-making in the city, fly in on those months. Of course, the Christmas season will also bring you an opportunity for a shopping bonanza with most of the top shops giving terrific sale!


For those who are planning to visit New York on a fixed budget might have to remember that hotels in the city are fairly high, and some can skyrocket on peak seasons (like Christmas and other important holidays). On winters though and early phase of the year, most of these establishments cut their hotel rates due to ‘post-holiday’ blues. Additionally, this is the best time for shoppers to explore the city’s shopping malls for a number of great bargains.

Summer may bring many families to the city but the heat and humidity may also keep them from truly enjoying other activities in the city so you can count July and the early days of August as among the months for cheaper rates in New York.

Holidays may not be the best times for tourists in the tight budget as this is the time where almost everyone in the city is on spending mode.

The secret to a perfect experience in New York, therefore, is knowing what you want to do in the city to know when to be there the best.

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