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Nightlife is one defining factor in being a modern city. There are so many cities in the world that offer nightlife scenes, each competing with each other for the tourists’ attention. Here are some of the cities that come to mind when talking about nightlife: Amsterdam, Ibiza, Las Vegas, New York, Buenos Aires, Barcelona, Berlin, Bangkok, London, Rio de Janeiro, Milan, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

If you are itching to spend money for a nightlife, then visit the most expensive bars, clubs, and restaurants in town. No one is stopping you. Having a night out is all about fun, so the amount you spend does not matter that much. If you all have the money, party in luxury by all means. Those who have tight budget can enjoy their night out as much as how the wealthier party animals enjoy theirs. Despite what many people think, there is no need for you to spend your entire life savings just to have a great nightlife experience in the city you are planning to visit.

Which cities in the world provide the best gay nightlife? The following are only few of the cities that gay travelers should visit: New York City, Amsterdam, London, Barcelona, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, Toronto, Sydney, and more!

There are many reasons why nightlife is more satisfying when you are on travel: Nobody knows who you are; everyone looks exotic; and you do not have to report to work the next morning. But if you are traveling during summer, make sure not to waste your time sipping a bland local beer while making faces at badly dressed dudes dancing to foreign-language rap. That’s why we also look at some of the best beach parties, best bar crawls, and the sexiest summer nightlife destinations in the world.

Sports Bars

The uninitiated see all sports bars as the same. They see pods of goofy guys drinking and sitting around making heated arguments about a boring game that can be seen on multiple TV screens. They say the food is not good, the dudes are dumb as stones, and have egos the size of North America.

But it is all perspectives. For sports enthusiasts who frequent sports bars to watch their favorite game, going to such venues is not a stupid thing. It is like nerds who make libraries their second home, beach bums who want to showcase their pecs and tans, or party animals who hit the hottest nightlife spot in town.

Sports bars are venues that bring together people who have passion for sports, and socializing with fellow enthusiasts. Each space has different atmosphere, hours, foods, drinks, amenities, and set of people.

It is well known that nothing compliments the pageantry of sporting like getting drunk. A little bit (or more) of alcohol and watching a game work in unison to make our lives worth living.  Alcohol is like the béarnaise sauce to sports enthusiasts’ steak; they do not really need it to enjoy their meals but it does take their sports bar experience to the next level.

So when you are in a foreign land and plan to go to a sports bar to watch your favorite game, you must make sure that the bar serves a wide range of drinks to choose from. Look for one that offers a full bar and beers on tap to fuel you through game time. If you are tight on budget, make sure that the one you intend to go to offer affordable drinks.

Another consideration when choosing a sports bar to go to is time and food. If you need to go out late at night, go for a bar that has late-night kitchen hours. Along with numerous strategically placed TV screens for you to watch your game no matter where you are sitting, late-night kitchen hours will help your hunger pangs long after many sports bar cooks have called it a night.

Boneless wings, french fries, pork chop, chicken barbecue, and pizza are some of the foods usually served at a sports bar. Yes, they are greasy, but who cares – as long as you enjoy watching a game with the company of your buddies.

Wine Bars

Wine bars are tavern-like establishments that sell wine, rather than beer or liquour. A usual feature of a wine bar is its wide selection of wines that are available by the glass. Many wine bars are known on wines of a particular type of origin, like Champagne or Italian wine.

Although many wine bars all over the world are private stand alone bars, they can be, in some cases, associated with a certain wine retailer or other wine outlet, to provide extra marketing for the retailer’s wine portfolio. Some countries where licensing regulations allow this have wine bars that also sell the wines they are serving and functions as a wine bar and a wine shop hybrid.

Europe is home to some of the best wine bars in the world. History has it that wine bars originated in ancient Rome. In fact, exquisite mosaics have beem unearthed depicting wine bar scenes in Pompeii before tha A.D. 79 eruuption of Mount Vesuvius.

Across the European continent, wine-themed bars are not only buzzing, they are also evolvong. Of course, if you want traditional wine bars, you can still find many low-lit and cozy hideouts. But a new bunch of vino-centric hangout placess is turning the traditional idea upside down by combining impressive bottles with high-design interiors and high-concept cuisine.

Just enter Le Bar à Vin du CIVB in Bordeaux and you are likely to shake off any of your preconceived notion of a “wine bar.” Neoclassical pillars and very high ceilings give this wine bar breathing room and formality, while original artwork and pebble-shaped chairs add whimsy and nice accent. What’s great about many wine bars in Europe is their top flight selection of wines, not to mention many offering wines at a very reasonable price.

Today, the top wine bars in Europe and in the rest of the world have one common denominator – variety. Variety of wines offered, price points, and staffers with broad knowledge in wine are essential.

In the United States the wine bar trend only gained momentum in the 1990s. Since then, wine bars have became extremely popular and started mushrooming in many metropolitan neighborhoods in America. Such bars are now competing with favorite hangouts like local bars and coffee shops.

Wine bars today put a new twist on wine tasting, removing the association of these drinks with high-class clients and head spinning wine lists and replacing it with a more relaxing and casual atmosphere. Modern wine bars are now furnished with cozy booths and nooks in plush surroundings and rich colors.

World’s Weirdest Bars

Here are some of the world’s strangest bars:

Baobab Tree Bar & Wine Cellar
Country: South Africa

This bar defines weird – it is housed in the hollow trunk of a ginormous ancient baobab tree (about 6,000 years old). Having a cocktail in this will give you an elemental and surreal experience. The tree’s cavity is cool, in contrast with the extreme heat of the country’s Limpopo province.

Cave Bar
Country: Jordan

The 2,000-year-old city of Petra in Jordan has a cave zoned for commercial use. Tucked inside is, strangely, a bar. Its walls are part of an ancient tomb that was carved by the Nabataeans. Some seats are tucked into what are believed to be individual burial niches.

Floyd’s Pelican Bar
Country: Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar looks like this: a mass of palm fronds and driftwood assembled together on stilts out in the wide ocean. Sitting about a mile off the southwestern coast of Jamaica in Parottee Bay, this bar has its swimsuit-clad guests stand around waist-deep in the crystal-clear  water.

Lagoon Bar
Country: Iceland

The 1.6-million-gallon Blue Lagoon in Iceland is popular to people who are looking for a soothing heat. With an abundance of minerals, the Blue lagoon also has a bar. Bikini-sporting waitresses bring trays of cocktails and other drinks while you are soaked in the 100-degree water.

Alux Restaurant & Lounge
Country: Mexico

Alux Restaurant & Lounge makes it to the list of the world’s strangest bars because it is located below the surface of the earth. This subterranean establishment near Playa del Carmen spreads throughout a complex system of caverns. And if you are lucky, you might spot a fabled prank-playing “little people” of the Mayan lore, who are believed to inhabit these caverns.

Absolut Icebar
Country: Sweden

This bar is open only from the middle of December to the middle of April. The Absolut Icebar, in northern Sweden’s charming Jukkasjärvi village, holds steady at about 23 degrees. The bar’s motto is not “on the rocks” but “in the rocks.”

Cova d’en Xoroi
Country: Spain

Cova d’en Xoroi is famous for its odd location – in a cave more than 33 yards above the ocean in the edge of a cliff in Spain’s southern Menorca. It is believed to be the den of a Turkish pirate, who stole a maiden from the village to be his wife. Patrons are treated with the magnificent views from the Balearic Island out over the Mediterranean.

Gay Nightlife

Which cities in the world provide the best gay nightlife? Below is our list of cities that gay travelers should visit:

New York City
This city has a reputation of being liberal and open-minded on one hand, and being the center of business and culture in the United States on the other. It attracts a huge population of LGBT visitors not only from the US but also from around the world. West Village, Greenwich Village, East Village, Chelsea, and Hell’s Kitchen are some of the most gay-friendly neighborhoods in the city, offering lots of romantic restaurants, modern lounges, trendy gay bars and clubs, and museums and galleries to satisfy the artistic side of the LGBT visitor.

Amsterdam is world renowned for its diverse and wide-ranging and lesbian scene. This vivacious city offers more than a hundred gay clubs and gay bars, special gay parties and events, gay museums, and gay beach in nearby. The gay nightlife here will surely make a memorable experience.

London has probably the world’s most eye-popping gay nightlife. With more than 200 gay bars and gay nightclubs, the city’s Gay and Lesbian Film Festival, the annual London Pride Festival, London attracts LGBT and queer visitors from around the world.

Thanks to the Mediterranean beach culture and Gaudi architecture, Barcelona has always been a top gay destination in Europe in general. The city has huge gay population, so big that it claims Eixample as its own district, offering LGBT visitors every possible kind of entertainment and comfort – from plenty of gay bars and clubs and restaurants to gay hostels many small clubs.

Bangkok is perhaps the gay capital of Asia. Its gay nightlife is so legendary that hordes of gay tourists from around the world flock the city in search of the best gay bars and clubs with the best crowd and atmosphere. Patpong is a popular hangout place for straight tourists. But it is fast-becoming a gay mecca. There are three major areas within Patpong that cater to gay visitors: Duangthawee Plaza, Silom Soi 4, and Silom Soi 2.

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