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One of the most beautiful and best-preserved medieval cities of northern Europe, TALLINN never stop doing a positive first impression. Tallinn has many cultural attractions, historical monuments, and places of entertainment, but retains the intimacy and is easy to explore on foot.

The large pedestrian Old Town (Vanalinn) is the heart of Tallinn. Tallinn is a beautiful city that has preserved its history. One of the highlights of Tallinn’s medieval old town. However, there are interesting places in every area of ​​the city. Tallinn is divided into districts, each with its own character and attractions. Tallinn is the capital of Estonia, and since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the city has quickly become a small village in a great empire to the largest city of a small country. The old town is a compact maze of cobblestone streets, historic buildings, and great views and has a place in the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. Many old buildings have been renovated, but generally in a very good way.

A nice and good mix of the atmosphere and an ultimately addictive jumble of medieval churches, striking cobbled streets, slender towers, barrel-shaped towers and houses of gabled merchants, which was enclosed once by medieval walls of which sections remain important. Its street plan is a confusion of interconnected curved streets and alleys.

From the main square, the Raekoja plats, your best plan is to wander the adjacent streets, that take your mind, emerging into the winding streets like Pikk, Lai, and Vene that each lined with tall, quietly imperious medieval stores. You must visit the places of interest including the entertaining history displays at the Tallinn City Museum and the show-stopping works of medieval art are presented in the Church of St. Nicholas. Above the old town the looms Toompea, the strength of a hill of the German knights and bishops who nominally controlled the city during the Middle Ages. The city used to have 66 towers, of which 19 remain. Some are restaurants or shops, others are offices. The three oldest towers, Nunn, Sauna and Kuldjala, can be visited in summer.

Tallinn is full of museums, covering a wide range of fields of history and nature with art and architecture. For art lovers, museums show a range of established artists, but the scene of the city of art is also alive with constantly changing exhibits in galleries and theaters. Painting, sculpture, graphic art and applied art by lesser-known names and new talent from Estonia and abroad are in many places throughout the city, giving a better taste of what is happening now.

The Old Town, Upper, and Lower Town are well preserved and restored and well worth the visit.


As the European Capital of Culture 2011, Tallinn offers fun for everyone. Singles and families will be surprised and delighted with the beautiful and historic capital of Estonia. This tour provides transportation to all important sights like the Town Hall Square and Viru Gate.

Hop-On Hop-Off Bus Tour

This tour uses a bright red London-style double-decker bus to carry tourists on different routes through Tallinn. There is a red line that covers the center of the city and Kadriorg, a green line connecting to Pirita, the television tower and the botanical gardens, and a blue line that leads you to the Estonian Open Air Museum.

Take a tour on the Tallinn Open Top Bus. Fully open-top bus ensures that you will have an unsurpassed view of Tallinn and the best photo opportunities. Open-top bus with the comment on board takes you on a tour specially designed to show the major sights and attractions. Convenient stops around the route allow you to hop off and explore as you like – re-boarding as often as you like. Along the way, you will spend most of the main attractions of Tallinn. If it is raining, a sliding roof will protect you.

Walking Tour

A walking tour will provide detailed information about this fascinating city and declared a UNESCO World Heritage Old Town.

Come and enjoy a private tour around Tallinn with a friend from Estonia. This personal pleasure trip guided by local youths is somewhat different. Besides the fun facts, legends and true stories from medieval times until today, you have the opportunity to have a private conversation with a place to find out how peoples actually live in Estonia.

There are Free Walking Tour guided by local young students, is an alternative to normal tourist trips, and is made especially for real travelers.

Bike Tour

More than bikes, City bike also offers on foot. There are guided tour that takes you for almost any interesting place around the city. Reservations for all bikes and tours are a must during the summer.

Many bike paths are in the green parts of the city and are intended more for recreation, while adequate for travel.

City Bike offers this fascinating 2-hour bike ride more difficult to achieve Tallinn beauty spots. You get to see places that even most locals have not visited. Enjoy the simple pleasures of the sea breeze and the air squeal like a child on a big swing.

City Guide

Tallinn city guide explores the boutique, hotels and best restaurants, bars, nightclubs, shops, attractions, and spas. There is something undeniably Disney on Tallinn, the fair capital of Estonia, characterized by charming cobblestone streets, the soaring medieval spires and perfectly preserved merchants’ houses, the city belongs to celluloid animation than it does in real life.

While preserving its past Tallinn is as forward-looking and progressive as any other modern European capital. This is probably best expressed in the interactive exhibits at the Tallinn Science and Technology Center, the showcase city of the arts and sciences. Public transport is modern and efficient, the nightlife is pumping from cigar bars and pool halls to nightclubs, and dining out is a delicious from take-out pizza and Chinese to French cuisine and traditional Estonian cuisine.

First things first: a Licensed guide for a couple of hours to show the Old town is there if you needed.That who speaks excellent English and knows the city and its turbulent history inside and out.

In fact, a common complaint of Tallinn visitors is the lack of time is set aside to explore the city.

No matter where you turn your head or the street you are walking, you can be sure that you are not alone. If it’s peace you’re after, you will not find it in the old town, cruise ships are in port, the concerts in the parks, the scantily clad man and women taking long drinks in the courtyard.

If the crowded streets that give you the creeps, you can always get away from it all by headed on the historic gardens of Kadriorg Park or you can gawk at the sun-baked buns on the beach in Pirita.

Maybe you want to discover something even more unique, you have a whole list of excellent day trips based on the ideas in this pocket. From Prangli island to the town of Paldiski, we are something special on the list that will pique your interest.

Although it is “half empty”, so to speak, there are still plenty of events and happenings throughout the city to ensure that anyone visiting the European Capital of Culture from now until the end of the year feels that the glass is still “half full”.

It gives you the low down on all the great events that fit under this year and a bunch of smaller ones too – you can read all about them and more here: Tallinn in Your Pocket.

Explore Tallinn

Before exploring the city of Tallinn you may want to take the time to familiarize yourself within the city. You will find that the use of a map will help you find the various attractions that can make your visit to Tallinn with joy. Tallinn tourists are able to find a city that is modern and ancient at once.

Tallinn is a beautiful city, full of historical things to see and do – perhaps too many to fit in the short duration of your stay. You can enjoy some of the best accommodation deals in Europe after a boom in hotel construction preceded the current recession, leaving the capital of Estonia with a surplus of hotel rooms and plummeting prices.

Tallinn is a coveted tourist destination widely known for fully preserved gothic Old Town, the lively nightlife, repositories, parks and gardens, zoos, and many other things. There are many more things and places to explore the fascinating city of Tallinn.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, located in Tompea is a Russian Orthodox cathedral in the old city. Founded in 1900, it is a glorious example of Russian structural design. It is a must-visit place for its beauty.

Vanalinn is the old city of Tallinn, which is covered with beautiful winding cobblestone avenues, towers and Hanseatic architecture. Despite the great medieval structural design, there are plenty of bars, eating joints, warehouses, shops, houses, etc.


Like most cities with a history of hundred years old, Tallinn is a mosaic of historic areas. Other areas of Tallinn are perfect for those who want to get a glimpse of the Soviet-era life, or simply want to spend time outdoors.


Tallinn is full of museums ranging from the standard to high-quality history and a variety of arts to curious museums who specialize in antique dolls, old cameras, musical instruments, and even sea mines. If you are a real amateur museum, you should consider buying a card from Tallinn, which will give you free access to most museums. Many museums are closed on Mondays and/or Tuesday.

Sightseeing Tours

A variety of self-guided tours are available in Tallinn, from ghost walks to late-night crawls.
By exploring the city of Tallinn you begin to see the many other places that you can explore. Each of these unique locations will provide a fabulous vacation for you to experience and to remember. To enjoy these wonders for your next vacation choose Tallinn, the place to visit.

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