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Zagreb, Croatia: A Travel Guide For Beginners

Zagreb has recently been gaining the attention of the many. What used to be seen as a mere stopover is now being looked forward to as an interesting destination – thanks to the city’s extraordinary attractions and soul that takes patience to discover.

Nope, Zagreb attractions are neither as famous as Paris’s nor as many as that in Rome, but nonetheless, the city’s delightful stops would fascinate you and give you an experience as you’ll never find elsewhere.

Located where Eastern and Western Europe meet, Zagreb has always been important in Croatia’s life. Today, the city boasts of a more easygoing and tolerant setting – a dichotomy of the old and new ways, both in terms of progress and tradition.

Zagreb may not be the place for those looking for a glitzy city, but it is for those who are up to discovering other’s cultures and history. It is also a city of purpose that has been shaped by natural disasters and war. This capital of Croatia may still be finding itself after almost a millennium of being under foreign rule, but year after year, it is changing, it is growing, and is emerging as a tourist destination.

How tourists will see Zagreb may somehow depend on the sky’s color or the day of the week yet its mixed setting is somehow a yin-yang combination that always works for those looking for a new and refreshing experience. It may not take your breath right away upon arrival, but with enough time exploring it, you will see Zagreb slowly wiggling into your heart.


Croatia’s capital is a former republic of Yugoslav. It lies in the southwestern part of Central Europe, on Medvednica Mountain’s slopes. Flowing through the city and bordering its territories are the Danube, Sava, and Drava Rivers. Its highest peak is the Sljeme that has an altitude of 1032 meters. Every winter, many locals and tourists alike visit the peak to do winter sports like skiing.

The Plitvice Lakes, which is among UNESCO’s World Heritage is just in proximity to the city and can be accessed easily by public transportation.

What to see?

Zagreb is home to many interesting sights and attractions. It has a number of parks and gardens, religious sites, museums, and landmarks that are worth visiting. Among these is the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary (formerly, St. Stephen’s Cathedral), St. Mark’s Church, Mirogoj Cemetery, and Mt. Medvednica itself.

People may not fall in love with Zagreb right away, but giving yourself a little time to get to know the city, you will see what beauty and treasures it held.


Because Zagreb is a relatively new tourist destination, signing up for a Zagreb tour service is a convenient option for tourists who are in the city for the first time. Not only will this save you from all the hassles looking into your maps and asking for directions, but Zagreb tours allow you to also meet fellow visitors and experience the city the most.

There are various companies or groups in Zagreb that offer tour services, most of them are in packages, which already include your accommodation and transportation while in the capital of Croatia.

Zagreb tours can come in various forms. There are tour providers that offer a Blue Line of Zagreb tour. This follows the short blue line of the city and includes sightseeing of The Funicular, a visit to the world-famous Mirogoh Cemetery, and a tour around the St. Mark’s Church. There are also companies whose Zagreb tours focus on the city’s Jewish heritage.

Here, tourists will get a glimpse of how the Jewish community in Zagreb was created, from its first arrival in the 14th century to their golden years between the 19th and 20th Centuries. Some Zagreb tour service providers also offer an evening walk in the city where tourists are treated to a romantic walk around the city’s oldest parts. For those who are interested in the city’s history, they can sign up for tours centered on Zagreb’s past. Explore old buildings and discover the old town’s hidden courtyards.

There are various ways to enjoy your tour in Zagreb, so make sure to make the most out of it!


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