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Zagreb’s Accommodation Made Especially For You

Aside from the itinerary, another thing that tourists should consider when planning to visit the city of Zagreb is the accommodation. Although there are a lot of choices in the city, knowing exactly what you want will cut short all the troubles of looking for the perfect accommodation. Zagreb accommodation is basically divided into two broad categories: collective and private accommodation. The first category includes hostels, motels, and hotels; while the second covers private facilities, such as bed and breakfast, rooms, and apartments.

Many tourists see a number of advantages of booking in private accommodations over collective accommodation. For one, they can easily accept their business partners or friends, plus most of these establishments are have already fully-equipped kitchen. However, collective accommodation is seen to be preferable in terms of security and convenience, particularly in hotels.

Nightly rates for hotel rooms in Zagreb start at about € 75 for every single room; the average rate though for a 2-bed room is € 100. Private accommodation rates on the other hand range from € 50-100 per apartment, however, some establishments charge on a per person basis for those traveling with a group.

Choosing the best accommodation – not necessarily the most expensive one – can help make or break your experience in Zagreb. So choose wisely!


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